Chapter 1


Cheongwoon’s body, after returning from a short battle, was covered and drenched by the blood of the enemy soldiers.
The bloody smell that did not go away gave off a disgusting sensation.
The war will never end even if you kill and kill.
It was the country that always thought that there would be glorious days, but the turbulence began with the defeat of the fierce battle 20 years ago.


Instead of calling the coastal country* a tributary country*, they called it a sister country and demanded two things; soldiers to fight for them together in their wars and a huge amount of tribute. 


(Coastal Country – coastal places should be the transition areas between the land and the sea.
Since it was Coastal Country, then we could only conclude that the country was surrounded by seas.)


(Tributary Country – Tributary state, a particular type of subordinate relation to a more powerful state/country which involves sending a regular token of submission or tribute to the superior power.)


(Sister Country – I only managed to find Sister City, which I concluded to have the same definition.
The term “twin towns” or commonly used, “sister cities” is generally used for agreements/partnerships/union.
So, basically I think Sister country should have the same meaning…)


At first, the tribute was territorial, but soon it was led to princesses, and specialties only produced in coastal countries.
Even the number of women who were sent once a year exceeded the original demand.
So, on the day when the envoys departed, the whole city was filled with a sea of crying.
It was hard to find a young woman anymore.

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