Both Eiji and Gyariko’s tension rises to the highest as the word jumps into their ears.


Their conversation was immediately interrupted, and so they ran out of the secret workshop and rush back to the village at full speed.
Their actions up to that point were in perfect sync with each other.

*    *    *

When they returned to the village, the dwarves were in an uproar as if were during the day, even though it was late at night.

Several peoples were running around with bonfire in one hand.

“This is……!”

For Eiji, this was the first chaos he had seen since he came to live in this mining village.
No matter how terrible a cave-in happened in the tunnel, it wouldn’t cause such a big fuss.

“Hey! Hey, wait!!”

Gyariko stopped one of the dwarves who was running with bloodshot eyes.
He didn’t seem to be running with any purpose, but was just moving around in confusion.

“Y-Young lady…..!?”
“What happened!? Explain it!”

That being said, the dwarf was so confused that he just mumbled, “monster, monster……!” and didn’t know what to do.


Eiji called her out.

“It seems monsters are running amok at the entrance to the tunnels!  Let’s go!!”
“Are you saying that it already inside the village!?”

At any rate, the two of them run toward the entrance of the tunnels, which seems to be the center of the turmoil.

There, they found an even denser crowd of dwarves.

In the center of the crowd, a strange looking thing was posing.


In a word, it was a giant ant.
It was probably as long as an adult.

But its jet black body, six legs, vicious-looking jaws extending from its distorted circular head was exactly ant itself.

The dwarves formed a crowd around the giant to surround it.
However, they maintain a wide distance.
They were not willing to be pounced upon at chance, and so they stabbed at the ant from all directions with several long sticks.

Although it doesn’t seems to able to do things beyond restraining it.

“That’s…… an iron ant!?”

As soon as she recognized the giant ant, Gyariko let out a despairing cry.

“So, it’s just an iron ant……”

In contrast, Eiji sounded as if he was disappointed.

“It’s not only, alright!?”

Eiji was surprised at Gyariko’s angry shouts.

“Iron ant is……! Iron ant is the worst thing for a mining village……! Monsters themselves are the worst, but iron ant is the worst of all!”
“Umm…… Gyariko-san?”
“Eiji who is a human probably don’t know.
Iron ant is an ant monster that eats iron!!”

Iron ore mixed with iron is the favorite food of this giant ant.

Then, mines that mine iron ore is a mountain feast for the giant ant.

“Mines managed by dwarves have been attacked by giant ants many times in the past.
The tunnels we dig to mine iron resemble ant nest.
They take over the mines that we have worked so hard to dig and turn it into their nest!”

That must be a nightmare for the dwarves.
Their previous hardships would go down the drain, and even their livelihoods were stolen.

“Iron ants usually work in groups.
They send out soldier ants as scouts to find suitable mines to nest in”
“Right now, there is only one iron ant here……!”

That means it is most likely a scout.

“That means, the ant will go back to the way it came from and inform the swarm that there is a tasty mine here.
Then the main unit of the swarm will march in.
If that happens, the whole village will be wiped out for sure!”

Eiji finally understood why Gyariko was despairing.
He once again understood.
Monsters are not only the archenemy of the human race, but the entire human species.

It is only one giant ant.

It was a messenger of the demon itself, bringing destruction to this village.

“Iron ants had destroyed our village before.
They took over the mine.
That’s why, five years ago, my family was looking for a new mine”

On the way there, they were attacked by monsters and were saved by a hero of the human race.

“After all that hard work, we finally found this place.
But they are going to take away from us again……!? Even though it’s only been a few years since we opened the mine……!?”
“I understand”

Eiji put his hand gently on Gyariko’s shoulder who was about to cry.

“Then, that means we must kill that ant here.
Before it return to inform the swarm about the existence of this mine”
“…… What are you talking about?”

Gyariko said anxiously.

“There is no way we can do that! How can a mere dwarf defeat monsters!? Or are you going to do it!? You, who is just an ordinary person!!”

“That’s right”

Eiji said strongly.

“I will do it alone.
Tell the dwarves to not interfere”
“Eh? No way……!?”

Gyariko panicked, because she didn’t think that he was really going to fight.

“Wait a minute! Are you serious!? How can you fight a monster if you’re not a hero……!?”
“I have a way to fight it”

Eiji holds up his right hand.
There was an imposing and straight iron sword held on it.

“Sorry, I’m taking it without permission when we were leaving the workshop.
I thought I will have to use it if there is a monster”

Eiji and a sword.
The two things that should be put together is matched now.
The crowd of dwarves spontaneously split up naturally, opening the way for the warrior.
A path leading to the monster that needs to be defeated.

“…… Iron ant.
How strange.
I thought it was already an old friend after slaying thousands of them”

He gripped tightly the iron sword that Gyariko had made with all her heart.

“Just by holding a different weapon, I feel like I’m fighting you for the first time”

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