>The human hero who saved Gyariko.
The sword wielded by that hero.

“The sword used by the hero, so of course it must have been a holy sword.
The blade was blue and very beautiful”
“At that time, I was fascinated by the beauty of the holy sword.
Born as a dwarf who makes a living as a blacksmith, I want to make a sword as good as that holy sword!!”
“And so, you’ve been hammering so many swords?”
“That’s right! …… Eiji!!”

Gyariko approach Eiji abruptly.

“You are a human, right? Then you must know something about the holy sword, right!?”
“Ehhh!? Rather than knowing, how should I say it……!?”

It is quite irrational to say that anyone of the human race knows about the holy sword.

However, the momentum of a maiden in love with a sword ignores a few logical setbacks.

“Please! From your point of view as a human, what do you think of the sword I hammered? Is it even close to the holy sword?”

Eiji wrinkled his brow as he selected one of the swords lined up in the closet and grabbed it.
At that moment, Gyariko’s expression lit up.
The sword that Eiji picked up is probably one of her proudest creation.

“Please back away for a bit”

Standing in the center of the room, Eiji swung the sword with a swish, while being careful not to let the tip hit anywhere.


Gyariko let out a long breath at the beauty of his sword’s swinging form.

“…… It’s a good sword.
The hilt fits well in my hand”

Even though it was the first time he held it.

“The center of gravity does not shift, and I can see that the blade is straight and extended.
I can test it out and split the helmet with no difficulty with this one”
“But it is far from a holy sword”

At Eiji’s frank comment, Gyariko’s face, which was about to cleared up, instantly clouded over.

“I think Gyariko-san also aware of it, right?”
“Yeah…… because the sword here is made from iron taken from our mine…..!”

That’s exactly what Eiji thought.

No matter how good the blacksmith’s skill is, no matter if her blacksmithing skill level exceeds 1000.
As long as she only uses iron as material, she will never be able to make a sword that surpasses the holy sword.

But, I’m extremely happy”
“Because I met someone who has the same goal as me”

Eiji put the sword away in the closet for a moment and then gripped Gyariko’s hand tightly.

“Eh? Huh?”
“Gyariko-san……! The reason I work here is because I want to create a sword that surpasses the holy sword!!”

Gyariko’s heart beats faster at his sudden confession.

“No, I want to make a sword that surpasses the holy sword, a sword that also surpasses the supreme holy sword……! I came to the mining village because I thought I had to acquire blacksmithing skills for that purpose.
I never thought I would meet someone there who had the skills that I wanted.

For Gyariko, it was too sudden and confusing.
The first stranger she invited into hersecret workshop was Eiji, because he was a human and might have some connection to the holy sword held by the heroes.
The sharp abnormality that she could faintly sense in Eiji was another reason for her to be attracted to him.
In the tunnels, she didn’t want him to realize this, so she sometimes treated Eiji badly.

But she never thought that just letting her guard down for a bit would to such a rapid development……!
…… The maiden Gyariko were in turmoil.

“Please, Gyariko-san, make me your direct disciple! Please teach me how to hammer a sword!!”
“Eh!? That, umm……!? That sort of thing, I need to talk to my father first……!? Also to my mother……!?”

At this rate he thought she would be overwhelmed soon and nod with a, “Hmm”.

“It’s a monster! A monster has appeared!!”

Such voice reached the secret workshop on the outskirts of the village.

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