Once the meal is over, the rest of the day is free time until bedtime.

The dwarf workers are amusing themselves with gambling among their friends.
Some go to bed early, others study to improve their blacksmithing and craftsmanship skills for the future, and so on.

And so, the underling Eiji is……

“Oi, Eiji, hang out with us for a bit”

He was caught immediately by the senior dwarves.

“What is it this time? If you’re planning to steal liquor from the kitchen, it’s impossible to do that now because they’ve found out and are on guard, you know?”
“We will challenge it when things cool down! This time, we will go for something else!”

Something else…… Eiji titled his head.

“Do you know? The young lady’s secret?”
“Gyariko-san’s secret?”

The person who was called “young lady” by the dwarf workers is none other than Gyariko, daughter of the boss and supervisor of the tunnels area.
Eiji wondered if this was about her past, which was revealed at the dinner table, but then again, it was not.

“She disappears somewhere after dinner every night!”
“We don’t know, that’s why we’re going to check on her!”

To his dismay, four or five like-minded dwarves had formed a clique.

“Young lady is a girl too, right? Unlike us men, I’m sure she takes care of her appearance!”
“And there are rivers and lakes around the village!”
“It sweats a lot in the tunnel, and to wash off her sweat, she takes a bath every night! This is our guess!!”

In short, the Dwarfs men completely exposed their pervert mind.

“…… Are you trying to peek Gyariko-san when she takes a bath?”
“Idiot! …… It ain’t like that!”
“It’s dangerous to leave the village alone at night.
We are guarding her secretly from dangerous matter……!”

The young and strong dwarves are not pure.


As far as Eiji remembers, Gyariko is now eighteen years old.
Dwarves age about the same as humans, so it is safe to assume that they look their age.
For men, there is a striking difference between humans and dwarves.
However, for women, there is not much difference.

In fact, looking at Gyariko personally, she has a beauty that would make ten out of ten humans who saw her will fall in love with her, with her long and slender limbs and moderately ripe flesh.
She usually has a tight expression on her face as a supervisor, but she has a reputation for being very pretty when she smiles.
She has no boyfriend, so it is no wonder that the dwarves in the tunnels are nervous about her.

“And so, we, a group of volunteer dwarves are going to escort the young lady secretly!”
“It’s tailing her, right?”

Eiji was rather a frank person.

“And so, Eiji.
You go along with us too”
“Eh? Why? Isn’t it fine to just go with the people who want to go?”
“Think about it.
If the lady finds out that we’re tailing her.
She will be really pissed off!”
“So you’re tailing her after all”
“But at that time, Eiji! What would happen if you were there!?”

What is going to happen actually?

“For some reason, the young lady always sees you as an enemy.
All her anger from being followed will be focused on you, and we’ll be saved!”
“What a horrible idea……!”
“Its fine isn’t it? You can also peek at the scene of young lady taking a bath, what a benefit!”
“I don’t care……! I’m more afraid of she getting angry than that!

But, it is a sorrow of the lowest.
Whether he likes it or not, Eiji was inevitably included in Gyariko’s tailing team.


*    *    *

And they were found out immediately.

“I’m sorry!”

The lawless dwarves ran away at the supervisor’s wrath like scattered spiderlings.
One second after the start of tailing her.
Their concealment skills were too poor to deceive the demon supervisor’s eyes.
In the first place, dwarves cannot learn concealment skill.

“What’s wrong?”

Gyariko threw a cold voice at Eiji who was left alone.

“…… Umm”

Eiji guessed that he would get scolded later even if he ran away, so he immediately gave up the idea of running away.
And then, he explained the whole story that led up to this situation.


As soon as she finished listening, Gyariko let out a heavy sigh.

“If they have free time to do this kind of thing, they should train and improve their blacksmithing or mining skills…… You too, Eiji”
“As a human, the growth of your blacksmithing skill is far worse than the dwarves…..
How much has your skills level increased in the six month since you became an apprentice in our village?”
“I-It’s 12…..”
“Only that much!? Even when I first started training, I reached 300 around the same time!!”
“That much!?”

Eiji was frankly surprised at the high skill level he was told.

“How amazing! It’s truly amazing to raise more than 300 technical skills and not a basic skill! …… But, if it was six month since your training, does it mean it can go even higher now!?”
“Eh? Ah, well……!”

Gyariko spoke vaguely, but eventually she cannot resist as Eiji gave her a look filled with expectation.

“Uh…… wait a minute……”

Gyariko drew a rectangular drawing in the air with her finger.
Then, something like a transparent glass board floated along the same frame of the rectangle, and some numbers were lined up on the glass board.

Gyariko Race : Dwarf

Blacksmithing Skill : 1100
Decorating Skill : 800
Construction Skill : 530
Strength : 440
Agility : 120
Endurance : 590

It is a skill window.
It is one of the miracles given by the gods to the human species living in this world, it’s function is to see the skill levels that you have raised.

“…… It hasn’t increased since I saw it the other day”

The skill window displays the top six most frequently used skills among the skills possessed by the concerned person.

Gyariko, who is the tunnel area supervisor, should also display her mining skills, but it seems that it has been put out of the margin because she often goes to instruct the workers recently.

However, the words 『Blacksmithing skill : 1100stand out prominently in the skill window.

“1100!? Blacksmithing skill 1100!?”

Eiji was greatly surprised to see it.
Gyariko was also surprised.

“Gyaaaaa!? You! How dare you peek into my skill window as you please!? Dirty! Damn pervert lecher!”
“Isn’t it really amazing! With a skill value of over 1000, if it were a sword skill, you’d be qualified to be a hero!”
“Eh? Is that so?”

Gyariko was furious to have her skill window peeked at over her shoulder, but when she was praised, she immediately in a good mood.

“…… Well, certainly I’m proud of it.
In this village, if we don’t include father, onii-san and onee-san, then I’m the top in blacksmithing skill level”
“So amazing!!”

After being called amazing repeatedly, Gyariko’s face instantly turned red.

“It’s no use even if you try to flatter and deceive me! It’s degrading to tail the supervisor and even peek into my skill window!”
“No, I’m not!”
“Show me your skill window too! I will truly see your blacksmithing level of 12 with my own eyes and ridicule you!”
“Absolutely no”

It was an embarrassing thing for Gyariko to say, but she was taken aback that Eiji was more resolute in his refusal more than she had imagined.

“T-Then, I’m going to tell father about today’s matter, okay? I’m sure that even if father favor the human race, would fire you if he found out that his daughter was being followed”
“That’s troubling!!

Eiji raised his voice, sounding truly troubled.

“I really need to improve my blacksmithing skill here! There is something I have to do to improve my blacksmithing skills.
Please let me continue my training here!!”

He was asking so desperately that Gyariko became more and more overwhelmed.
Gyariko was probably just teasing him without much thought.
No matter how much Dardol doted on his daughter, he was not so violent as to kick out a miner for merely following her around.
Eiji occasionally lets out something ghastly that ordinary people do not have.


Gyariko said nothing and turned back.

“Follow me”
“You’re curious, right? What I do after dinner.
It’s not like I intend to hide it, so I will show it to you.
You already saw my skill window anyway, so if I’m going to show you, I will show you everything”

Gyariko must have sensed it vaguely as well.
The indescribable ferocity that she sometimes glimpsed from the depth of Eiji’s mind.
She is interested by things that she does not understand, without distinction between human and dwarf.

Gyariko is also a kind of genius with 1100 blacksmithing skills at a young age, so it was inevitable that she would be attracted to Eiji’s hidden abnormality.

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