d me to put things here.” Luo Huai obediently replied, “Strange, what about Brother Ringo? Just now the others are still there.”

“The voltage in the villa is not very stable, he probably went to repair the electricity.” Zhong Jiudao’s left hand was hanging down, the middle finger of his index finger was close together, if he stared at his fingers carefully, he could faintly see that his fingertips were surrounded by small thunder rays.

“Does Ringo still understand this? What an all-rounder.” Luo Huai said with emotion.

“Don’t stay in the warehouse for a long time, the yin is heavy… I mean the first floor is cold and easy to get sick.
Your room is on the second floor, and I’ll take you there.” Zhong Jiudao said.

“I’ve been given a room, that is, can I participate in the filming of this film? Have you completely settled on me?” Luo Huai pointed to himself and said with a happy face.

Zhong Jiudao nodded: “You have excellent appearance conditions, and it is our honor for you to be able to participate in my small-cost film.”

“No, no, my acting skills are very average, and I still need to learn from Director Zhong.” Luo Huai said happily, “Thank you Director Zhong for giving me this opportunity!”

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

This stupid young man, as Qian Duoqun said, was sold and still helped count the money to a number of people.
If he hadn’t come in time, Luo Huai’s anger would only have been sucked away by the steward of the forest.

“Locust” is a ghost wood, taking this name is easy to attract unclean things, he just read Luo Huai’s resume, found that this person is extremely light, is the easiest to hit the ghost physique.
Even though Zhong Jiudao had already warned the “power supplies” in the villa, there were still ghosts who could not resist the temptation of Luo Huai.

For the sake of safety, let’s add a layer of protection to Luo Huai.

Zhong Jiudao walked behind Luo Huai and secretly drew a talisman.

The amulet must be attached to the front chest or the back vest to take effect, Zhong Jiudao quickly walked two steps closer to Luo Huai, intending to pat Luo Huai’s back with the lightest and lightest movement, to ensure that Luo Huai did not feel that he was patted at all.

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The palm of his hand was just attached to the vest of Luo Huai, and the young man who was originally walking in front of him suddenly stopped, turned his head and said, “Zhong Dao, I am not familiar with the villa, maybe you should walk in front.”

As soon as he stopped and turned back, Zhong Jiudao’s hand that had planned to pat was firmly attached to Luo Huai’s back, and because of the distance, his lips almost touched the tip of Luo Huai’s nose.

Luo Huai is 181cm tall, which is a very superior height in the entertainment industry, and is already much taller than the average person.
Zhong Jiudao is 10cm taller than Luo Huai, and the position is so coincidental.

Luo Huai’s body suddenly froze, revealing a look of chagrin.

Despite the awkward posture, Zhong Jiudao dutifully pasted the amulet on it, and then took a step back and said casually, “You walked too slowly, and before you knew it, you walked behind you.”

Luo Huai said with some trepidation: “Fortunately, I thought it was Zhong Dao’s impromptu performance after testing me when I encountered shock, and I was worried about whether I did not perform well.”

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

Thanks to Luo Huai’s stupidity, this embarrassing situation was alleviated.

Attach an amulet, as long as Luo Huai does not actively contact the ghosts, or promise anything to the ghosts, he will not be hurt.

Before, when moving things, Zhong Jiudao also secretly posted a amulet to Qian Duoqun, and now both people are safe…

“Suck and suck”, when passing by the restaurant, the sound of drinking porridge came.

“This porridge is so delicious!” Qian Duoqun did not know when to run to the restaurant, carrying the bowl of meat porridge to drink sweetly, Aunt Yang stood behind Qian Duoqun with a kind face.

“You are the chef that Zhong Dao found, compared to ordering a box lunch, it is indeed more affordable to buy your own vegetables and hire someone to cook, and you can eat better.” Qian Duoqun gave a thumbs up to Aunt Yang, “Aunt Yang, the food of the crew will please you in the future!”

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

How many amulets can’t prevent them from directly eating the food made by the ghost into their stomachs!

“It’s great if you like it,” Aunt Yang looked at Qian Duoqun kindly with the eyes of looking at the little piglet, “just now Zhong Dao didn’t eat the food I cooked, and I was worried that he would not be satisfied.”

“There’s nothing he’s not satisfied with,” Qian Duoqun said, “the crew is so poor that they can hire an aunt who is as good as yours, it’s really…”

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Before Qian Duoqun could finish speaking, he fell headlong into the bowl, smashed his face into the bowl, and began to foam in his mouth.

“Brother Qian!” Luo Huai, who saw him on the side, rushed over with concern, “Brother Qian, what’s wrong with you? Is it food poisoning? I’ll call it an ambulance!”

Luo Huai took out his mobile phone to make a call, but was held down by Zhong Jiudao.

“It doesn’t matter, you can’t die.” Zhong Jiudao gritted his teeth and said, “Just drank cold porridge.”

“But he’s already fainting and foaming?” Luo Huai said in horror.

“Stomach colds cause reflux.” Zhong Jiudao said as he opened the induction cooker and boiled a pot of boiling water, “Just drink some hot water.”

“Really?” Lo Huai said in disbelief.

Only to see Zhong Jiudao turn over a piece of paper, write something on the paper, burn it with fire, and throw the paper ash into the boiled water.

Zhong Jiudao poured the water into the bowl, skillfully grabbed Qian Duoqun’s chin with one hand, and poured water into his mouth.

Luo Huai: “Why drink paper ash?”

“Grass and wood ash is a traditional Chinese medicine that can cure diseases.” Zhong Jiu said without changing his color.

Luo Huai: “But that is paper not grass and wood?”

Zhong Jiu said, “The paper is made of plants, and the effect of burning it to ash is the same, you see, won’t he wake up.”

Sure enough, after drinking the spell water, Qian Duoqun opened his eyes confusedly, wiped the white foam at the corner of his mouth, and said inexplicably: “How I ate and ate and fell asleep.”

Zhong Jiudao was thinking about how to get back, so he heard Luo Huai say, “Brother Qian, you don’t drink cold porridge anymore, it’s not good for the stomach, you will spit white foam.”

Zhong Jiu said, “…”

Very good, fortunately Luo Huai is a silly white sweet, this actor he used fixed it, plus more money to use!

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