front of the door is spotless, and the luxurious bungalow located at the end of the stone road, surrounded by countless dark red flowers, is like the entrance to another world.

Zhong Jiudao walked up this stone road full of historical atmosphere, and in the face of this strange scene, he smiled slightly: “Save the money to ask someone to clean.”

As the last rays of sunlight disappeared below the horizon, the courtyard with too many towering trees grew darker than the outside world, and Zhong Jiudao stood outside the bungalow and saw that candles were lit inside the second-floor window.

Ordinary people were likely to be frightened and wish to escape when they saw this scene, but how could Zhong Jiudao abandon this cheap house that was hard to rent, he used the key to open the rusty lock and push open the door of the bungalow.

With a “creak”, the old wooden door was pushed open, and a bone-chilling wind blew out of the house.

There are countless oil lamps hanging on the walls of the hall on the first floor, and as Zhong Jiudao enters, the oil lamps are lit up one by one, shining with a faint blue-green light, illuminating the entire first floor.

Zhong Jiudao frowned, “Didn’t you say that there was electricity? How to still light candles.
Shooting equipment needs electricity, and mobile phones cannot be charged.”

Ignoring the eerie sight, he strode in to find power.

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As soon as Zhong Jiudao entered the door, a woman wearing a white cheongsam appeared in front of the door, holding a red candle, and her face flickered on and off under the light of the candlelight, like a ghost floating in the hall.

She walked very lightly, there was no sound of footsteps at all, she walked like a drift, quietly came to the back of Zhong Jiudao, held out her hand to Zhong Jiudao, and said quietly: “This is not where you should come, let’s go.”

Suddenly there was a ghost-like sound behind him, Zhong Jiudao looked back expressionlessly, saw the overly long nails on the woman’s pale fingers, and said calmly: “Why is it not where I should come? I rented this, I am now the homeowner, what are you? How did it end up in my house? It’s you who should go.”

He also took out the lease contract, revealing a legally valid signature and official seal, as well as a copy of the owner’s power of attorney to the intermediary company attached to the contract, which was reasonable and legal and could not be doubted.

The woman in white was shook by the contract, she slowly withdrew her hand, held the candle and floated back two steps, pulling away from Zhong Jiudao, before whispering: “Little girl… Have lived in this house for a long time.

“Oh? How long, is there residency? If there is no evidence of your right to abode, you should leave here, otherwise you will infringe on my property rights.” Zhong Jiudao asked.

He found the electric light switch on the wall and pressed it, “snapped”, the light above the hall lit up, illuminating the entire hall brightly, like daylight, the white cheongsam woman was suddenly shook by this light, and reached out to block it.

Zhong Jiudao’s gaze swept over the woman’s feet, and saw that she had no shadow under this bright and dangling light, and his heart was clear, and he turned off the lights again, muttering: “This house is too big, all the lights are turned on use too much electricity, before starting the machine I should save energy.”

When the light went out, the woman in white was obviously relieved, and she looked at Zhong Jiudao quietly and whispered, “Concubine, she has really lived in this house for a hundred years.”

“In some foreign countries, after staying for a long time, they will automatically have the right to reside, and the homeowner has no right to evict the guests.
But our country does not have this for the time being, unless you have a contract for the landlord to give the right of residence, you have to move out.” Zhong Jiudao made a “please” gesture to the woman in white, then ignored her, visited the first floor, and walked to the second floor.

At the moment when the lights were turned on, Zhong Jiudao had already seen the structure of the first floor, the dust and cobwebs on the walls had been cleaned by someone, and the hidden figures in the maid’s room in the corner flashed, showing that something was also living.

The second floor is the bedroom, the stairs are a little old, stepping on it will make a “creaking” sound, Zhong Jiudao took two steps and stopped, looking back, the woman in white did not follow up, but held the candle and looked up at him with resentment.

“Why didn’t you keep up?” Zhong Jiu Dao asked, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t come up, lend me the candle, my mobile phone is running out of battery, it is not convenient to use a flashlight.”

The woman in white: “…”

Before she could say anything, a woman in a dress stood at the end of the stairs and said to Zhong Jiudao, “Because the upstairs is my place, that lowly concubine is not worthy of coming up.”

The woman in white was on the first floor, looking resentful and afraid.

“What age are you still talking about this crap,” Zhong Jiudao shook his head, “my house, in a few days there will be other people living in to shoot dramas, you move as soon as possible.”

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The woman in the dress became fierce, her good face twisted, blood flowed from her forehead, and her whole head became fragmented, flying down the stairs, screaming hysterically at Zhong Jiudao: “Since you don’t want to scram, die!”

Zhong Jiudao’s face did not change color to avoid the attack of the woman in the dress, but the stairs under his feet shook, showing that it wanted to throw Zhong Jiudao downstairs.

Zhong Jiudao stood very steadily, but the big box shook unceasingly, turning his head downstairs, Zhong Jiudao’s eyes were bright and fast, and he supported the box in time.

At this moment, his face finally changed.

“I want you to vacate the house with a good voice, but you want to destroy my belongings.” Zhong Jiudao was a little angry, this box was a very expensive video camera he rented, really broke what money he used to pay?

Zhong Jiudao’s left hand was drawing something in the air, and a silver spell appeared in the void, and the speed of his drawing was fast and steady, and in less than a second the spell had already taken shape.

Zhong Jiu dao pointed a little, and the spell flew towards the woman in the red dress at great speed.

The woman in the red dress was hit by the silver charm, and the spell without paper and no cinnabar was so powerful that it knocked the woman in the dress to the ceiling with one move.

The pattern on the spell envelops the woman in the red dress, blooming with a silver light, and a faint thunderclap flashes in her ears.

The woman in the red dress was nailed to the roof chandelier by a spell, and the lightning flashed to provide enough power for the chandelier, and the indoor light came on again.

Zhong Jiudao showed a trance-like look, nodded, and said, “It turns out that the Five Thunder Charms also have such a power-saving usage, but the current is unstable, it is easy to burn out electrical appliances, and it needs to be improved.”

He thought about it for a moment and quickly drew a few strokes in the air, weakening the power of the Five Thunder Charms and changing it to a steady and continuous attack.

Thunder and fire spells all reacted to when they encounter yin qi or evil spirits, and in the hands of ordinary people, it is just an ordinary piece of rune paper.
At this moment, this improved version of the continuous output of the five thunder charms is firmly locked on the red dressed woman, and in the case of constantly encountering evil spirits, it steadily outputs current.

The hall was brightly lit, and Zhong Jiudao stood on the stairs, holding on to his suitcase, looking down under the bright light of day.

The ghosts hidden in the corner of the murderous house saw the red dressed women acting as power on the ceiling, and one by one they were frightened to hug their cold selves, closed their blood basins and mouths, and did not dare to make a sound.

Zhong Jiu Dao saw that the house was finally quiet, was satisfied, and went upstairs to visit his future shooting location.

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