She knew very well that people in love often make irrational choices, but it took too long for her to understand that because she didn’t have enough money.
Her wish was to live without worrying about money or about health.
It was a family that was not rich since she was young, and she even got leukemia from such a family.

Her brother’s bone marrow was transplanted and even cured, but her body suffered from harsh drugs and chemotherapy could not be healthy.
In addition, her older brother, who had been working day jobs without even finishing high school, fell into gambling and extorted her money under the pretext of a bone marrow transplant, and her parents had no strength or will to stop him.
So, the feeling of love was a luxury to her.

According to Maslow’s 5-level need theory, she was in a very insecure position, barely satisfying her physiological needs.
Even so, the reason she had a boyfriend was because she still needed a place to lean on.
She wanted someone to protect her.
Perhaps… she didn’t know if she wanted someone like the male lead in the romantic drama to save her.
Of course, that didn’t happen.

Anyway, because of that, she was envious of Edith rather than Lize, and she was frustrated by her choice.
How about throwing that husband’s love to another woman? If only she had given up her husband’s love, she would have been able to live a comfortable life.

‘If you are in a harmonious family with a lot of money and good health, you should be grateful.’

Edith did not know how happy it was to not worry about money or to be healthy.
Even if it was a position where she wasn’t noticed by others, why did she covet something else?

‘You’d rather have me edit it.
I’m really confident I’ll do well.’

She never thought that God would really give her the role of Edith, but she did think that way.
The proverb that words become seeds didn’t come out of nowhere… for a moment! Come to think of it, her wish came true…?

‘So this is it, right? Possession of a villain character in a romance novel!’

If it was someone who didn’t know anything, it would have been overwhelming, but it was a dream situation for her, who had mastered all the clichés of Romance.
Her bewildered heart gradually turned to joy.

‘Yes, this should be the price of an unfair death! Hurray!’

The memories of Edith Riegelhoff hadn’t fully popped into her head yet, but they were slowly forming, so it was far better than starting out without knowing anything.
Tonight, it seemed that a dinner was set up for the last time before the wedding with the families of both families.
It seemed that God was very sorry for her, since she had ‘preservation of original character memory’, which was not provided in most Romance stories.

Just then, Sophia returned.

The master has allowed a visit.”

I’ll go.”

She took a deep breath and headed for Count Rigelhoff’s office as Edith’s memory told her.

“Good morning, Father.”

It felt like calling someone she didn’t know completely as her father, but what’s difficult about that was that he’s an idiot with a lot of money.
Even if you asked her to act cute, she could do it as much as she wanted.
However, Count Rigelhoff’s reaction was quite different from what she expected.

“Isn’t it too late for morning?”

His gaze, looking up and down as if trying to find fault, was like the eyes of Manager Park at work.
And only then did Edith’s situation within the Rigelhoff family begin to be entered into her mind.

‘Uh? Uh, huh… what’s this!’

She didn’t remember all of the full text of , but Edith was definitely a snobby and arrogant villainess because she grew up loved and spoiled.
However, according to the memory that just came into her head, it was just an ‘image for external use’.

Edith Rigelhoff was nothing more than a puppet of Count Rigelhoff.
He showed off his family’s wealth by dressing Edith in fancy dresses and wearing expensive jewelry, and showed off the family’s confidence with her arrogant attitude.
Edith’s beauty, her voluptuous body, and gorgeous style were all billboards for the Rigelhof family.
In reality, she was a physically and emotionally abused daughter who desperately wanted to be loved by her parents and brother.

‘This is a scam! How could this be!’

As she was struggling in shock, Count Rigelhoff spoke in a sharp tone.

“You must not make any mistakes today.
Because the Ludwig guys are going to fret because they can’t catch the pod.”

“…Yes, Father.”

“I will negotiate to let in three of our family maids as your maids.
You have to say outright that you won’t entrust your body to anyone other than our family’s maid.
It would be nice to scratch their egos if they couldn’t accept that much.
Can you do well?”

She didn’t know what the hell it was, but she had to pretend she knew it.
Count Rigelhoff, who had been writing tonight’s scenario for a long time, not paying attention to her answer, then started cursing Duke Ludwig.
Only then did Count Rigelhoff begin to think of the reason why he was so anxious about not being able to destroy the Ludwig family.

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