Ch4 – The fourth day of hoarding money to raise the cub

Lu Liran: “Get lost.
I don’t beat up Omega.”


After seeing off An Ke and the others, Lu Liran noticed that the suite they’re going to stay in seems larger and more luxurious than the one he had originally booked.

The huge sunroom occupies most of the space in the sunrise, with a massage room, a pool and a cub room.



The entire near-transparent glass wall surrounding the periphery of the suite, located a hundred meters high, allows Lu Liran to easily see most of the city’s buildings.

While unpacking everyone’s things, Jin Fei felt sorry for the young master who spent a lot of money this time, such as this suite that cost at least 5,000 star coins a night. 

“Oh, in fact, the set I booked is 2,000 star coins per night.” While speaking, Lu Liran reset the check-in code for the hotel suite.


Jin Fei was taken aback when he heard the words: “Then this is…”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by the beep from the hotel system.

After Lu Liran successfully reset the check-in password, the system of Star City Central Hotel defaulted to their official check-in, and the hotel’s official reminder sounded from the loudspeaker built in the room——


“Hello, dear guest, welcome to Star City Central Hotel.
I am your smart suite butler, SIRI.”

“It was detected that there is a precious child in your registration information, so I specially upgraded the suite level for you for free.
The safety and child protection systems have been specially strengthened.
There are food and toys specially prepared for the precious child in the room, and have passed the safety standards of the Federal Child Protection Association.
I wish you a pleasant stay.” 

“If you have any room service needs, please call SIRI directly.
Star City Central Hotel will serve you wholeheartedly.”

Lu Liran was a little surprised, he looked down at his little boy.

The little boy looked up blankly, and blinked his beautiful steel-blue eyes twice: “Papa?”

Lu Liran rubbed the soft curly golden-brown hair of the little boy, and pointed to the toy room specially prepared for the cub: “Go and play.” 

The little guy squinted his eyes happily when he heard his words, and immediately ran in with his short legs.

Jin Fei didn’t expect to get the benefit of a free room upgrade just by having a cub, which can save a lot of money.

The housekeeper smiled and tidied up his clothes and said: “The little young master is well behaved and worry-free, not only can he help the young master save money, but he can also help the young master earn benefits.
He is really a good cub.”

Lu Liran knew that the birth rate of a child in the galaxy has been getting lower and lower.
Therefore, children are cherished more and more, but Lu Liran has no idea that the existence of children will make such an extremely luxurious hotel open the back door for the little boy. 

He shook his head helplessly.
He could already imagine how both his father and elder brother would spoil his little boy when they got home.
Perhaps even if this little thing wants a planet, they will buy it without blinking an eye.

Lu Liran rested in the hotel for two days, completely leaving all his time for his cub.
The little guy was so happy that he couldn’t wait to stick to Lu Liran’s body all the time.


On the third day, Lu Liran turned on his optical brain, and several unread messages popped up in his contact list.
Most of them were news from the black market businessman, Xiao Hei, who asked Lu Liran if he had any snow mountain specialties he was willing to sell, and dropped information on several materials that were bought at high prices.

Lu Liran took a look, rummaging through his storage compartment, and after finding the corresponding two herbs he dug up before, he sent them to the black market businessman. 

[Wow, the great god really has it, ah! These two herbs can only be harvested close to the mountain peak, the great god is awesome!]

[I put them up for auction, and if they are sold, I’ll just settle it with the great god!]

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[By the way, great god, has anyone contacted you since then? In the past two days, I heard that someone seems to have lost their way in the snow-capped mountains.
A lot of people are being organized to go in and search, and the reward amount is very high.
I wonder if the great god has received the news?]

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Lf cjggbkfv tlr fsfr jcv qbxfv bqfc atf mtja ybz.

[Hi, I am from the Bounty Hunter Association.
I have investigated your hunting information in Desolate Star through various channels, and I think you are more in line with the team members we need.]

[We need you to be able to: 1.
Find the tourist who lost contact in the Arlok Glacier; 2.
Successfully bring him back to the civilized world alive]

[The task completion rewards will be divided into: completing the first stage, rewarding 20,000 star coins; completing the second stage, rewarding 150,000 star coins] 

[Please contact me if you accept it, and I will send you the detailed information of the search target]

Oe Olgjc abbx j vffq ygfjat, atf tlut rjijgs wjvf tlw fzmlafv.

Arlok Glacier is the largest group of glaciers in Desolate Star.
Six huge glaciers together forming an extremely spectacular and vast spectacle.

Glaciers are like living beasts, they move, roar, and easily engulf humans without leaving a trace. 

Even so, Lu Liran still contacted the other party, and soon got the detailed information of the target.

The missing one is the only Omega of the famous and rich Feller family on the Desolate Star.
The hotel where Lu Liran is currently staying is under the name of that wealthy man, so it’s no wonder that the reward for this mission is worth so much.

“If there are no other questions, all members of the search team will gather at the bounty hunter camp on Arlok Glacier at noon tomorrow.”

Lu Liran frowned slightly: “I prefer to act alone.” 

“The Arlok Glacier is very dangerous, and group action will also improve your survival rate and mission completion rate.” The man said.

The subtext was to reject Lu Liran’s request to act alone.


Lu Liran said nothing more and hung up the communication.

He notified Jin Fei and Lu Ziqian that he was about to go on a long trip, and the little boy immediately showed a look of disappointment, clinging tightly to Lu Liran’s forehead, and refused to let go. 

“Zai-Zai will miss papa.” The little guy said in a downcast voice.

“Zai-Zai can see Papa all the time this time.” Lu Liran scratched the tip of the little boy’s nose and smiled slightly, “Jin Fei will know what to do.”

When Lu Ziqian heard his words, he immediately turned to Jin Fei with bright eyes: “Really?”

The housekeeper who was entrusted with the important task nodded, and secretly decided to master all the skills related to live broadcast tonight. 

At the same time, Lu Liran took over the task of “The Giant at thirty degrees below zero” on the system panel.

[Task Name: The Giant at Thirty Degrees Below Zero

Mission Location: Arlok Glacier

Task Difficulty: ★★ 

Mission details: Conduct a survival challenge for at least three days and successfully return to civilization

Task basic reward: 100,000 star coins (rewards will be accumulated in proportion to the number of days survived)

Mission additional rewards: unknown]

Early the next morning, Lu Liran set off. 

On the other side, Ke Ji’s airship also made an emergency landing on the Desert Star the day before.
When they were traveling through the nebula, the airship was severely damaged when the gas of a star expands and explodes, but luckily it landed safely.

Coincidentally, their landing site is on the mountainside of the Arlok Glacier.

The mountainside of the Arlok Glacier is the camp area of ​​the bounty hunters, and all bounty hunters will use this place as a transit point for supplies and rest.

Ke Ji briefly mingled here while waiting for the airship to be repaired and start again. 

His chief of staff fabricated the identity of a rich second-generation Omega for him, and the expensive airship behind him just happened to prove his identity.

“Your name is Ke Ji? What a terrible name, it actually reads like that damned commander.” So said the first hunter who greeted Ke Ji.


Ke Ji lifted the corners of his mouth, revealing a harmless smile.

The man asked for Ke Ji’s identification: “You’re actually an Omega? Your figure is larger than an ordinary omega…and a little stronger.
But looking at your appearance, you’re pretty similar too, white and tender, tsk, like a tofu.” 

Ke Ji: “…”

“What’s the smell of your pheromone?” The other party asked again.

Ke Ji suspected that he had encountered sexual harassment as soon as he arrived.

“Forget it, what about your airship?” The man asked, changing the subject. 

“There are some problems with the engine and power system.” Ke Ji replied, but remembering that he should be a dandy, a character who didn’t understand anything, he paused and added, “My pilot told me so.”

“Then you’re miserable.
If you need to replace parts, you have to wait at least half a month.
The conditions for transporting parts here are very poor.” Said the hunter.

As soon as he finished speaking, Ke Ji’s pilot got off the airship and reported in a low voice: “We need to change parts.”

The hunter showed a sympathetic face of “you are so unlucky”. 

The pilot went on to say: “You can call the Chief…Bronte to rush someone to send it.
But I checked the situation of the stellar explosion.
The whole galaxy is filled with harmful particles, which will disrupt our navigation and power systems, and I’m afraid it will be at least three months before recovering.”

Ke Ji also felt that his luck was extremely bad.

He rubbed his forehead, and in the next second, his shoulders were hugged by the hunter: “Ha! Forget it, why don’t you stay with us first, we plan to leave here in two days, and then we will take you down together.
Of course, you have to pay a transportation fee.”

Ke Ji revealed a “I’m a rich second generation, I’m easy to kill” pure smile: “Of course, I’m rich, how much do you want?” 

“Haha, don’t worry, let me introduce you to everyone first.”


When Lu Liran arrived, Ke Ji had already successfully entered the small group of bounty hunters.

“Have you heard? This time, an unlucky guy got lost inside.” 

“Who doesn’t know? The people of the Feller family can’t wait to summon all the experts just to rescue that unlucky Omega.”

“I think it’s a waste of effort to go in and find the person.
Arlok has not been peaceful recently.
Several seasoned hunters disappeared after entering, even if the Omega was found, he would probably be dead.
Maybe a few more search and rescue teams would be sent in.”


“All members of the search and rescue team have signed life and death certificates.”

“It’s not worth the risk for that huge sum of money.
If it was me, I’d rather find some fallen dream grass near the mountainside and sell them.” 

“It’s only 300 star coins per kilogram.
Eh, the falling dream grass is almost plucked out, survival is becoming more and more difficult.”

“Still, if only that damned first commander of the federation didn’t start a war! If I see Ke Ji, I promise, even if I have to be punished, I will beat him with all my might.”

“Add me! Spit!”

The bounty hunter’s indignant speech immediately aroused the echo of a large group of hunters around him.
Obviously, Ke Ji’s reputation here is indeed pathetically poor. 

The corner of Ke Ji’s mouth twitched, being forced to stay in the crowd of hunters and listening how others insult and misunderstood him, and the taste of threatening to intimidate himself was really hard to express.

“Hey! Rich brat! Why don’t you talk?” A hunter who was drinking hard liquor put his arms around Ke Ji’s neck, spraying a rough breath and narrowing his eyes, “You’re not on the commander’s side, are you?”

Ke Ji: “…he hindered the development of our family.”

As soon as the hunters heard this, they immediately put Ke Ji in their own camp, and shouted even louder after drinking: “Ha! That man is also praised as the God of War.
I think it’s just a superficiality.
He is just a devil who builds his fame on other people’s tombstones and steps on the blood and mechas of countless wretches!” 

Ke Ji:“……”

As soon as Lu Liran approached, he heard the group of people unabashedly discussing.
His face sank, and the pheromone in his body became more intense and choking.

Sensitively aware of the hostility, the bounty hunters gathered around all looked over.

Lu Liran strode towards them, his scarred face looked more fierce and powerful under his suppressed anger. 

Ke Ji was stunned, this Alpha was angry because his reputation was insulted?

“Who said that just now? Stand up, let’s fight.” Lu Liran looked at the group of bounty hunters coldly, “If I won, you will apologize.”

Ke Ji frowned, singled out all the hunters? How reckless.

The hunter, who was drinking, took the lead and “pfft ” laughed, and looked at Lu Liran;s thin body: “Oh, I’m so scared, why? Are you trying to use this intimidating face to frighten me until my legs go limp before competing?” 

When the hunter took a step forward, Ke Ji grabbed a piece of snowstone and hit the hunter’s knee without a trace.
Hearing the hunter’s “ow”, he instantly fell to the ground with a dazed expression.

Ke Ji stepped over the man, he acted the silly fool rich second-generation Omega with ease, and persuaded: “Ah, let’s do this, I’ll give you 10,000 star coins each, so don’t fight.”


The 10,000 star coins that are enough to allow the inhabitants of this planet to live for five months are as worthless as Chinese cabbage to Ke Ji.

Bounty Hunters: “???” 

Lu Liran frowned, and looked at Ke Ji with disgust: “Get lost.
I don’t beat up Omega.”

Ke Ji:“……”

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PS: It was considered one-night stand for our Gong and Shou, so now they can’t even recognized each other, I will explain it later~ 


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