Ch3 – The third day of hoarding money to raise the cub

“When the fuck did you get involved with the Lu family?! There’s even a cub!?”


The next day, the little boy woke up from the bed and heard a lot of knocking and banging outside.

He leaned out of the window curiously, immediately, his round steel-blue eyes widened, and he let out a small “oh~”



He saw a huge airship hovering outside the window, occupying almost all the space between the two buildings.
Three or four people in overalls entered and exited the airship in an orderly manner, carrying a bunch of things back and forth.

This is a private transport airship belonging to the Federation, which can carry nearly one ton of cargo.
The most important thing is that renting the airship also means renting the security personnel on the airship, each of whom is AAA-level security, fully guaranteeing the personal safety of the employer during the lease period. 

Desolate Star is a chaotic planet, and accidents of robbing airships are common, but the federal private transport airships have enough ammunition, and every pilot on board is a retired special service soldier.
No one would want to rob such a thorn.


Naturally, the rent for such an airship is extremely high.
The price of two thousand stars per hour is enough to dissuade most people.

Residents living in this violent neighborhood have never seen such a big scene, and they all started talking:

“Holy shit!, I never thought I could see such an awesome airship in our place!”


“Who’s that rich ah? Is it some billionaire’s posthumous child who has been found? Is it to take him back and inherit billions of inheritance?”

“Look, it stopped at the door of the man with the cub!”

“The posthumous child can’t be as ugly as him right…could it be that brat’s biological Omega is a rich man? Coming to pick up the child?”


“I’m a little curious which Omega would fall in love with an Alpha like Lu Liran, ah…” 

“Pfft, if there’s a list of the least wanted Alpha in the galaxy, then Lu Liran must be ranked first.”

“Yesterday, Master Duan was trying to hit his kid.
I’ve heard that he still plans to retaliate, but now I think he should forget it.”

“Hush! Master Duan is here!”

Chen Duan is actually just like other curious people who eat melons, he just wants to see what this legendary transport airship of the highest specification looks like. 

As for the rumors in the neighborhood that he wanted to find trouble with Lu Liran, Chen Duan can’t wait to take out the guy with the broken mouth, who was blindly talking, first.

The sky and the earth can see it, he didn’t want to trouble Lu Liran at all.
If he didn’t believe that Lu Liran died in No man’s island yesterday, he wouldn’t have gone after the little boy of the Lu family, he is not stupid.

Not to mention that yesterday, the other side stepped on his neck for a while to solve him.

Until now, as Chen Duan looked at that clean small building, he still felt pain in the back of his neck. 

Not to mention making trouble for the other party, he didn’t even want to get close to that house.

Lu Liran was having breakfast downstairs, when he heard movement from the stairs, he looked up, and saw his little boy walking downstairs step by step with short legs, carefully staring at the steps that were as high as his calves.


Seeing this, Lu Liran strode over, trying to pick up the little boy, but then he saw his child not stepping firmly and stumbled on the stairs.

The little boy pouted, he patted the step that stumbled him, as if he was angry, but he didn’t cry.
He rubbed his butt and stood up immediately. 

When Lu Liran saw it, a smile flashed across his eyes, and he reached out and lifted the little guy up.

“Papa!” The little boy looked up and saw Lu Liran, and immediately laughed like a baby, and raised his fat arms to hug Lu Liran’s neck.

“We have moved, Zai-Zai.
Is there anyone you want to say goodbye to?” Lu Liran asked softly.

Lu Ziqian blinked and shook his head: “Can we take Fen-Fen with us?” 


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“Then Zai-Zai has no friends to say goodbye to!” The little guy kicked his legs excitedly.

“Tbecu wjrafg, fnfgsatlcu lr gfjvs, kf mjc ub.” Alc Mfl kjixfv lc ogbw atf vbbg, jcv rjk Oe Ildljc yflcu teuufv ys Oe Olgjc, tlr fsfr aegcfv, “Olaaif sbecu wjrafg lr jkjxf abb.”

“Xbbv wbgclcu, Fcmif Alc~” Ktf ilaaif ybs kjnfv tlr tjcv. 

Ktf rwlilcu ilcfr ja atf mbgcfgr bo Alc Mfl’r fsfr kfgf rdeffhfv bea, jcv ktfc tf rjk atf afcvfg jcv kfii-yftjnfv mey, tf klrtfv ab rqbli tlw.
Lf atfc lwwfvljafis rjlv: “P’ii kjgw eq atf ilaaif sbecu wjrafg’r glmf mfgfji jcv yglcu la ab atf jlgrtlq ab fja.”

“Okay, thank you for your hard work.” Lu Liran said.

He hugged Lu Ziqian and went out easily without any extra things to bring.

Neighbors and homeless people, who were watching the excitement, surrounded the gate, but they were all stopped a few meters away by the security guards. 

Lu Liran scanned around, and saw Chen Duan in the crowd who was also stretching out his neck curiously to look over, and happened to meet his gaze.

Lu Liran narrowed his eyes slightly.

Chen Duan paused, he turned around and ran away, panicking as if he had run into a ghost.

Lu, I am the captain of this airship, and my name is An Ke.
Your things have been packed and you can leave at any time.” The tall and burly alpha Captain walked in front of Lu Liran.
He was almost a head taller than Lu Liran, with an upright and serious face, and said exactly as the regulations manual required. 

Lu Liran nodded, he frowned and distanced himself from the Alpha in front of him.

An Ke noticed Lu Liran’s vague hostility, and paused, holding a brand new, small and exquisite toy in his hand.


——It is a small model that can be transformed at will, which is very popular with cubs.

He carefully kept a distance from the little boy in Lu Liran’s arms, which would not frighten the other party, and softened his voice: “This is a meeting gift for Mr.
Xiao Lu, I hope you like it.” 

Lu Ziqian hid in Lu Liran’s arms, opened his eyes a little at a loss, and smacked his mouth twice.

A few security squad members clustered behind the captain, and let out a soft cry: “Wuwuwu, precious cub, he’s so cute, ah!!!”

“This is a private arrangement for the cub by the few of us, I hope we did not make it difficult for you.” Captain An Ke said to Lu Liran in a deep voice.

“Thank you.” Lu Liran didn’t evade any more, and asked the little boy in his arms, “Zai-Zai, do you like it?” 

The little boy nodded, his bright steel-blue eyes stared curiously at the toy with a faint blue light in An Ke’s hand, and whispered: “It has the same color as Zai-Zai’s eyes, and Zai-Zai likes it.”

Lu Ziqian stretched out two chubby hands to receive the gift, then raised his head and smiled shyly at the tall security guard: “Thank you, big brother~”

“You are welcome.” An Ke calmly nodded slightly to the little cub, then turned around and walked back into the airship very quickly, his steps were chaotic.

Oh my God, oh my God, the little boy smiled at me!!!—— For the first time, the always prudent captain couldn’t help dancing wildly in his heart. 

“Ah ah ah, the boss got a smile from the little cub! I’m so envious QAQ.”

“Good boy, good boy, help!”

“When I saw the client’s information yesterday, I thought the cub they would bring was also the fierce and cruel kind…”

An Ke listened to his members’ discussion, he steadied himself, and coughed lightly: “Don’t talk about the client.” 

“Roger that, ahem.”

The transport airship started slowly, and everyone sat in the cabin.
Lu Ziqian even has a cub pod of his own, painted with pastel blue exterior paint, and filled with stuffed toys.

“Attention all passengers, this voyage will take about two hours, please press the upper wall button in the cabin if you have any needs, we will provide you with timely service.”

The captain’s still somewhat excited voice came from the loudspeaker above his head. 

Lu Liran looked at Lu Ziqian, and saw the cub nestled in the cub cabin, surrounded by a bunch of stuffed toys, squinting his eyes happily, and let the little rabbit eagle out as well.
He doesn’t have the panic and uneasiness of riding an airship for the first time at all.

He relaxed and turned to focus on the work in hand.


He clicked on the live broadcast platform and entered the live broadcast rooms of different anchors to observe and learn.
He planned to start the first live broadcast in the next bounty mission.

Who knows what to say during the live broadcast. Lu Liran thought again in his heart. 

The two-hour voyage passed quickly, and for the first time, the captain and the crew felt disappointed at the passengers who did not make any requests during the voyage—— they’re desperate to find the opportunity to contact the human cub so much!!!

“It’s a pleasure to serve you.” Captain An Ke and his crew stood in front of Lu Liran and his party.

The little guy fell asleep during the smooth voyage, and was still a little dazed at the moment, carrying the little rabbit eagle and the stuffed toys in the cub cabin.
He climbed out of the cabin himself, then rubbed his eyes against the side of Lu Liran’s leg and yawned a little.

Lu Liran was about to put the toy back when An Ke saw it and said quickly: “Please take it away together! Since Mr.
Xiao Lu likes it!” 

He paused, realizing that their clients were probably very clearly vested, and added: “We insist.
These are specially prepared for Mr.
Xiao Lu, and they are also included in the fee.”

The three team members behind An Ke nodded and looked at the little boy expectantly.

——In fact, the four of them had bought them out of their own pockets the day before.

Lu Liran nodded amusedly when he heard their words, and didn’t expose the captain’s lame excuse.
He looked at An Ke and the others, then nodded slightly, his eyebrows and eyes softened slightly: “Thank you very much.
Zai-Zai, what should you say?” 

“Thank you, big brother and big sister~”

“Guest, you’re welcome!” An Ke was subconsciously taken aback when he saw Lu Liran’s warm brown eyes.
Such beautiful eyes, very warm, if he can ignore the pheromones on the other person, he will think it smells like toffee.

The man in front of him always carries a flamboyant scent of Tequila.
An Ke always thought that this was a territorial warning from the other party.
He is a strong and difficult Alpha, but now he feels that this is not the case.

An Ke soon realized that he had made a mistake.
When he first saw his unfriendly, even cold and fierce face in the client information, subconsciously, he was biased.
And when they first met, he couldn’t help releasing his pheromones, just like an immature Alpha who was provoked. 

It’s also possible that Lu Liran’s pheromones have the talent to easily stir up the nerves of other Alphas.

He gave birth to some apologies, how can an Alpha who is alone with a child difficult to get along with? Even if he is strong, that is also the protective color under the pressure of the situation!

He looked up at Lu Liran, and suddenly said: “Please let us help you deliver things into the room together! This is what we should do.”

Lu Liran was stunned for a moment, wondering what kind of psychological changes the good captain in front of him had undergone just now, he just felt that the eyes that were looking at him had become…a lot more motherly. 

He did not refuse the help offered by these men.
With the help of four extremely efficient retired Special Forces soldiers, their relocation was even smooth and easy beyond belief.

Lu, if you need anything later, or if Mr Xiao Lu needs any help, you can contact us.
We are very happy to provide free services for precious cubs!” Before leaving, An Ke looked at Lu Liran and handed out his friend request.


Lu Liran accepted An Ke’s friend application on StarNet, but rejected the other party’s kindness: “Your service is very good, five star praise.
I will contact you again for leasing if necessary in the future.”

An Ke showed a little disappointment, being misunderstood as a plastic business relationship made him as frustrated as a beaten eggplant. 

“Alright then, I look forward to working with you again.” The captain cheered up.

Jin Fei decisively sent the three reluctant crew members, along with the captain out of the hotel room, and felt a bit of threat of being robbed of his job.

A small crew member yelled after returning to the airship: “Boss, there’s something wrong with you.
You’re actually taking such good care of that Alpha client!”

“It’s obviously because of that cute little brat.” The only female Alpha in the crew retorted. 

An Ke touched the tip of his nose, and slowly retorted: “I just think…Mr.
Lu is not what he looks like on the surface.
Maybe he’s suitable to be a friend.”

“Boss, something is wrong with you!!” All the crew members stared wide-eyed.

At the same time, on another planet.
The First Commander of the Federation, Ke Ji, finally returned home after a seven-year-long war campaign. 

His chief of staff and friend, Bronte, returned with him.
Apart from Ke Ji, there is no other person in this family, and everyone left in that war.

Ke Ji walked to the family clock.
The huge clock covered the entire wall,  it did not play the role of telling the time, it was just a high-tech product similar to a family tree.

Everyone’s names and connections are displayed on the huge dial, but now, only three names are still shining with vivid light.

Ke Ji was slightly taken aback, three names? 

He took a sudden step forward, almost touching the dial, and saw two new names suddenly appeared next to his name, like two asteroids surrounding him—— Lu Liran (Desolate Star) , Lu Ziqian (Desolate Star).

“Lu Liran? Isn’t it the missing child from the Lu family? I remember he got on that airship, right? He’s actually alive!? I’ll notify the Lu family immediately…” Bronte spoke quickly.

He paused suddenly, and with a “whoosh”, he looked at Ke ji, “Wait, when the fuck did you get involved with the Lu family?! There’s even a cub!?”

“You actually let the Lu family give birth to a cub for you!?” 

“You actually let the cub of the Lu family, who is the most protective of their calf, live outside for so many years?!”

“You are dead.”


The Chief of Staff fired a barrage of bullets.

Ke Ji didn’t say a word, he stared closely at the two names on the dial, and after a long time, he said hoarsely: “Bronte, I’m going to find them.” 


“You take my place temporarily.
And, get me a fake identity.” Ke Ji said.

Bronte was stunned for a moment, and immediately realized that the negative impact of the war had almost turned that planet into a barren land.
There’s no telling whether Ke Ji will not start another civil war when he goes over in his current identity.

“Okay.” Bronte pursed his lips and nodded, “Where are they in Desolate Star?” 

“I don’t know.” Ke Ji shook his head, “The precision of dial exploration is limited, but I will find them.”

“Desolate Star is the largest planet in the A69 galaxy, which is equivalent to the size of three ancient Earths.
You are looking for a needle in a haystack?!” Bronte looked at Ke Ji in disbelief, wondering if their wise commander had been struck dumb by the great surprise.

“I just want to go there first, they are my only family members left.” Ke Ji let out a breath.

He turned his head to look at Bronte, and his pheromone, which had always been restrained and steady, suddenly fluctuated, and the smell of gunpowder mixed with a faint smell of blood diffused in the air. 

The beta Chief of Staff, who has always been slow to pheromones, finally smelled the strong pheromones on Ke Ji’s body, and unexpectedly recalled the chilling battlefield; it was a nightmare.

He shook his head and said hastily: “Okay, I see.
I’ll prepare it for you.”

The author has something to say: 

Ke Ji: You’d better give me a verifiable identity. 

Chief of Staff: How about the idle rich second generation?

Ke Ji: …beautiful.

PS: Brother Lu and Ke Ji both fell in love at first time, and fell in love over time! 

An easy cookie~

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