Ch16 – The sixteenth day of hoarding money to raise the cub

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Yuan Ding’s shout attracted everyone’s attention.
Lu Liran ordered Ke Ji and Feller to stay where they were, and then hurried to Yuan Ding’s side against the wind and snow.

Yuan Ding pointed to the steep slope of about 60 degrees, and looked at them: “Guys, look at this snowy slope, isn’t it very different?”



The snow on this snow slope is in a strange melting state, like clusters of rough sugar crystals squeezed into a pile.

Yuan Xiao and Yuan Long tugged at the corners of their mouths and couldn’t help but ask: “The place where you just took a piss isn’t located there, is it?” 

Yuan Ding suddenly blushed and became annoyed: “I didn’t! This is what it looked like when I came here!”


“It’s so beautiful, ah.” Yuan Xiao sighed, “God knows how this is formed, it must be the uncanny workmanship of nature.”

Yuan Long nodded in agreement.

An Ke frowned slightly: “I’ve never seen a snow slope that looks like this, especially one that large.
What about you, Mr.


Lu Liran’s face became ugly, his gaze was far away, and the entire wide cut of the snow slope showed a consistent melting sugar-like surface snow, which was extremely grotesque.

He said coldly: “Believe me, this is not a good thing, we must leave here immediately.”

“Just a snowy slope scares you like this?” Yuan Ding joked, “Could it eat you up?”


Lu Liran glanced at him, and didn’t bother to say a word, he turned around and left here. 

An Ke closely followed Lu Liran, Yuan Long and Yuan Xiao patted Yuan Ding on the shoulder and said: “This joke is too bad.”

Yuan Ding rolled his eyes: “Based on that man’s words, you will all run away? Is he some kind of prophet?”

Yuan Long looked at An Ke, who was walking in the front, and said: “At least there is no harm in doing this.”

“We were going this way, but now we have to take a long detour, isn’t that a disadvantage?” Yuan Ding looked puzzled. 

He didn’t understand why everyone believed that man’s casual words unconditionally, obviously without any basis.

No one answered him, even his two brothers had already run to the front, Yuan Ding had no choice but to grit his teeth and keep up.

Ke Ji saw Lu Liran’s face was ugly when he came back, and asked in a low voice: “What’s the situation?”

“An omen,” Lu Liran glanced at him and pursed his lips: “I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m right, disaster may be imminent for everyone.” 

Ke Ji frowned.

[?? What happened? I didn’t understand anything!]


[+1 I’m still thinking that the snowy slope looks especially like the terraces cut into pieces, particularly beautiful.
But then Brother Lu said something big is going to happen?]

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[What omen?] 

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Tejc Glcu mbeivc’a tfiq ygfjxlcu atf rlifcmf, jcv jrxfv: “Qtja atf tfii jgf kf tlvlcu? Aera gfislcu bc rbwfbcf’r kbgvr, Cgf kf ublcu ab yf atja fwyjggjrrfv? Glrgeqa jii atf gtsatw bo jmalbc?”

An Ke looked at him with deep eyes, he was silence for a few seconds then said: “Although I have never seen a snow slope like that just now, but during my service, I heard that a vanguard encountered a huge avalanche while passing a snow mountain, and only one tenth of the original number survived.”

“A friend of mine was one of the lucky tenth, he said the avalanche happened without warning, they were climbing a snow slope, and he remembered that the slope looked like it had just melted and frozen again, the snow particles were crystal clear, the most beautiful he had ever seen.” 

“But in the blink of an eye, a thousand kilograms of snow fell on his head and covered his face, directly knocking him unconscious.
When he woke up, he had already been rescued.”

After An Ke finished speaking, he looked at Lu Liran, and he couldn’t help wondering if Lu Liran was one of the survivors in the vanguard.

“The snow slope your friend climbed looks the same as what we saw just now?” Yuan Ding asked.

An Ke said “wu”: “I guess so.” 

Yuan Ding frowned: “But that doesn’t mean that we will encounter an avalanche next? I mean, avalanche, what kind of misfortune would it be to bump into it?”

Lu Liran walked past Yuan Ding and sneered.

He didn’t say anything to Yuan Ding, but just popularized science in the live broadcast room: “In fact, avalanches are not uncommon on the Arlok Glacier, or, in any case, in a large environment such as the snowy mountains.
Every year, the number of people who die from avalanches is ten to twenty times that of people who fall into crevasses in the ice, and the fatality rate is equally high.”

Yuan Ding heard what Lu Liran said, and his cheeks turned red with embarrassment and frustration.
This person was obviously trying to run him down on purpose! 

“So, I suggest to all the friends in the live broadcast room who plan to go to Arlok Glacier, if you want to enter the no-man’s land, don’t rely on luck.
You don’t need bad luck to encounter an avalanche.
All it takes is a little less favorable, and there’s no going back in Arlok.” Lu Liran said.

Yuan Ding: “……” Sure enough, it was on purpose!

Yuan Long and Yuan Xiao firmly held down Yuan Ding so that he would not rush up to fight violently.

[Hahahaha, Brother Lu is mocking that one, right? It’s too obvious!!] 

[Probably because others can’t beat him, that’s why he deserves so much beating, hahahaha]

[I just found out that I  really like to see other people suffer and have nowhere to express their misery]


[After watching Brother Lu’s live broadcast, who still wants to go to Arlok? I respect him as a warrior]


Feller followed behind the team, not daring to think of taking a break because of the “omen” Lu Liran said, but obviously, the three hours of continuous snow trekking had almost exhausted him.

His feet were soft, and he fell into the soft and cold snow with a plop.
The long rope tied to his body suddenly pulled Ke Ji and Lu Liran, and even the two of them staggered slightly.

When An Ke noticed the situation over here, he simply picked up Feller’s entire body and tied him behind his back: “Since there is no time to rest, let’s do this first.
Young master Feller, I will put you down after your physical strength recovers.”

Feller blushed, nodded and whispered anxiously: “I’m sorry, please keep your back steady, and I’ll give you the money when I go back.” 

The corner of An Ke’s mouth twitched.

Lu Liran glanced at Feller.
The pampered young master really couldn’t take it anymore, his whole face was so pale that there was no blood, and he was breathing heavily as if his throat was on fire.

Lu Liran frowned, and quickly walked up to touch the other party’s forehead.
He didn’t have a fever, but from all aspects, the other party’s physical endurance was almost reaching its limit.

An Ke asked Lu Liran in a low voice: “How far do we have to go to be safe?” 

“I don’t know.” Lu Liran shook his head, he pursed his lips and looked behind him, the original strong wind that was blowing so hard that people couldn’t open their eyes has weakened a lot unconsciously, the sky is no longer dark and gloomy, it seems to have cleared up.

However, a strange continuous rumbling sound was suddenly mixed in with the sound of hunting wind, as if something happened in the distance.

Ke Ji frowned, and looked up suddenly, and saw a huge cloud of dust shaking in the sky above the mountain top in the distance.

Those are tiny snowflakes floating in the air due to vibrations, condensed into clusters, so huge and so far away that at first glance, it seems to be hovering over that mountain top. 

Lu Liran also noticed the abnormality in the sky above the mountain top.
He cursed and spoke very fast: “Here we come!”

A few people with An Ke heard his words and looked over subconsciously.

The camera ball was lifted into the sky to take a bird’s-eye view, and saw a huge dust cloud slowly drifting towards Lu Liran, as if it had been adjusted to a slow speed.

Yuan Ding’s face turned pale immediately: “Avalanche?!” 

[Did you hear that?! Boom! Like thunder!]

[It’s really an avalanche!!?]


[Fuck, is that an avalanche? Coming towards Brother Lu! Run!]

[Why do I think this avalanche is running so slowly…?] 

[Silly, the distance is far and the body is big, so it looks slow! You won’t feel it until it runs to your eyes!]

Lu Liran yelled and told everyone to run up the slope, facing the direction of the avalanche. facing the direction of the avalanche.

Yuan Ding’s legs became weak uncontrollably.
Lu Liran’s voice echoed in his head, but his body instinctively wanted to run down in fear.

Lu Liran noticed that Yuan Ding ran in the opposite direction, he cursed secretly, and immediately untied the rope on his body, and ran towards Yuan Ding while yelling for Ke Ji to run up. 

Ke Ji didn’t expect Lu Liran to turn back to Yuan Ding at such a time, and his expression changed.

Obviously, it is impossible for Lu Liran to own a valuable mecha, which means that he will be exposed to the avalanche without any protection.

Lu Liran quickly slid down, then swiftly grabbed Yuan Ding, and pulled him up.

Yuan Ding’s whole body was weak, and he followed Lu Liran in a daze, climbing up the slope with hands and feet together.
The rumbling turned louder and louder in his ears, reminding him that the footsteps of the god of death followed closely behind. 

“It’s too late, it’s too late…” Yuan Ding murmured in horror as he ran.

He saw the clusters of snow and dust circling and crowding on the mountain not far away, rushing towards them with an unstoppable posture, it was impossible for them to survive!

The speed of the avalanche advancing down the mountain will only get faster and faster, the fastest is even close to 100 meters per second, which is close to five times the wind speed of the level 12 strong wind.

The snowflakes all over the sky rushed head-on, like a giant ice-white dragon, roaring and galloping away all the giant trees and rocks along the road, engulfing the soaring air waves, as if covering the sky! 

The audience in the live broadcast room were all terrified by such a natural disaster.
For the first time up close, they felt the terrible power of such powerlessness.

The screen was filled with barrages of “Run!” and “Brother Lu, run!” in an instant.

However, under the force of nature, any struggle seems feeble.

Lu Liran’s face was pale, but he was still making the last struggle, yelling to ask Yuan Ding to cover his head with his arms, cover his mouth and nose, and leave enough room for himself to breathe. 

As soon as he finished yelling, someone grabbed his arm suddenly, he subconsciously turned around, and saw Ke Ji running towards him.

Lu Liran was in a hurry, he had to go up to buffer the power of the avalanche, but he had already run too far down in order to stop Yuan Ding.


“Didn’t I tell you to run up there?! You…”

Before he finished speaking, the avalanche rushed in front of him, like the whole sky falling down. 


With a loud noise, Lu Liran felt as if he was knocked out by a high-speed truck, and he lost consciousness almost instantly.

Before falling into darkness, he seemed to see a steel-blue cover in front of him.

At the same time, all the audience in the live broadcast room heard a muffled sound of “bang”, and then the screen was completely black——the camera ball was not spared and was directly scrapped. 

Over 100,000 viewers in Lu Liran’s live broadcast room froze in front of the screen.

Soon, the system’s consistent prompt popped up in the live broadcast room——

The anchor is offline, please wait patiently ∧_∧

The author has something to say: 

Quick question and quick answer: What is the steel blue that Brother Lu saw! (I mentioned it!)


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