Ch14 – The fourteenth day of hoarding money to raise the cub

[You don’t understand Brother Lu’s style, he has special treatment for appearances!]


To the south of the Arlok Glacier is an ocean, which is also Lu Liran’s destination.

“Aren’t we going to stop and wait for rescue?” Feller followed behind the two, staggering, almost out of breath.



There is a rope tied around his waist, tied with Lu Liran and Ke Ji, so as not to fall behind or encounter any unexpected situations.

When he fell into the ice crevasse, his left arm was slightly fractured and was temporarily and simply treated by Lu Liran, hanging ridiculously from his chest. 

The squeamish young master had never suffered such hardship before.
Panting while walking, his physical strength had long since failed to keep up, and his face was as white as a wax figure: “Where are we going now?”


Lu Liran stopped and took a look at the other party.
Seeing that Feller was indeed unable to walk anymore, he had to lead him behind a leeward rock: “Rest a few minutes.”

Feller seemed to have received a pardon, and immediately slumped on the snow, not wanting to move.

“We are going south now.
The south of Arlok is the Barents Sea.
The closer to the ocean, the more frequent human activities are, and the higher the possibility of getting a free ride to return to the civilized world.” Lu Liran answered Feller’s words, and at the same time explained to the audience in the live broadcast room.


He swept towards Feller and said coldly: “As for the rescue you mentioned, we have lost contact with the base camp.
In the last communication, we learned that the search and rescue team’s helicopter could not get close to the area because of strong air currents.”

Feller’s face was embarrassing, and at the same time, he was breathing anxiously: “The search and rescue team can’t come?”

Lu Liran responded, and Ke Ji comforted him from the side: “It’s only temporary.”


“The top priority now is to find a place to stay for tonight, otherwise, at night, the temperature here will drop below minus 20, which will be a fatal danger.” Lu Liran said lightly, “Get up when you have rested, we still have a long way to go.” 

Ke Ji saw that Feller was still sitting under the rock, and didn’t have much will to get up.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and added abruptly: “There is not much time until the sun goes down.”

Feller shuddered when he heard it, and was frightened, so he gritted his teeth and got up, hanging his arms in a funny and amusing way, and nodded in disgrace: “Then let’s go…”

Lu Liran raised his eyebrows, and saw Ke Ji showing a pure and innocent smile at himself. 

He paused slightly and rolled his eyes indistinctly.

[Suddenly discovered that the stupid beauty is actually a hidden black belly XD]

[The young master of the Feller family is really miserable hahahaha, if he is found by other search team, they will certainly be cautious and solemnly provide for him, but in the end, the outcome was biased to Brother Lu’s side]

[There is one more person who is dragging his leg, it is not easy for the anchor to survive] 

[In comparison, the stupid beauty is much better! They’re all Omega, they’re all second-generation rich, but the person is not that so delicate]

[I think Brother Lu obviously prefers Ke Ji more]


[Where can you see it?]

[One of the two eyeballs were only allocated to Ke Ji, not Feller] 

[…such preference is too heavy to be accepted]

The live broadcast room was full of light-hearted gags, but Lu Liran’s side didn’t look relaxed at all.

A natural ice tunnelappeared right in front of them, and the ancient blue ice decorated the tunnel as beautiful as a dream.

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Lu Liran gave him a cold look: “Don’t go in front of me, or you will be responsible for your own life and death.”

Feller was taken aback and felt a little wronged, but he didn’t dare to say anything under Lu Liran’s cold eyes, so he could only nod hastily: “Okay, I see…”

[I think Brother Lu was not so fierce when he warned Ke Ji last time] 


[Sure enough, they are treated differently! Hehe, knocked it]

[Don’t pair the young master randomly, ah] —— The worried housekeeper was still relentlessly maintaining the reputation of his young master. 

[Tsk, what a drag]

“Ice tunnels are just like ice crevasses.
They are unstable and will collapse at any time, and now that the entire Arlok Glacier is active, I don’t want to fall asleep in the middle of the night and suddenly be buried alive, or worse, be crushed to death by the ice above my head.” Lu Liran said coldly, and walked around the ice tunnel.

“Walk where I walked.” Lu Liran warned Feller.

Ke Ji let Feller in front of him.
Obviously, this young master is the only one who really knows nothing and can’t do anything, and he is not at ease to let the other party come last. 

Feller nodded his head.

As they continued to walk down the mountain, their altitude dropped by nearly 900 meters, and the temperature also rose a bit.
The surroundings were no longer barren where nothing could be seen except snow.


“There is a cave over there.” Lu Liran sharply saw an obviously different terrain in front of him.

Feller’s eyes lit up when he heard it, and he immediately looked up. 

But when he looked around, he saw only a vast expanse of white snowfield, and he couldn’t help being dazed: “…where is it?”

[Sent out the same doubts as young master Feller…]

[I also…I realized that if I were to be in trouble in the wild, I would also become a drag oil bottle the same level as young master Feller]

[I don’t dislike the oil bottle Feller, since I can’t see it either, I’m so useless] 

Ke Ji noticed it at the same time, and he said casually: “It’s right in front, but it’s mostly buried in snow, so it’s not obvious.
We can live in it after we clear it out.”

Feller nodded suspiciously: “Is that so…”

Even though Ke Ji pointed in the direction again, he still couldn’t see anything.
He even wondered if he was snow-blind, like a blind man.

But soon, the three arrived in front of the cave. 

Lu Liran raised his foot and kicked the snow covered in front of the cave twice, and the loose snowdrift fell down with one kick, exposing the small cave inside.

Feller whispered in surprise: “I can’t believe it’s really here! How did you see it? It’s like magic!”

The corners of Lu Liran’s mouth twitched, feeling that the other party was exaggerating too much.

He nodded slightly to the two of them and said: “There’s a place to stay tonight.
You clean it out and I’ll make the fire.” 

“Okay.” Ke Ji responded.

Feller lifted his injured arm slightly, and asked in a low voice: “Should I do it too? But I’m injured…”

In the usual perception of the spoiled young master, a broken bone is already a serious injury and he should recuperate—— It’s one thing to rush to stay alive, but working is another matter.

He turned to Ke Ji: “I can give you money, can you do it for me?” 

Ke Ji: “……”

“Is your other arm also broken?” Lu Liran asked back.


“No.” Feller shook his head honestly.

“Then use your unbroken arm to clean it.” Lu Liran said coldly. 

Feller: “…” Ying.

[You don’t understand Brother Lu’s style, he has special treatment for appearances!]

[It’s okay to squeeze it onto the head of a stupid beauty, I must help Brother Lu vent his anger!]

[I’ll knocked them again] 

[Even with the strong pull of this minister their bound to break up—— happiness is only momentarily]

[…stop already] —— The housekeeper expressed.

Soon, a fire started outside the cave, and the inside of the cave was cleaned out.
The space inside the cave was enough for the three of them to simply rest for one night.

Before turning off the camera ball, Lu Liran routinely said goodbye to the audience in the live broadcast room. 

“We ended a long day’s trek with the successful rescue of the survivor who was trapped in an ice crevasse and was able to escape under a moving active glacier.”

“Now we’ll spend the night in this cave behind us.
We have gone down nearly 900 meters.
Usually, the temperature will rise by two degrees for every 300 meters of altitude drop.
Let’s pray that tonight’s night in the snowy mountains won’t be as hard as the first night.”

Lu Liran curled his lips slightly, and let out a sigh of relief: “That’s it.
The next broadcast will start in a few hours.
You can pay attention to my live broadcast room.
There will be a reminder when the broadcast starts.

[Aww, don’t turn off the live broadcast!! It can also be turned on while sleeping! We don’t mind! —— BigCutie gifted the anchor 1x White Truffle] 

[+1!! Brother Lu, let’s live stream for a while QAQ I want to watch it!]

[Encore!!! (Is this the right place to use these?) —— ThereisaBadgerintheField gifted the anchor 700x rice grains]

[Brother Lu walked mercilessly…the screen went black in an instant—— LittleCutie gifted the host 1x Sukiyaki Pot]

[Brother Lu, good night! ——Pikachu gifted the anchor 3x sushi] 

Feller watched Lu Liran finish those words, and then asked in a low voice: “So you are the anchor? So what do you always live broadcast? Saving people?”

Lu Liran: “……” How can there be so many unlucky people asking him to live broadcast to save lives.


Feller rubbed his nose.
This Alpha in front of him is really difficult to get along with, he sighed, and said again: “Actually, my family also has a stake in Desolate Star Live Broadcast Platform.
I can give you a lot of resources, so you don’t have to keep a cold face and be so fierce to me.”

Lu Liran raised his eyes and looked at him: “Fierce to you?” 

“Just like now.” Feller shrank his neck and muttered softly.

Lu Liran: “……”

Ke Ji turned his head away and couldn’t help laughing.

Lu Liran glared at him again: “Don’t think you’re okay.
Tell me, why do you pretend you can’t do anything?” 

Ke Ji paused, what should come will always come.

“If I don’t pretend to be trash, I will be in great trouble.” Ke Ji said, he’s not lying, but just seeking truth from facts.

Feller on the side agreed deeply.

Lu Liran automatically made up the problems of the wealthy family.
Thinking of Ke Ji specifically asking about the live broadcast when he met him, he must have taken this into consideration. 

“Understood.” He said, no longer pursuing Ke Ji’s deliberate attempt to deceive.

“Then you’re not angry, are you?” Ke Ji looked at Lu Liran, those steel-blue eyes were like a vast ocean, one could easily fall into it.

Lu Liran couldn’t be angry with a person who had the same eye color as his own little boy, he snorted softly, and handed Ke Ji a roasted leg of lamb: “Eat meat.”

The author has something to say: 

Interview 01 : Everyone says Brother Lu is incomprehensible and super fierce

Brother Ji : Obviously a very gentle Alpha

Interview 01 : So…

Brother Ji :This is the compassionate and socialist brotherhood between the Alpha 

Brother Ji (speaking with a face dedicated to serious business): Don’t mess around, I am a person with an Omega

Interview 01: Received! (Guys, I’m going to knock!)


(the author thanking readers for the gifts…) 

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After the Wilderness Survival Live Broadcast, the Cub’s Father came to the Door The Most Fierce Wilderness O Anchor was Approached by the Cub’s Father The Most Fierce Wilderness O Anchor is Pregnant?! The Disfigured Beauty Ran Away with the Ball, and was Chased by Wife Crematorium Heavy gold comments seeking the title of the novel ah ah ah ah ah I am a good chicken TAT

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