Ch13 – The thirteenth day of hoarding money to raise the cub

Edible Popping Eyes (x)


There is fire, meat and hot soup, which is considered a luxury in Arlok.

Lu Liran temporarily lost contact with the base camp.
He guessed that the accident just now might not only have happened in this small area, but covered even the entire glacier cluster.



If so, it’s no surprise that in recent months, even experienced bounty hunters would have gone here without returning.

Lu Liran sat cross-legged in the snow, the burning bonfire made his hands and feet feel hot and dry, rather than the kind of sweaty sensation. 

He half-closed his eyes, as if he was taking a nap, but his eyes were still looking at Ke Ji.


Ke Ji’s strength just now seemed to be an illusion that passed by in a flash, at this moment, he changed back to his original appearance, clumsily scooping up the boiling vegetable broth.

He noticed Lu Liran’s gaze, but he pretended to be ignorant.

After a while, he poked the piece of mutton belly with a tree branch, then looked at Lu Liran and inquired: “It’s almost ready to eat, how about you take a look?”


His steel-blue eyes were asking for advice, as soft as an Omega.

[Ya, why did the O go back within a few minutes!]

[Sure enough, the rabbit was too anxious that he was forced to be fierce, haha]


[A rabbit that can be fierce is adorable!] 

Lu Liran propped up his body and moved over slowly, he inserted a knife into the meat and rotated to open the middle part, there’s still a little blood, so he said: “Cook it again.”

After a few more minutes, the meat in the snow water was completely cooked.
After skimming off the layer of blood froth on the top, the two impatiently ate the bowl of broth and the vegetables and cooked meat inside.

Many people in the live broadcast room were curious about their food experience.
Lu Liran thought for a few seconds and replied: “It smells like mutton, not too smelly.”

Ke Ji raised his eyebrows slightly as Lu Liran responded: “The live broadcast wondered what it was like.” 

Hearing this, Ke Ji let out a “wu”, then he turned his eyes and said: “With a rare view of the Arlok Glacier and a fresh, prime lamb brisket boiled in snow water, tender and tasty, and an all-natural fern hot soup that is refreshing and unctuous, I can’t think of anything better.”

Lu Liran was surprised for a second, and then laughed.
This was the first time he had seen someone speak so beautiful about the food they ate when they were in trouble.

Before he was full, he took out another large piece of lamb tendon, sliced ​​it into thin slices with a knife and spread it on the edge of the hot “stone bowl”, adding: “And sizzling mutton.”

“It’s really great.” Ke Ji blinked, then bent the corners of his eyes.
It seemed that Lu Liran had skipped the idea of probing his background. 

The fat roasted on the slate with a “sizzle sizzle” sound, and the meat slices gradually changed color and curled up.
The air is filled with the aroma of roasted meat, surrounded by a sense of extreme contrast with the ice and snow.

Ke Ji and Lu Liran’s stomach immediately let out a loud growl.


[Fuck! Why do I suddenly envy Brother Lu and the others! They’re eating deliciously…]

[I want to eat, I want to eat, I want to eat] 

[I picked up the bowl again, I can continue to eat]

[Shit! The quality of life in this wilderness survival is much better and it’s cool!]

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The two of them ate a full five kilograms of mutton before they felt the satisfaction from their limbs.

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He picked up the two bunches of jumping sheep eyes that had been roasted on the fire for a long time, and shoved one of them to Ke Ji: “One per person.”

The contentment on Ke Ji’s face froze immediately, he sat up slowly, he blinked and looked at Lu Liran: “This is unnecessary, right?”

Lu Liran stared at him expressionlessly. 

A few seconds later, Ke Ji surrendered and took over the branch of eyeball.

To be honest, even Ke Ji, who had been in the worst combat environment for 90 consecutive days as a commander, had never had a tragic moment when he had to eat the eyes of animals.

Because they have rations and nutritional supplements, which even taste good.

But this was not the first time for Lu Liran.
The survival tasks issued by the system often limit the number of items he can carry, which means that as long as he can ask for things like food and water from nature, he will never let them go. 

Lu Liran stuffed the thumb-sized eyeball into his mouth, and bit it open with a “squeak”, the liquid inside was full and rich, and even spilled a little from the corner of Lu Liran’s mouth.

He wiped it off expressionlessly, then spit out the crystal that was too hard to digest, and finally chewed and swallowed it.

Ke Ji: “…how does it taste?”

“Like snot.” Lu Liran replied honestly. 

Ke Ji: “……”

[With Brother Lu’s scar on his face, coupled with his expressionless face when he ate that eye, he can really go straight to shoot horror movies……]


[Still, even if you don’t say it, it’s pretty cool]

[Bring up my 800-meter-thick fan filter: That’s right, Brother Lu is super cool!] 

[Beautiful Omega did something wrong to eat eyeballs hahahaha, put on the mask of pain]

[It’s so miserable hahaha, Brother Lu is really the most unromantic Alpha]

[I think that after the live broadcast, Brother Lu may really be on the top of Omega’s list of least Alpha they want to associate with, 23333]

[+1 I like Brother Lu, but even if we’re dating, I can only watch from a distance XD] 

“Eat it while it’s hot, you won’t be able to chew it when it’s cold.” Lu Liran urged.

Ke Ji closed his eyes: “You sound very experienced.”

Lu Liran said indifferently: “But you don’t want to know that.”

“……indeed.” Ke Ji pulled the corner of his mouth and stuffed the eyeball into his mouth. 

“Oh yes, remember to keep your mouth shut, or you will……” Lu Liran remembered a friendly reminder, but before he could finish, he saw Ke Ji had already put it in his mouth, so he immediately got up to avoid it.

Ke Ji bit the eyeball, and didn’t expect that the liquid inside to be so abundant, it almost splashed out.

Ke Ji: “……”

He chewed hard on his cheek, and swallowed the thing like Lu Liran did, then grabbed the snow on the ground, rubbing off the strange liquid on his chin and hands. 

Lu Liran gently pulled the corners of his mouth twice, seeing the other party’s embarrassed appearance, his mood improved a lot.

“Oh, the audience in the live broadcast room are curious how you would describe the taste.” Lu Liran glanced at the live broadcast room and said.

“It’s like baked plastic wrapped in a bubble of yellow water with a fishy smell.” Ke Ji drank a few sips of soup before barely rinsing away the strong taste left in his mouth.
He looked at Lu Liran, “Snot is such a mild description.”

Lu Liran touched the tip of his nose. 

[Fuck! It exploded ah!]

[I believed in the anchor’s evil hahahaha, but the beauty really has a good temper, he was not angry at all]


[Why would he get angry ah, to survive, even if you drink urine, you have to drink it, its not intentional]

[Beauty is really good at describing…I feel like I’ve tasted that flavor, vomit——] 

Lu Liran glanced at the live broadcast room, he had to admit that he did it on purpose.

After being deceived by Ke Ji for so long, it’s not a big deal to play some harmless pranks, right?

Besides, it does have benefits.

Lu Liran and Ke Ji rested until Rocke Feller woke up from the coma. 

The thin and petite Omega is already full after eating less than one kilogram of mutton.

After he was full, he sat in the snow in a daze, he looked at Lu Liran and Ke Ji for a while, and suddenly burst into tears.

Lu Liran suddenly had a headache.

Ke Ji was also stunned there, he rarely encountered Omega crying in front of him. 

“I was thrown down, I was so scared, thanks to you guys who saved me……” the young master of the Feller family cried.

Lu Liran raised his eyebrows, he didn’t get lost by himself? Then it seems to be another set of disputes and grudges of the wealthy, and he doesn’t want to get involved in it.

Lu Liran immediately interrupted: “You’re not out of danger yet, you can say thank you later.
We still have a long way to go, so I suggest you keep your mouth shut and save your energy.”

Young master Feller raised his head to meet Lu Liran’s face, and trembled slightly as if in shock, his eyes were slightly red, like a poor little rabbit. 

Lu Liran curled his lips, he looked at Ke Ji and couldn’t help but compare in his heart.
He was also intentionally left on the Arlok Glacier to fend for himself, and he was also an Omega.
This person didn’t have so many troublesome little emotions.

Young master Feller seemed to be sensitive to the fact that Lu Liran didn’t have much kindness towards him, so he turned his attention to Ke Ji again.

Ke Ji looked like an Alpha—— at least he is tall—— and is good-looking.

This made the young master of the Feller family instinctive admire the strong, and approached him.
Just when he was about to say something, he suddenly smelled a sweet and greasy pheromone scent. 

Like, doughnuts?

Ke Ji let out his “pheromone” with a smile, probably due to his lack of proficiency in the business, the smell was a little stronger, he waved away the sweet scent on the tip of his nose, and almost fainted by himself.


He doesn’t want to get involved with other Omega, he already has a master.

Rocke Feller froze in place. 

Ga? He’s actually an Omega!?

He froze for a moment, and then looked at Lu Liran even more horrified, as if the next second Lu Liran will be stimulated by the Omega’s pheromones and become a wolf.

But Lu Liran didn’t have much reaction to Ke Ji’s Omega pheromone—— who made him an Omega in essence—— but he really hated the sweet scent coming out of the air.

He frowned, and distanced himself from Ke Ji and Feller. 

Young master Feller: …that’s it?

Ke-Alpha-Ji lacks business knowledge about pretending to be an Omega.
Coincidentally, Lu-Omega-Liran always forgets that he is pretending to be an Alpha, and his attributes are differentiated under the cover of what he has taken for granted for so many years.
Boundary is no longer important, so neither of them felt that there was anything wrong with it.

Only Rocke Feller, caught in the middle, couldn’t help being confused.


Lu Liran glanced at Ke Ji’s side, and said: “We’ll set off when we’ve almost rested.
Find a place to spend the night first.”

Ke Ji nodded: “I’m fine, what about you?”

Lu Liran nodded slightly: “Of course I’m fine.” 

“You were out of strength before, don’t be brave.” Ke Ji frowned slightly.

Lu Liran let out a soft snort, no longer entangled with Ke Ji, and simply ordered: “Follow up.”

Young master Feller said weakly: “You won’t ask me?”

No one paid any attention to him, Lu Liran and Ke Ji got up and set off at the same time. 

Rocke Feller: “……”

[Pfft, even if Brother Lu and the beauty quarrel, there is a strange sense of tacit understanding]


[There is a wall between them and that omega]

[Brother Lu! Do you still remember that this Omega is the object of your bounty! Wrong way, hey!] 

[Pfft, look, the young master of the Feller family followed them in a hurry, hahaha]

[Brother Lu kills hypocrisy with his strength]

The author has something to say:

The role of Ke Ji is probably to vividly describe the taste of those indescribable foods for Brother Lu. 

Sunnyshies: As an Alpha Ke Ji’s pheromone scent smelled like blood and gun powder…when in disguise, his pheromone smelled like sweet doughnuts.
While Lu Liran’s pheromone scent in disguise smelled like an overbearing tequila, what do you think Lu Liran’s omega pheromone scent smelled like? In fact, the author already mentioned it…I wonder if you guys noticed it.

BTW, when I was editing this chapter, I suddenly noticed the netizen’s comment when Lu Liran ate the eyeball…”Like a horror movie”…I recall when I was a child, I dunno when but I remember that cell phones ain’t that popular yet and only adults have one in our house (well I got my first phone when I was high school, I envy kids these days…sigh)… anyway, back then, short videos were very popular.
I remember watching a beautiful, sexy girl– she was wearing red dress, with silky black hair and a red lips.
She was smiling sweetly at the camera, when suddenly she took a fork and stabbed it in her eye.
Blood trickled down her cheek from her eye, as she twisted the fork and pulled out her eyeball from her eye socket…then ate it.

I was so shock when I first watched it…sheesh…

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