Ch12 – The twelfth day of hoarding money to raise the cub

[Fuck ah! Never thought that the face under the anchor’s mask would look like this?!]


Ke Ji knew very well that Lu Liran’s judgment was correct, but he also disagreed with the other party’s risking himself to go deep down to save the person.

“The ice crevasse may collapse at any time due to the overall movement of the glacier.
What if you and him are both trapped below? Have you considered this possibility?” Seeing Lu Liran take out a bundle of ropes from his backpack, Ke Ji frowned, he grabbed Lu Liran’s wrist and asked back.



“You need at least a load-bearing belt that can absolutely bear the weight of the two of you, instead of just using any makeshift tool.” He warned in a deep voice.

With Lu Liran’s usual style, Ke Ji believes that Lu Liran will use any tool in his hand to make a temporary load-bearing, but it’s betting on luck. 

“Every minute and second I delay now increases the danger of me being trapped with him.” Lu Liran pulled Ke Ji’s hand away and said coldly.


As he spoke, he neatly tied the bundle of long ropes into knots, speaking quickly: “I know what I’m doing, and since I chose to go down to save him, it means I’m certain.
I don’t need you to come tell me what to do and what not to do.”

Ke Ji’s complexion was not very good-looking, few people would challenge the commander’s authority, but this was not the biggest reason.

What irritates him even more is that the man in front of him will not listen to any of his advice, because he is just a dandy rich second generation who had no ability to survive and couldn’t do anything.


Lu Liran didn’t look at Ke Ji again, he grabbed a lot of snow balls and stuffed them into his backpack.
He didn’t stop until he stuffed his backpack so bulgingly that even a little extra snow couldn’t fit.

The backpack instantly weighed several kilograms.
Lu Liran held it in his hand and weighed it.
It was heavy enough, and it has more than a dozen knots, these are his guarantees after falling into the ice crevasse.

He walked to firm ground near the crevasse, dragging his pack and the long rope behind him.


Ke Ji stood not far from him, frowning and staring at Lu Liran closely. 

If there is any unexpected situation, he will definitely terminate this rescue mission immediately, even if his identity is exposed.

Lu Liran knew that Jin Fei and Zai-Zai must be watching in the live broadcast room at this moment, so he gave a thumbs up to the camera ball, and then jumped off.

Ke Ji’s eyelids twitched violently, and he rushed over subconsciously, only to see Lu Liran hanging in the middle of the ice crevasse.

The backpack filled with snow and the dozen knots of rope cut through the thick snow layer one after another at an extremely fast speed, bringing up violently blowing snow, and was firmly stuck on the solid ice surface due to the force of the fall. 

It was precisely because of this that Lu Liran did not fall directly and completely into the ice crevasse.

It took Lu Liran nearly a minute to stabilize his body.
He stopped spinning and hitting the rift because his tendency to fall suddenly came into a stop.

He took a breath.
In order not to worry his little boy and Jin Fei in the live broadcast room, he took a breath and reluctantly opened his mouth, pretending to be relaxed and said: “The feeling of falling into the crevasse is really a nightmare.
But looking up, I can see that the knot I tied before was stuck on the solid ice near the crevasse due to the force of the fall, and the insurance worked.”

“All that’s left is to bring that person up here, and I probably won’t say much in order to concentrate.” Lu Liran said. 

[Fuck, Brother Lu, don’t talk, just live well! Be careful!]

[I really didn’t expect Brother Lu to jump directly like this, he’s too fucking strong!]


[To buy time, it’s really not easy…]

[The search and rescue teams are too slow! They can’t catch up with so much time!] 

As expected, Lu Liran didn’t speak anymore.
He lowered the rope and descended to the place where Rock Feller curled up, only to find that the other party was not hiding inside, but was forced to get stuck in it.

Lu Liran had to break the surrounding ice with an outdoor dagger to free the opponent’s calf that was stuck.

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As a result, the time spent was far longer than Lu Liran himself had predicted.

He was right in the middle of the ice crevasse, and he could hear the sound of the glacier moving more clearly in his ears.
The series of muffled thunderous sounds were not strong, but they exploded in his ears, making his heart beat faster. 

[What’s that sound?! Did you hear it all?!]

[Gloomy…claustrophobic ah ah ah]

“Vegf fcbeut, la’r atf jmalnf qfglbv bo atf uijmlfg, kf vbc’a tjnf wemt alwf ifoa.” Oe Olgjc’r ojmf mtjcufv rilutais, jcv tf alfv atf ecmbcrmlber Ebmxf Mfiifg ab tlwrfio klat j gbqf.

Ca atf rjwf alwf, tf alfv jcbatfg yecmt bo gbqf lcab atf ugjyylcu xcba, kgjqqfv la jgbecv atf rjofas gbqf bc tlr ybvs jcv olzfv la olgwis, atfc ragfamtfv atf ugjyylcu xcba lcab j rcjgf jcv qea la ecvfg tlr offa. 

In this way, Lu Liran was equivalent to creating a foothold for himself in mid-air where he could not exert his strength, and gave himself a support force of nearly half a meter high, just like a saddle, so that Lu Liran could relatively easily grab the rope and go on the climb.

Even so, carrying the weight of an adult Omega on his body made this already difficult self-rescue behavior even more difficult.

Lu Liran had to climb half a meter every time he went up, and then make another grabbing knot footing point for himself.
Just like this, he kept repeating the same action, pulling up almost three meters little by little.

Rocke Feller woke up in bumps and pain.
He slowly opened his eyes, and saw the abyss hanging under his feet, which made him shake violently in fear, and instinctively tried to grab something. 

Lu Liran didn’t expect that the Omega behind him would wake up halfway, and his center of gravity was tilted by the other party’s sudden movement.
The two slammed into the ice wall beside them at the same time, almost missing the grip.

“Oh my God!” Rocke Feller screamed, and subconsciously raised his hand to grab something, but he only caught Lu Liran’s face, and pulled off his high-necked quick-drying clothes covering Lu Liran’s face.

Lu Liran had been covering most of his face with a high-necked quick-drying suit to cover up the wind and snow on Arlok, but by accident, he never let the audience in the live broadcast room see his true face.

Lu Liran’s face was scratched by the opponent’s long nails, and the pain made him frown slightly, and his scarred face looked even more ferocious. 

He grasped Rocke Feller with difficulty, and scolded the other party to calm down: “If you move again, we will all die.
Now I’m taking you out, got it?”

Rocke Feller was stupefied by the terrifying appearance of Lu Liran right in front of him, he froze there in a daze, and after two seconds, he nodded his head stiffly: “…okay.”


Lu Liran didn’t have time to manage the live broadcast room, but the live broadcast room exploded, and the dense barrage made it almost impossible to see the screen clearly.

[Fuck ah! Never thought that the face under the anchor’s mask would look like this?! ] 

[I always thought he was a good-looking Xiao gege…I didn’t expect it to be a disfigured face…his voice is really deceiving ah, I’m speechless]

[No wonder his face is always covered, he didn’t want people to see]

[The young master covered his face to avoid the wind and snow, as I said at the beginning, can the barrage not slander others?!—— The Heroic Housekeeper gifted the anchor 100x rice grains]

Jin Fei stared at the bullet screens, he was so angry that he edited it several times.
The 100 rice grains he got through watching the live broadcast, signing in, and grabbing a red envelope were all given away to cheer up the young master. 

Lu Ziqian watched the live broadcast angrily with a puffy face.
He couldn’t understand the words that floated by, but he was angry that the little brother actually scratched Papa!

“Uncle Jin, Papa’s face is bleeding…” Little Zai-Zai grievously grabbed Jin Fei’s clothes and complained.

“Papa is fine, don’t worry, good boy.” Jin Fei quickly put down the keyboard and coaxed the little boy.

[Not here to watch handsome guy in live broadcast, I only care about whether Brother Lu can go up safely, okay—— Saltedfish YuYu gifted the anchor 1x Buddha Jumps Over the Wall] 

[Saltedfish YuYu gifted the anchor 1x Buddha Jumps Over the Wall]

[Saltedfish YuYu gifted the anchor 1x Buddha Jumps Over the Wall……]

Xian Yu brushed the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall five times in a row, and the huge and luxurious special effects directly filled the live broadcast room.

Staying on his side, several second rich-generations are shocked.
This is the most “rich second generation” thing they’ve ever seen Xian Yu do—— spending a lot of money for an Ome…Alpha or something, and this Alpha also has an unsatisfactory appearance. 

“Put away your dirty thoughts, I just admire this anchor.” Xian Yu snorted unhappily.

Because of the five huge rewards, the rain of red envelopes on the entire live broadcast platform lasted for nearly three minutes, and all the bullet screens that slandered and commented on the anchor’s appearance were suppressed.

[That’s right, those superficial “face dogs” are not welcome in Brother Lu’s live broadcast room, don’t disturb the cleanliness of the barrage!]

[What I’m most worried about has happened.
Those who save people will be dragged down by those who are rescued.
This young master Feller didn’t wake up early or late, but he woke up at this time!] 

[I really thought they’re going to fall! I was so scared that I directly forked out of the live broadcast room, but fortunately, Brother Lu is stable!]

[Brother Lu boldly rushed forward! —— Quincy gifted the anchor 1x top-quality Wagyu Beef]


Lu Liran dragged the knot again and climbed back to the previous height.

Ke Ji noticed that the knot fastened to the ice was twisting and rotating abnormally, and seemed to be a little loose, so he realized that something must have happened underneath. 

He immediately crawled to the edge of the ice crevasse, keeping an eye on the progress of the rescue below while he was wary of whether the fragile edge would collapse due to his weight.

Lu Liran and Rocke Feller were about two meters away from the crack.
Just as Lu Liran was about to tie another knot, the ice wall by his side suddenly trembled violently, and small pieces of ice shattered from the top of his head.
The beating made his body ache.

Lu Liran and Ke Ji changed faces at the same time——

The movement and activity of the glacier really affected this ice crevasse, and Lu Liran was right. 

Ke Ji immediately no longer cared about the bearing condition of the ice layer near the ice crevasse, he grabbed the rope that Lu Liran used to support their situation, and shouted: “Quick! Step on the ice wall and go up! Don’t worry about the weight the surface ice layer can take, I’ll catch you!”

Lu Liran gritted his teeth and tried his best to climb up, but he didn’t dare to put all his weight on it as Ke Ji said—— He couldn’t believe that a pale, pampered omega could hold both their weight.

Lu Liran still used the knot grip, but the strength of his arm exploded to the extreme.
His bulging muscles and veins were like vigorous old trees and rocks.
His climbing speed was twice as fast under such an exhausting situation.

The cracks in the ice began to close, and more and more ice cubes and gravel rolled and fell.
The cracks that were originally as wide as two people’s heights became narrower at a speed visible to the naked eye. 

Rocke Feller exclaimed: “My god, it’s coming together!”

“Shut up!” Lu Liran gritted his teeth.

At last he climbed close to the mouth of the crack.

Ke Ji knew that Lu Liran did not do what he said from the perception of the rope bearing force.
He didn’t say much, but when Lu Liran was about to climb up, he bent down and grabbed the rope around the man’s waist, and pulled them out of the ice crevasse with all his strength. 

[Oh my god…he really ran out…several times, I thought Brother Lu was going to explain where he was!]

[I even made a search and rescue call! Wuwuwu, it’s okay, Brother Lu is awesome! He came out in a pinch!]

[I want to see how many people are like me, who don’t remember to send a barrage until they escape successfully…]





[It’s not over yet…]

“Run!” Ke Ji tore off the rope that tied Rocke Feller and Lu Liran together.
He grabbed Rocke Feller and ran forward. 

He knows that as long as there is no burden, Lu Liran can run out of this collision danger zone alone.

Sure enough, the three darted across the snowy plains, and behind them was the huge snow dust that was thrown up by the ice walls on both sides of the ice crevasse when they finally collided.

The three of them were thrown a certain distance by the violent collision and vibration of the ice under their feet.
Lu Liran hit a raised rock with a muffled grunt, and his forearm folded to the side strangely.

Ke Ji quickly got up and ran to Lu Liran to check the situation. 

He noticed the abnormality of Lu Liran’s arm, his steel blue pupils darkened, and he said in a low voice: “It’s just a dislocation, bear with it.”

He had just finished speaking, and before Lu Liran recovered his senses, he heard a “crack”, Ke Ji restored his dislocated forearm.

Lu Liran’s face turned pale slightly, and he thanked him, but he was a little puzzled: “How do you know this?”

Ke Ji didn’t answer Lu Liran’s words, he pursed his lips tightly, his face was slightly cold, he helped Lu Liran up, half supported the other party’s already exhausted body, and walked a short distance to the place where the fire was originally built. 

The bonfire had been extinguished long ago, but fortunately there was still a little kindling under the extinguished branches.

Ke Ji blew in gently, sparks rose little by little, and white smoke came out again from the pile of velvet cores, and after a while, the fire started up again.

Lu Liran silently watched the other party’s sophisticated fire-making movements. Where is this like a silly, foolish, sweet rich second-generation Omega who doesn’t understand anything??

Seeing that the fire was burning again, Ke Ji turned back and brought Rocke Feller who had fainted again. 

Lu Liran cleared his throat: “You…”

“You’re out of strength.
What you did just now is far beyond your physical limit.
It’s best not to say anything now.
Replenish your strength after these things are cooked, and then rest on the spot.” Ke Ji said.

Lu Liran felt that his hands and legs were as heavy as lead.

The obvious sequelae of fatigue, it was all unraveled by Ke Ji. 

He pursed his lips and said nothing more.

[Suddenly, there’s a stupid beautiful A, I felt like his whole aura is different…]


[He must be angry! Brother Lu ran to save another Omega, and he tortured himself so badly! If I were him, I would also be angry!]

[That’s it! He actually dislocated his forearm, it hurts just watching it QAQ] 

[Brother Lu doesn’t seem to be so exhausted A anymore, just complementary (bold speech)]

[I even vaguely feel that Brother Lu is aggrieved, cute and lovely (pig cage warning)]

Lu Liran didn’t have the strength to control what the barrage said.
If he knew that the barrage had gone astray, he would definitely jump up and refute the rumor that “I’m aggrieved and cute”.
He just really didn’t have the strength to refute Ke Ji’s words.

The author has something to say: 

Brother Ji: I didn’t expect that I would fall off the horse so soon

Chief of Staff: No, I must put it back on for you!

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