Ch11 – The eleventh day of hoarding money to raise the cub

Arlok’s Warning


“It’s time to go back.
I hope Ke Ji can successfully light the fire, so that we can have a big meal.” After finishing all this, Lu Liran exhaled and said.

He walked back on the flat ground, and soon saw a cluster of warm bonfires on the open snow field, which was extremely conspicuous.



[Wow! Idiot Beauty’s fire was successful!]

[Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, the anchor can finally have a warm meal!] 

When Lu Liran saw the fire, he quickened his pace a little, his saliva was involuntarily secreted, and he seemed to be able to smell the smell of meat.


“You’re back, la!” Ke Ji looked at Lu Liran and immediately waved his hand.

Lu Liran noticed something roasting on the fire, he raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Ke Ji inquiringly.

“I found a stone that looked like a bowl, and I simply used it to hold some snow and boil it.” Ke Ji said with a smile.


When Lu Liran got closer, he could see the stone clearly.
It was about seven centimeters in diameter, with a slightly concave circle in the middle, like a natural bowl.
After roasting on the fire for a while, it can be seen that the snow water inside has been boiled.

This really exceeded Lu Liran’s expectations by a large margin, and he looked at Ke Ji.
Seeing the other part frowned slightly, he asked in a very-easy going manner: “How’s it going? Would you like a drink?”

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“Aera lc alwf, mbbx rbwf nfufajyif ygbat.” Oe Olgjc rjlv, atgbklcu lc atf ofgc tf tjv qlmxfv jcv j rwjii qlfmf bo wfja tf tjv mea boo.


Bf Al ibbxfv ja tlw klat rbwf regqglrf: “Ktfgf lr jirb wfja?” 

“Mbecv j vfjv pewqlcu rtffq.” Oe Olgjc rjlv rlwqis, tf ugjyyfv akb wbgf ygjcmtfr, rtjgqfcfv atfw klat j xclof, atfc abbx bea atf akb fsfyjiir atja tf tjv qea jkjs, lcrfgafv la ab fjmt bcf jcv gbjrafv la bc atf olgf.

Ke Ji looked at the round eyeballs, his expression froze slightly.

[Hahahahaha, unexpectedly, beauty, you also have a share]

[Anchor, touch you conscience, does it hurt (funny.jpg)] 

[Actually, I’m slightly looking forward to seeing the beauty’s expression when eating this stuff…I’m such a devil, hahaha]

[No, it’s still more devilish to think of the anchor that eats this stuff!!]

The live broadcast room was lively, Lu Liran glanced at the barrage, and slightly curled the corners of his mouth.
It could be said that he also wanted to see what expression would appear on Ke Ji’s face.

Just as they were waiting for the food to be cooked, there was a sudden dull sound from the cliff behind them. 

Lu Liran immediately stood up and looked over, and saw something falling from the cliff not far away, hitting the raised rocks one after another, and finally hitting the ground heavily with a muffled sound.

Ke Ji narrowed his eyes slightly, and his face became slightly solemn.
He could see that it was still a jumping sheep, but this cliff face was clearly not supposed to be a danger zone for it to die.


Lu Liran walked over quickly and checked the condition of the jumping sheep.

Ke Ji squatted beside him, and said in a low voice: “It also fell to its death.” 

“Why did you follow…forget it.” Lu Liran frowned slightly, but he quickly gave up on worrying about Ke Ji following him.

He said with a sullen face: “I don’t know if everyone in the live broadcast room has noticed the situation on the cliff, but in my eyes, it looks like suicide, jumping directly from the cliff.”

“Jumping sheep are creatures that are best at moving and surviving between steep cliffs and rocks, and such a cliff will not cause two jumping sheep to fall to their deaths one after another.”

Ke Ji nodded slightly in agreement. This is the signal given by Arlok. 

Sure enough, Lu Liran let out a solemn expression, he stood up and looked at the ice crevasse where Rocke Feller was trapped, and said with a cold voice: “Unless this cliff is no longer stable and solid.”

“This means that the glacial snow plate we are in is moving and very active.
The ice crevasses may collapse, merge, and collide at any time.”

[Fuck? Just now I thought that the anchor could finally stop and have a good meal…but what happened suddenly??]

[To be honest, I didn’t quite understand…so does the anchor mean to evacuate now?] 

[Can you have a meal before leaving?]

“Rocke Feller’s situation is not good.
With every minute of delay, the possibility of him being trapped to death increases.” Lu Liran said he pursed his lips and contacted the base camp.

The people at the base camp are also in a state of desperation at the moment.

The rescue helicopter dispatched was unable to hover due to the strong air flow over the Arlok Glacier, and could not even get close to the kilometer around the destination.
At the moment, they were trying to find other ways to come. 

“We are trying to find a way……but it is estimated……in another four or five hours……” The signal from the base camp was also intermittent due to the weather, and he could barely listen to the whole thing.

Lu Liran hung up the communication directly, and made a decisive decision: “He can’t wait that long, I have to go down.”

[Holy shit, but Brother Lu didn’t bring any professional search and rescue equipment, did he? How can he save the person, ah?]

[How about we wait and see what happens……what if it’s not as urgent as Brother Lu said? Wait for a professional to come over?] 

[Didn’t he say that the ice crevasses are dangerous! How come you’re going down!]

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