The next day, I greeted the morning invigoratingly.

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It seemed that everything went well after what had happened yesterday.
It was a peaceful and satisfying ending.
Those who committed the crime were punished accordingly, and now, there were no spies left by Mrs.
Elbas in the mansion.

‘It was a big problem, though I’m glad it worked out well.’

I thought it was all over…

However, I received shocking news from Agwen.

“…Sophia killed herself?”

She said that she wanted to repent for her own sins by dying.”

“No, why would she throw her life away…?”

I could not believe it.
She did not look like someone who would die in vain.
Especially, to make such an extreme choice right away after being imprisoned for a few hours… It was shocking that a person who was a criminal, although still alive until yesterday, died overnight like this.

At that, I could only blink blankly.
After I came back to my senses, I then ordered Agwen.

“Take her belongings and deliver them over to the bereaved families.
I think Dimitri would allow that much, too, though just in case, please ask him first.”

“Yes, I will.
By the way, I have one more thing to tell you, Madam.”

“What is it?”

“It’s Tilda.
After hearing that Sophia was dead, she went missing.
Obviously, I thought that she would be looking for a train to go back to her hometown with the other maids, but when I woke up at the inn, she was already gone.”


I could not believe that a person who was trying to return to her hometown suddenly went missing out of nowhere.
Even though I was skeptical, I thought I should not be.
Something I know of, such as the story of a person who was expelled for committing a crime.

After Agwen disappeared to do what I had told her to do, I was so busy that I didn’t even have time to think about Sophia or the laid-off employees.

It was because the maids and many employees were vacant.
Hence, there was a shortage of workers and the employees were running around looking for me.

Dimitri promised to fill the positions of the employees soon.
Regardless, it was not enough for Derek, the butler, to lead the employees who had changed their jobs immediately.
In addition, he has a lot of other responsibilities besides managing his employees.

‘This is something I started, so I have to take responsibility.’

With that thought, I rolled up my sleeves and went out.

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“From this time on, until the new maid arrives, I’ll supervise you on behalf of the chief maid.”

It was very awkward to gather a large number of adults and speak in command, so I had to work hard not to stutter as much as possible.

All the maids of Blois, gathered at my call.
As they heard my words, they would widen their eyes.

“Let’s take a look around the laundry room first.”

After returning the maids to their respective seats, I headed to the laundry room with the maids who were stationed there.

There was a lot of laundry piled up like a mountain.

Among them, Dimitri and mine were kept separately, and the rest were mostly bedding, tablecloths, and uniforms of employees.

“Is this the amount of laundry per day?”

Among the remaining employees after being fired, a senior maid with the highest position in the laundry room came up to me.

“There are some things that are a little delayed, though usually, this is what we get.
When there is an event, it would be twice as much.”

I stuck my tongue out and glanced around the laundry room to try to come up with an idea.

“Until we have enough people, let the employees hand over their uniforms to their own laundry.
Leave a little bit of space over there so employees can move around freely to do their own laundry.
And, leave the unused bedding in the guest room without washing for a while.”

“But, will the dust sit there…?”

“It’s all right because the bedding doesn’t get damaged right away just because it sits in the dust.”

Then, I turned to Agwen, who was right next to me.

“Agwen, from now on, don’t wash my bedding every day.
I don’t have any problem using it comfortably for about a week.”

At my words, the maids in the laundry room looked as though they could breathe.
At the same time, they seemed surprised at the suggestion that I would use the same bedding for a week.

‘…Originally, I only washed the duvet once a month.’

I did not know what was so surprising for about a week.
To be honest, if I had said two weeks, they might have thought I was being dirty.

Next, I got out of the laundry room and headed straight to the kitchen.

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There were several large countertops in the kitchen, and it was already very busy.
So, I called the chef and asked.

“What’s the most uncomfortable thing here right now?”

A middle-aged female chef who seemed to have a strong sense of self-esteem spoke up softly.

“The fast-handed and diligent mains are now paying for their sins, Madam.
I’ve barely taught them… It’s a mess here.
It’s in disarray like this…”

Her complaint was understandable.

Unlike other places, most of the kitchen work consisted of experienced workers.
So, I did not want to even touch the kitchen staff when I moved on a large scale, although there were a few employees who had Sophia’s influence in the kitchen, so I had no choice but to do it.

Nonetheless, now that they are all gone, it was necessary to reorganize the word load again.

“As you can see from yesterday’s work, I had no choice but to rectify the problem.
I’ll let the chef take back all the people you want, so go ahead and take them.”

“Are you sure, Madam?”

Also, it’s okay not to make desserts for the time being.
Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to reduce the number of dishes a bit until there are enough people? At least, that means that you don’t have to cook for me separately.”

Even though if I eat a meat-based diet like Dimitri, I would have a hard time in the bathroom for a while as I have a different constitution, but if I eat a lot of fruit, I think I’ll be fine.
Besides, Dimitri does not eat desserts, and they are mostly for me.

“Dessert is also the most demanding dish, so I don’t need to overwork the kitchen people for me.”

At my words, the chef then brightened her face.
She smiled contentedly and promised.

“Instead, I will put all my heart into every dish for the wife.”

“Thank you.”

Although it was just a trivial eight-letter word, the chef blushed and was at a loss for what to do.

Since then, I have met all of Blois’ maids, from the people who cleaned the main building, the people who maintained the annex, and even the handymen.
Eventually, when I returned to the annex’s room, I was very exhausted.

Coco, who jumped lightly onto the back of the sofa where I was lying, took a loaf position on the corner of the narrow back.
The cat’s loaf posture was a posture in which a cat curls up, and its shape resembles a round, puffed bread, hence the name.
T/N: The google images for cat loaf is just adorable ૮ ◞ ﻌ ◟ ა♡ ]

With a triumphant look on his face, Coco told me what he had heard from outside.

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“People were praising the angel.”


“She’s attentive, generous and not picky.
Contrary to the rumors, you seem like a very nice person.?”

…Such an evaluation.

Though I was confused, on the other hand, I was happy.

“It feels good to hear compliments.”

“Really? Then, I’ll tell you more! Well.
They also said that the angel seemed thoughtful enough to show courtesy to the employees.
And, it’s so good that Sophia’s gone.”

It was fortunate that public opinion among the employees was good.

At first, I was worried about what would happen if the atmosphere in the mansion became too uncomfortable because Sophia committed suicide after being imprisoned, but rather than being surprised by her death, the people who remain now seemed to feel relieved that she disappeared from the workplaces.

I smiled happily and tapped Coco’s nose.

“Still, if you keep walking around like that, the Duke’ll be upset someday and scold you someday.”

Hearing my words, Coco opened his wide eyes with a pathetic face.

“…But, it’s so nice to roam freely like this, angel.”

This guy is getting better and better at using his face…!

I couldn’t stand it and hugged Coco tightly.

“Oh my, pretty.
Oh, you’re beautiful.
How can you look this pretty?”

“Hehe! Teeheee~!”

Even though I knew that Coco is a shapeshifter, what can I do when he is this cute? He is so adorable! What do you want me to do?

As I hugged and stroked Coco for a while, I finally calmed down and lowered him to the floor.
Then, with a stern expression on my face, I placed his hand on my waist and said, “I told you to be a human when you’re with me!”

“Though the angel loves me more as a cat!”

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How did this smart cat know?

After saying so, Coco rushed to reach out his paw and stroked my hair, swiping through my head with his round, adorable paws.

When I saw it, I quickly relaxed and laughed again, barely coming back to my senses again.

“You have to use honorifics.
Call me Madam, not angel or Duchess.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“People are saying that I raised you as a very naughty cat.”

“No, I’m not.”

“This naughty cat!”

“Blah, blah, buee~”

Although I am angry at him, he is so cute.’

After all, it was clear that he knew that I thought he was cute.
He is indeed a quick-witted cat.

I took a deep breath and thought about how to get Coco to listen.

“Coco, what’s your favorite thing?”

Coco tilted his head at my question.


He truly is a despicable cat…

“What else?”

“Hmm… Snack?”

“Snacks? What snacks?”

If it was a cat treat, I am quite good at making it.
However, the snack Coco said was a very different kind of thing I thought it would be…

“The Devil’s heart!”

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