nce, he left.


It was unknown who saw Gu Jingyu and reminded the people around who were caught in joy.


At once, the air felt like it had frozen.






The people around were like children, standing neatly, just waiting for a lecture.


At this time, the employee who was on the phone in the pantry came out.


“When my house renovation is finished, everyone will be invited to dinner and eat seafood, the most expensive kind.”


After finishing his words, he felt the overwhelming silence around him and looked at …..


Instantly, his heart stopped.




Gu Jingyu did not say anything, only to see how quickly he ran to the side.


Quiet as a chicken.


“Everyone knows about the bonus.
Seeing that you guys are so happy, I’ll give you a surprise too.”


The surrounding people felt like they were going to suffer.
It was not their intention to settle scores after the autumn.


“Boss, today.” Suddenly someone stepped forward and seemed to want to say something.




For some reason, looking at the cold face of the boss, he was a bit afraid.


Never mind.
Sticking your head out would be a problem, and shrinking your head would be a problem.


“This morning, we chatted, not intentionally bad-mouthing you.
It’s just that boss is too good for that new employee.
Song Ningxuan’s resources are better than those of us old employees, so it’s hard not to be biased.
I was also angry for a moment to say bad things about you, boss.”


Not sure if this opened up everyone’s mouth, they all said all their grievances at once.


Gu Jingyu listened carefully to what his staff said and did not even chime in a few words.


The people who were still a bit tense slowly relaxed.
The people who usually didn’t talk much now also spoke freely.

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