Moving house is an easy task for people nowadays.
What’s more, with so many of them around, it only took a few days to pack everything.
They specially engaged a cleaning company to clean the whole house thoroughly.
Especially for those floor-to-ceiling windows that were a few meters high and were not able to be clean daily.

After everything was cleaned up, an auspicious day was chosen, and they moved in happily.

Now it’s easier for Guo Ming to be a nanny.
After all, there were many rooms in the new house, and Jiang Yunyun also gets to live with everyone.

For Jiang Yunyun, it doesn’t matter where she lives, but she is happy to be able to live with such a kind family.

Of course, Guo Ming was not included within the group.

Jiang Yunyun regards Guo Ming as a god, as long as she doesn’t annoy her, she can live freely and safely.
As a mortal, what is there to contend with God! Jiang Yunyun enlightened herself.

As for Father and Mother Wu, Jiang Yunyun really likes them, and sister Wu Yuanyuan.
They were all sincere and kind.
Everyone was aware of her deliberate attempts to please them, but they all treated her with tolerance and indulgence.
For this, Jiang Yunyun was very grateful.

You could see if someone is sincere to another person.

Therefore, Jiang Yunyun soon saw that Guo Ming treated sister Yuanyuan differently from the others.

When they were moving, Wu Yuanyuan’s wounds had already healed.
The case on Jiang Jiu’s side was still under investigation because it involves a lot of other cases.
So Jiang Yunyun had to live with them for a while longer.
Since they don’t live in the dormitory anymore, Jiang Yunyun’s living expenses were paid to Guo Ming instead.
Although the amount was not large, it could be regarded as a reward for Jiang Jiu’s cooperation.

Originally, Guo Ming wanted to have the real estate certificate jointly owned by two people, but she did not expect that only a husband and wife or cooperate relationship could do it.
Feeling that it was so troublesome, she just wrote Wu Yuanyuan’s name on it.
Anyway, to her, whoever owns it was the same.

Ordinary people would be overjoyed or apprehensive to get such a large villa.
Wu Yuanyuan was a little surprised at first, but she accepted it calmly and didn’t feel inappropriate at all.
In her heart, Guo Ming is the one she wants to live her life with.
But when the real estate certificate was released to them, Father and Mother Wu were stunned.
Why would someone give real estate that cost more than a million to their daughter? Although Guo Ming is a goddaughter, this is still too generous!

Guo Ming explained causally, we are all a family, she is preparing for her godfather and godmother to retire and live together.
So the house was written in Wu Yuanyuan’s name.

As soon as they heard these, Father and Mother Wu felt very touched.

This kid is very thoughtful and generous!

As for Jiang Yunyun, looking at the name on the certificate, she started thinking about it secretly.

On Guo Ming’s side, Jiang Yunyun never dared to talk or ask more, so she could only rely on observation and the occasional disclosure from Sister Yuanyuan to find out some clues.

The easiest thing to notice was the way they look at each other.

After learning about the real estate certificate, the observant Jiang Yunyun looked at the two again very carefully!

The kind of doting and affection, how could it have been ignored before! The ways Sister Xiao Guo takes care of Sister Yuanyuan, and Sister Yuanyuan’s dependence and concerns for Sister Xiao Guo, the two of them were clearly in a state of love!

Jiang Yunyun couldn’t help but feel that she was blind!

After discovering this, Jiang Yunyun secretly praised herself for several days.
When she saw Guo Ming and Wu Yuanyuan again, she can’t help but gave them a funny look, which made Wu Yuanyuan inexplicable and wonder what happened to her.

However, Guo Ming didn’t care much.

On the rare long weekend holidays, she pestered Wu Yuanyuan and started chatting.

“Sister Yuanyuan, you are so beautiful, why don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“Huh? Why do I want to have a boyfriend?”

“Father and Mother Wu does, didn’t they urge you to get married? How can you get married if you don’t have a boyfriend?”

“You are so young, why do you ask this all of a sudden? Have you got a boyfriend?”

“Haha, I don’t have one.
Those boys are too naive, their heads seem to be transparent, their minds seem to be straight, and I can see the back of their heads when they open their mouths, what is there to fall in love with!” Jiang Yunyun snorted.

“Oh, at such a young age, you still despise others for being naive!”

“Sister Yuanyuan, tell me, did Father Wu urge you to get married?”

Speaking of this, Wu Yuanyuan was annoyed.
How could there not be.
Although they haven’t talked about this topic recently because of her injury, there were always some regrets in his words, that he was worried that no one wanted or would take care of her.


“Sister Yuanyuan, if you don’t have a boyfriend all this time, Father and Mother Wu will be very anxious!” Jiang Yunyun looked concerned.

“As a school-going child, you should study hard to prepare for the high school entrance examination, why are you so idle~!” Wu Yuanyuan said angrily.

“Because when I look at you and Sister Xiao Guo like this, I’m anxious!”

“Ah? Me and Guo Ming? You… how do you know!”

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