Guo Ming officially began her nanny career.

The first few days were pretty easy to get through.
Every morning, she drove Jiang Yunyun to school and then to the clinic to receive patients.
At the same time, she prepared the medicine for Wu Yuanyuan.
Then she went home at noon to eat the meal made by Mother Wu and chatted with Wu Yuanyuan in the afternoon.
Then she took Yunyun to Wu Yuanyuan’s house for dinner and to do her homework.
When it was bedtime, she drove the child back to the dormitory.
The next day, the process repeats itself.

Jiang Yunyun was a smart kid.
Whenever she was with Guo Ming, knowing that this sister can’t be provoked, she will not say a word and did everything carefully, according to Guo Ming’s temperament.

When she was in Wu’s house, things were quite different.
She coaxed Fathe Wu, Mother Wu, and Wu Yuanyuan till all of them were extremely happy with her.
She kept praising Mother Wu for the delicious food she cooked every day.
Whenever Father Wu was free, he would do homework with her and taught her history lessons.
Even Wu Yuanyuan bought her new clothes online while lying in bed.

Guo Ming felt that this child’s smartness may do her harm instead.

Luckily, she is still young, and she is not a man, otherwise.
the only way is to kill!

This weekend, Wu Yuanyuan was getting better, everyone decided to go out for a walk, you can’t stay at home all the time.

The group didn’t have any particular plans, just eating and shopping.
Because Wu Yuanyuan was still abstaining and couldn’t eat too spicy food, they found a Cantonese restaurant and ordered a light meal.

Although light, it was delicious.
This is the characteristic of Cantonese cuisine, the food presenting the taste of the ingredients itself.
Afraid of the impact on the wound, they didn’t order any seafood, but drank the pork bone soup, ate Dongqi chicken, charcoal-grilled pork neck, stir-fried beef with seasonal vegetables, chilled bitter gourd, garlic kale.
Everyone ate till their belly became round.
Jiang Yunyun did not forget to praise Wu Yuanyuan: “Sister Yuanyuan is very good at ordering! The dishes you ordered are very delicious!”

“The choice of this restaurant is also good, and the chef’s skills are similar to Mother Wu!” On the first day, Jiang Yunyun successfully captured the hearts of Father Wu and Mother Wu, now she also calls them “Father Wu”, “Mother Wu” as how Guo Ming called them.

After hearing this, everyone laughed happily for a long time, and Guo Ming rolled her eyes in her heart: “Little Bootlicker!”

After shopping and dinner, Guo Ming was about to take Jiang Yunyun back to the dormitory when Father Wu said, “How nice if the house was bigger, then you two don’t have to live in the dormitory every night.”

Jiang Yunyun immediately followed and said, “Yes, I have to trouble Sister Guo to run around every day.
I feel so sorry for her! How nice if I could be with you all the time!” That look of sadness hurts the heart of whoever saw it.

So the next day, Guo Ming took everyone to look for a new house.

To buy a bigger house, Guo Ming had already discussed with Wu Yuanyuan about it a long time ago, so Wu Yuanyuan was not surprised at all.
However, Father Wu and Mother Wu were quite surprised, after all, villas in City A were not cheap.
Guo Ming has only worked for a short time at such a young age, the fact that she could afford it was quite unexpected.

In this regard, Guo Ming also explained that in addition to running a medical clinic, she had also helped healed some wealthy businessmen in City A, the consultation fees were very generous.

The group went to two newly opened property showrooms, but either the location was too far, or the property was only ready next year, they didn’t find a suitable one.

There are several villas with good locations in the city, but they didn’t know whether they were available for sale.

Wu Yuanyuan suggested that she could go to the real estate agent to ask.
Guo Ming remembered Mr.
Zeng knew many wealthy businessmen in the city, so she could also ask him, maybe he could help her find a house.

As expected, Guo Ming called and got the answer immediately.

Zeng Youfu happened to have a friend who immigrated to Continent A recently.
Several local properties were put on sale by trustees.
One of them was next to a large park in the city center.
Except for those ancestral houses in the middle of the mountain, It was considered to be one of the first villa areas in the city.

Zeng Youfu heard that Guo Ming wanted to take a look, he immediately put down what he was doing and drove over with his wife.
Before coming, he informed the real estate agent to bring the keys to the house.

After half a year of recuperation, his daughter’s body has completely recovered.
Thanks to the remodeling of the meridians, not only were dancing unaffected now, there was even a faint trend of improvement.
Zeng Miaomiao went back to school after Christmas, the Zeng family was very grateful to Guo Ming.
That kind of gratitude can no longer be expressed by money.

In less than half an hour, Guo Ming and his party walked into the empty house of Zeng Youfu’s friend.
Although it was said to be an empty house, it was not.
It’s just that there was no one living in it.
There was still a worker in the house who was responsible for daily cleaning inside and outside the house.
So what everyone sees was just an uninhabited villa.
The flowers in the garden were still in full bloom, and the koi in the pond were also lively.
The house was spotless.

It’s was a three-story villa, in addition to the five master bedrooms, there were study rooms, exercise rooms, and even a movie screening room.
It’s fully functional and has everything you need!

Everyone looked at the place and was very satisfied.
But Mother Wu whispered that the price of such a good house will not be cheap, especially when the location was so good, quiet amidst the hustle and bustle, next to the park, it was estimated that the price would be sky-high.

Zeng Youfu saw that Guo Ming and the rest liked the place very much.
He turned around and called his friend.
After a few chats, the price was successfully negotiated and agreed upon.
It was only 20% more expensive than the newly opened real estate outside the city.
This was definitely a very low friendship price.

Seeing Zeng Youfu’s great help, Guo Ming made the decision on the spot without saying another word.
They signed the purchase agreement directly in the house and paid the deposit.

Because the owner of the house was abroad, he will not be able to come back to transfer the property until next month, but he told Guo Ming that they could move in right now.
As no one lives in the house, it’s just sitting there.
Moreover, all the furniture inside the house was included in the price.

Zeng Youfu said that the workers’ wages were already paid till the end of the year, they can continue to use them now, so that they have enough time to hire people to work in the future.

With such a big house, including the garden and pond, they really can’t do it on their own.

They were very happy that they could secure such a villa at such a good price.
After collecting the keys, they decided to move in next week!

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