A hand stretched out diagonally, grabbed Jiang Yunyun, and slapped her in the face.
A man dragged her and started to walk towards the station exit!

“Hey! What are you doing!” Jiang Yunyun shouted while struggling, attracting the attention of the people around him.

“Naughty girl!” The man slapped her again, Jiang Yunyun couldn’t resist at all, and half of her face swelled up in an instant!

“At a young age and you started running away from home?!” The man’s angry voice came again, and the people around began to point and talk about Jiang Yunyun in a low voice.

“Who are you! I don’t know you! Let me go!” Jiang Yunyun got slapped again, but she knew in her heart that she might have encountered a human trafficker.
She had seen similar stories in the media before.
At that time, she even thought about how she should resist when she met such a person.
But now, when she is in the actual situation, then she found that it is not as easy as she imagined.

“I don’t know you! Let me go!” Jiang Yunyun shouted loudly, shouting to the people around him: “I don’t know him! He is a human trafficker! Help me call the police!”

The people around began to be a little suspicious.
Some people were filming with their mobile phones, and some people were about to make phone calls to the police.

However, at this moment, another woman rushed out of the crowd and burst into tears: “Why are you so naughty!”

“My daughter, why are you so naughty! You even cut your hair! What are you doing!”

“Stupid old woman, it’s all because that you didn’t educate her well enough, look at her, what has she turned into now!” The man said, but he didn’t stop his action at all, still dragging Jiang Yunyun towards the exit, and they were about to reach the exit.

“Save~~~~~~” Jiang Yunyun continued to shout, hoping that someone could help her, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the man slapped her again, and then the woman next to him screamed and grabbed the man’s hand: “Don’t hit her.
Don’t hit her!” cried and cried.

“You didn’t care about stealing your family’s money to go to an Internet cafe before, but now you know you’re crying!” The man slapped the woman next to him while scolding the woman next to him.

By now, the people around began to believe that they were a family, although they were still watching, other than filming, they stopped the phone calls.
The security guard in the hall heard the commotion and came over to investigate, and found that it was an internal family affair, so they didn’t interfere.

Guo Ming was laughing inside her heart, these two people, they are good!

It seemed that the man was simply holding on to Jiang Yunyun’s wrist, but in fact, he not only held Jiang Yunyun’s wrist, but he was also pressing her acupuncture point with his hand.
Not to mention that Jiang Yunyun was just a young girl, even for a burly man, it’s difficult to break free from such a grip.

Therefore, no matter how Jiang Yunyun struggled, she continued to be dragged on by this man!

“Why don’t you learn something good instead of running away! This time around, let’s see how I shall punish you!” The man had successfully pulled Jiang Yunyun out of the departure hall and headed towards a van by the side of the road.

And that woman kept crying as she walk along with them, but her speed didn’t fall behind at all.

The crowd of onlookers dispersed as they saw that they were gradually walking away.
Seeing that the man was about to pull Jiang Yunyun into the car, Guo Ming took a deep breath and followed in two steps.

By this time, the man had already pushed Jiang Yunyun into the car, and the woman followed behind.
Guo Ming slammed the woman into the car with one shoulder, then got in after that!

In a blink of an eye, the woman fell to the ground as her body softened for no apparent reason.
Seeing the sudden change in the situation, the man began to react.
But his body also softened before he could make a move.

The seats in the back of the van had been removed.
Whether it was to make room for the convenience of kidnapping or whatsoever, at this moment, Guo Ming felt very satisfied with the arrangement!

In addition to these two people in the car, there was also the driver and the co-driver.
Guo Ming was not about to play nice this time around.
Ignoring the co-driver’s attack, she reached out, clasped the driver’s chin with one hand, pressed the forehead with the other, and then exerted force with both hands, using internal strength, a “Crack” sound was heard, the driver hiccupped in his throat, and he fell dead after that.

The event shocked the co-driver, and his attacks were even more intense.
It was a pity that his position was very unfavorable for him, as he had to twist his body to attack.
Even though he had a sharp knife in his hand, he was not as flexible as Guo Ming.
After only three or five moves, he was dragged by Guo Ming, the arm holding the knife was broken towards the opposite direction, and the man’s neck was also twisted by Guo Ming.
He was then dragged to the back seat of the car and threw on the floor.

Jiang Yunyun was too frightened to speak.
Half of her face was still swollen, but her eyes were full of fear.
If she was not mistaken, in just a few moments, the sister beside her had broken the necks of two people.
The “click” sound of the broken bone kept echoing in her mind, and she couldn’t calm down at all.

She saw the sister turn over the first man and woman, who were laying down on the floor, took something out from their heads.
Under the reflection of the light, Jiang Yunyun could see clearly that it was actually two long needles!

Putting all four people on the floor, Guo Ming said to Jiang Yunyun, “Come here and sit in the front row.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yunyun crawled forward with some trepidation.

“Seat belt on.”


“Sister… Where are we going?” Seeing Guo Ming starting the car, Jiang Yunyun was a little panicked and asked in fear.


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