Looking at a room full of screens and black computers, Guo Ming was feeling helpless.


    After all the detailed planning and considerations, she arrived here finally.
Yet she was still not able to track the whereabouts of her friend Pang Deyou for one very simple reason, Guo Ming doesn’t know how to use it!


    Cursing herself.
Guo Ming silently returned to the apartment, she even closed the door of the computer room on the way out.
After she returned home and lay on the sofa, Guo Daxia was still a little angry: “This place is convenient to live in, but there are too many things to learn!”


    ————————————————– ———————————-


    Wu Yuanyuan discovered that Guo Ming had gone crazy recently.
Since taking her to her workplace that one morning, she would follow her to work every day.
When asked for the reason why, she would just answer “there is something I need to do”.
And when it’s time to get off work in the afternoon, the familiar figure will be waiting in the parking lot.
A tall figure with long legs, straight slender figure, a long ponytail coupled with a pretty facial features.
She had to admit that the first time she saw her appeared in the parking lot, Yuanyuan was surprised, but at the same time, felt that her heartbeat became faster. 


    After a few days of escorting, Yuanyuan started to feel embarrassed, at the same time she wondered, what happened to Guo Ming?


    Although nothing happened during the last few days, Guo Ming did not relax her vigilance at all.
Sure enough, it was on the fifth evening that Guo Ming sensed danger approaching.


    As usual, Guo Ming picked Yuanyuan up from her workplace and accompanied her all the way home.
However, after Ms.
Wu parked the car, Guo Ming did not follow her up but instead said, “Wait for me upstairs “, and walked towards the park.


    Guo Ming reached the nearby park, found a remote corner, stood still, and said.


    “You are here.”


    “Aren’t you surprised?”


    “I saw you on social media.”


    “Cut all the crap and die!”


    “Huh, losser!”


    Before the words faded, they had already closed up and started fighting.


    If someone was watching from the sidelines, they would be extremely surprised.
Never would you imagine that people could move so fast.
All you could see were shadows flashing passed in circles.
It’s as though they were engulfed within a small tornado.
All you could hear was the sound of the two people’s fists and feet colliding.
If it weren’t for the heavy breathing, the thumping sound of fists and feet touching flesh, the dust rising around and the leaves of trees being shaken, and even the occasional sound of tree trunk breaking, you might even think that you are watching a movie.
The two of them were just the scenes reflected through movie special effects.


    “Arrgh! Cough….” After a muffled groan, he couldn’t help but cough a few times.
The black-clothed man knelt on one knee, possibly injured in his lungs, and after another cough, he vomited a mouthful of blood.


    “Your title as Tianrong’s number one assassin is indeed well-deserved.
Even without using the golden needle, You could still defeat me.”


    “This is the second time I have spared your life.
Don’t commit the mistake again.
Where’s your mountain chopper?”


    “Cough, cough, I don’t know.
When I came here, I couldn’t find it.
I must have left it in the Prime Minister’s house.”


    “Oh, I remembered when you split the Spirit Gathering pearl, you seemed to have thrown the knife aside.”


    “- -! I didn’t throw it, it bounced off the pearl! I did not intend to split the Spirit Gathering pearl, it was you who stabbed my Youchi acupoint that caused me to chop it!”


    “End of the day, you are still the loser!”


    “Arrgh!” Another mouthful of blood came out of the black-clothed man’s mouth.


    “Anyway, Master Guo, thank you for not killing me.”


    “I’m not bloodthirsty.
I only kill people for rewards.
Or if I decided not to save someone, It’s because I don’t feel like it.
Major Pang, how did you find me?”


    “The day before yesterday, three locals came to me, showed me a portrait of you and another girl, and paid me to kill you.”


    “How did a dignified general of the Prime Minister’s Mansion also become an assassin for money.
You mean another girl?”


White face, big eyes and small mouth.
I was told she was your companion, but I did not agree to that.
I do not murder innocent people.
On one hand, I came for you thinking that I could try to  avenge the Prime Minister, which is regarded as repaying him.
On the other hand, the only person I know over here is you.
If I could meet up with you, we could discuss the future together.


    “Do you need to report back to them?”


I’ll go with you.”


    After that, Pang Deyou took out a mobile phone from his pocket and pressed the numbers.


    “…He too has a cell phone!!!” Guo Ming said inwardly.


    “Sorry, the mission failed.
The opponent is too strong for me.” After the call was connected, Pang Deyou told them the result.


    “What? Two girls? Lead her to submission? Where are you? Take a…car?”


    “Okay, send me the address, and I will show it to the driver.”


    About to hang up the phone, Pang Deyou looked up and saw Guo Ming’s murderous expression.


    “They took your two companions and said they had left their addresses at your residence and are waiting for you to save them.
This must be an ambush, Dr.
Guo, we…?”


    “Let’s take a taxi!”


    The two got into the taxi smoothly.
Pang Deyou showed the address received on the phone to the driver.
The driver looked at the address and was about to say something when he raised his eyes and saw Guo Ming’s face.
He kept his mouth shut.


    At this time, Guo Ming’s face was gloomy and murderous, and the temperature within the taxi seemed to have lowered by a few notches.
She took out a pill from out of nowhere, and handed it to Pang Deyou who was sitting in the front row.
He took and ate it without hesitation.
After a short moment, the suffocation he felt in his chest began to subside, and there was no longer any  need to suppress the rising blood.
Pang Deyou turned his head gratefully and  was about to say thank you when he saw Guo Ming gritted her teeth: “How dare they do this!” So instead he turned his head away silently and concentrated on his meditation, hoping to recover faster so as not to be a burden to Doctor Guo on the battlefield.


    Those who harm innocent people, from Pang Deyou point of view, deserve to be punished!


    They journeyed to the destination without another word.
The driver secretly sucked his tongue after the two got out of the car: “These days, catching adultery is such a murderous act!”


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