The Garden Hotel used to be an old-fashioned hotel in City A, but it was refurbished and changed to a new name.
The refurbished hotel follows the Internet celebrity route, and the various halls inside are very different in style.
This time, Zhangjiaxuan’s Rainforest Hall is an outdoor platform.
The entire platform is surrounded by beautiful European-style white railings.
The platform is planted everywhere.
Various lush tall plants.
The dining table is not a regular round table for ten people, but a long table covered with a white tablecloth.
The table is decorated with beautiful flower garlands.
The whole platform is like a scene from a fairy tale, very dreamy.


    Because it was an engagement banquet, there were not many people invited by the Zhang family.
Apart from relatives, they were all very close old friends, and Liang Jili was naturally among them.
Pang Deyou has no relatives and friends here, so Guo Ming and Wu Yuanyuan attended together as the man’s relatives and friends.


    When everyone arrived, it was only half-past four, and the buffet reception in the Rainforest Hall had already been set up.
The long buffet table next to the waiter was full of various drinks and snacks.
The old friends invited by the Zhang family are mostly Zhang Renyi’s comrades-in-arms and colleagues, and they are all about the same age.

    Zhang Qiang also invited a few close colleagues and friends, plus Zhang’s mother’s friends, there were more than 30 people here.
Everyone gathered together to eat fruit snacks and chat, it was very lively.
Of course, the main content of the chat is roughly about Pang Deyou.


    Pang Deyou, who had been complimented by all walks of life, took a chance and escaped from Zhang’s family and friends, poured a glass of wine and stood beside Guo Ming, rubbing his stiff cheeks, and praised Guo Ming’s newness outfit.


    “Dear Doctor, you look much better in this outfit than the one with pockets!”


    “I look good in anything I wear.” Guo Ming gave him a proud look.


    “Hey, this important life event has already passed towards success, what do you think of the bridegroom-to-be?” Guo Ming picked up a piece of fruit and asked while chewing.


    “It’s like a dream, it always feels unreal.
I’m here, I’ve found the partner that I would like to spend the rest of my life with.
If, if my parents were still there, I would see this scene… Hey, let’s not talk about this.
” Pang Deyou drank the wine in the glass in one gulp, turned his head and poured another glass, and then looked at Guo Ming: “It’s you, I have concerns here, how about you, are you planning to be alone?”


    “Me? I have long been in love with Miss Wu.” Guo Ming smiled, turned her head, and picked a piece of fruit with a fruit fork and fork it.


    “Oh, that’s really a good thing! Why didn’t you say it earlier! I used to see that you and Miss Wu were very close, but I thought you were just close friends, but it turned out that you are in love with each other! Congratulations! When do you plan to get married?”


    “Get married? Don’t you think that I want to be like you and tell the world that this woman is my lover? It’s a pity… hey! The customs here are different from those of Tianrong, they can’t tolerate our same-sex love! Guo Ming stared at a banana tree not far away, her expression gloomy.


    “This is not like you.” Pang Deyou stared at Guo Ming and said.
“When did Tianrong’s number one killer become a person who worries about the future?”


    “Let me ask you, if your love troubles Miss Zhang, will you still treat her as warmly as ever? If you know that the Zhang family will definitely oppose your marriage, and even ask Miss Zhang to break up with you.
Will you stick to your feelings?”




    “We are still persisting, I just thought, if there is a way to make her stop worrying about our relationship, and let her family face it calmly, even if they don’t agree, they can acquiesce.


    “This… it seems that this is the only way…”


    Everyone chatted for a long time, and it was almost time for dinner.
The sky was still bright, but all kinds of lanterns were already lit up on the rooftop making the place like daytime.
The waiter took down the fruit plate, several dining carts came over one after another, pushing new hot and cold dishes, which were stacked one by one on the long table, neatly arranged.


    There was a small stage surrounded by a few dwarf trees, with star-like lights behind it, cascading down from the top of the trees like a curtain.
Seeing that it was almost time, Zhang Renyi took his wife’s hand and walked up together.


    “Thank you for taking your busy schedule to attend the engagement banquet of Pang Deyou and my daughter Zhang Qiang…”


    After a polite greeting, the engagement banquet officially began.


    Because it was a buffet, everyone was much freer, and the Zhang family did not deliberately arrange seats, so the guests all gathered to eat and greet each other according to their own preferences.
The guests and hosts enjoyed themselves.


    Although the engagement banquet was Western-style, the toasting event was still Chinese-style.
After all, most of the people here are elders.
If you just stand there and say a few words and then toast, it will inevitably make people feel that etiquette is not enough.
In addition, Zhang Qiang and Pang Deyou were also masters who love fun and were not afraid of drinking, so they simply raised their glasses and started toasting table by table.


    While toasting, the foreman came over and saw that the two were busy, so he walked up to Zhang Renyi and said in a low voice, “Mr.
Zhang, in order to congratulate the two newlyweds of your family on a happy engagement, our hotel specially sent an iron plate wagyu beef.
Cooked by a professional Japanese chef on the spot for you, I wish you a happy and beautiful life!”


    When Zhang Renyi heard it, it was very useful, and he nodded immediately: “Okay, your hotel has a heart!” By the way, he told the people around him the news, which was regarded as an advertisement for the hotel.


    After a while, two waiters came over with a large cooking table.
There is a huge iron plate on the cooking table, and there are beautifully textured beef cubes and other sauces on the white counter next to it.


    The one who followed the cooking table was a chef with a headscarf, wearing a navy blue cardigan and an apron.
He was tall and carried a cloth bag with him.


   He stopped in front of the cooking table, put the cloth bag in his hand on the table, slowly opened it, and cold light immediately appeared!


    It turned out that there were several chef’s knives ranging from large to small, each of which was polished to a bright and shiny finish.

    The surrounding guests exclaimed, what a beautiful knife set! Even for those veterans who were used to seeing beautiful swords and guns, they would still find them lovely.
Among the people here, there were quite a few of those here.


    For some reason, Guo Ming felt a little uncomfortable when he saw the knife in the man’s hand.
Those knives used to cut the beef in his hands gave Guo Ming a murderous feeling.


    Thinking of this, Guo Ming glanced at the man vigilantly and found that he was just looking at the squeaky beef that was being burned on the iron plate.
Guo Ming was still worried, so he looked at Pang Deyou again.


    Pang Deyou was watching the chef’s performance with everyone else, he felt a look of eyes and raised his eyes to meet hers.
Although he had drunk some wine, fortunately, he was still sober.
Instantly he understood the message from Guo Ming and his face became solemn.


    “Wow~~~~~~” With a loud shout, a flame rose from the iron plate on the cooking table! The aroma of the wine is wrapped in the oily aroma of beef, and it rushes to everyone!


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