Only after she had gotten home that Wu Yuanyuan began to feel scared.


    If there was no Guo Ming, if there was only herself there tonight, I am afraid that I don’t know what might happen to her.


    For a weak woman, such a situation is unimaginable.
If you encounter such a thing, at that time, no matter what your IQ or status, facing the simple brute force, I am afraid that you will not be able to get out.


    Therefore, every single woman must remember and never give others a chance to hurt herself!


    Sometimes, being a victim of paranoia will be laughed at, but at least it is safe!


    Thinking of this, Wu Yuanyuan is extremely grateful to Guo Ming.
So after she came back, she kept holding Guo Ming and whispered: “Fortunately, I have you.”


    Yes, fortunately, you can save me from the boundless darkness and let me feel at ease and not worry about danger.


    Thank God I’ve you.


    On the second day, Guo Ming sent Wu Yuanyuan to work early and then went directly back to the hospital.
She plans to pick up Wu Yuanyuan soon.
Although it is estimated that the guy named Liu Yi should not be harassing her again, after yesterday’s events, Guo Ming also has lingering fears.


    What should I do if my own woman is so good and always coveted by others? I want to hide her and have her by my side every day, without worrying about other matters.


    When she arrived at the hospital, she saw that everyone was in place and started to work hard.


    In the past few days, feeling the neglect of herself, Jia Qi has also restrained herself a lot.
But Guo Ming doesn’t care so much.
She has no reason to take care of everyone’s feelings, so Jiaqi’s thoughts can be digested by herself.


    At about ten o’clock, two handsome men and beautiful women came to the hospital.
The man was very formal, wearing a suit, glasses, and a briefcase under his arm.
The girl was a very beautiful, tall, good figure, with long legs, a slender waist, and big breasts.
Although light makeup was applied, the beauty on the face cannot be concealed.
The nose was a bit too high and the chin was too sharp.
Guo Ming glanced at her and found it strange.


    After the two came in, naturally an intern came to receive them.
Asked for the appointment number, but was told that they were not here to look for the doctor, but someone.
They were looking for Guo Ming.


    Guo Ming was suspicious about the two people.
But it’s not good to be too negligent.
After finished seeing the patient at hand, she got up and greeted them.


    “Miss Guo in real life has more temperament than in the video, she is a heroine!”




    “Hello, Miss Guo, let me introduce myself.
I belong to the pineapple brokerage company.
My surname is Cai.
You can call me Xiao Cai.”


    “Oh, hello.
What’s the matter?”


    “I don’t know if it is convenient for you.
Let’s find a place to sit down and talk about something? You can rest assured, it is definitely a good thing.”


    “Oh, then you come with me.
Our second floor is still considered quiet.” Guo Ming said and took the two to the second floor.
Another trainee brought up the potted herbal tea.


    “If you have anything, please tell me.”


    “That’s it.
Our company is a newly established brokerage company that specializes in cultivating Internet celebrities, special marketing and promotion, strong funds, and good remuneration.”


    “Huh?” After hearing this kind of opening remark, Guo Ming felt a little inexplicable, so she raised an eyebrow and glanced at him.


    “Oh, this’s the case.
We saw your video in the VR hall on Weibo and felt that you have the potential to become an Internet celebrity.
It just so happens that we are currently promoting new forces and replacing the original with some truly capable artists.
Those artists made their debut based on beauty.
So we would like to sign a contract with you, starting with the video, and then starting the live broadcast.”




    “Currently in the online market, there are very few videos of this style of yours and your image is very good.
It can be said that as long as you agree to sign with us, I can guarantee that your fans will exceed 500,000 within one month.




    “Our company still has a lot of benefits, let me tell you in detail!” The man said, took the briefcase and didn’t know what to bring out.


    “Uh, no.
Thank you for your kindness, I’m not interested.”


Guo, although our company is new, it has cooperation with many platforms.
At present, many well-known anchors are artists under our company.
It is worth your serious consideration!”


    “No need.
Not interested.” Guo Ming said, serving tea to see the guests off.


    The two looked at each other and wanted to say something, but seeing Guo Ming’s lack of interest, it was difficult to continue.
So they left a business card in a hurry and said: “If you change your mind, please contact me at any time.” Then he left with the beauties around him.


    “Brokerage company? Why did they look for me?” Guo Ming thought to herself, but she didn’t think about it anymore and went downstairs to do her own thing.


    Unexpectedly, after a while, the phone rang.
After answering the phone, it was Peng Deyou.
After answering the phone, he hesitated and said: “Guo Ming, when do you have time? I want to discuss something with you.”


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