Looking at the three approaching men with sticks in front of them, Wu Yuanyuan was worried for them.
Tell me, of all the people you can rob, you had to choose to rob Guo Ming, they were basically looking for trouble!


    After discovering that there were two more men behind her, Wu Yuanyuan was already ready to find a corner to watch the show.
If nothing else, who needs to mobilize five people to rob two women.
How low were these people’s strength!


    Who knew that Guo Ming suddenly leaned into her ear and whispered quietly: “There is still a person hidden in the dark, I don’t know what they are trying to do.
We shall pretend to be robbed first.
Don’t be afraid, they are all people.”


    When Guo Ming said so, Wu Yuanyuan also became curious.
There is another person in the dark? Is it the big boss? So knowing that someone was squatting in the grass, we still have to pretend to go there and wait for them to zoom in? Well, this kind of requires acting skills.


    Thinking of this, Wu Yuanyuan began to pretend to be terrified and said: “You, what are you doing! Don’t come over! We… we will call the police!”


    This sentence made the three men who were greeted head-on laugh.
It seemed that the lines were in place! The headed man said with a rough throat, “Hand over all the valuables! Don’t let me say it the second time!”


    Wu Yuanyuan complied, opened her handbag in her hand, took out her wallet and handed it over.
Unexpectedly, the other party snatched the handbag directly, took out the mobile phone and wallet inside and then tossed the handbag aside.
Seeing that the handbag Guo Ming gave her was treated rudely, Wu Yuanyuan suddenly became a little angry, but she thought of drawing the guy who was squatting in the grass out, she had to grit her teeth and give the man a fierce look.


    “The money is yours, let us go.” Guo Ming said from the side.


    Perhaps they didn’t expect to rob them so easily, the five people around were also a little surprised.
If they knew that it was so simple, they would not have arranged so many people to be here, as the other party didn’t resist or tried to run away.


    “Let you go? Wishful thinking!” Still headed by the rough voice.
He turned his head and made eye contact with the person next to him.
Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t see his face clearly because of the backlight, but from the look of them, it could be seen that the two had reached an agreement.


    “Where are you going this late at night? You should come with us and we will let you go after we have enough fun with you.”


    Wu Yuanyuan became angry when she heard this, as she was about to retaliate, Guo Ming gently took her hand.
Then she heard a voice from the alley: “Who are you? What are you doing? I’ll call the police!”  A figure rushed out.


    Wu Yuanyuan turned her head and glanced at Guo Ming: “Big BOSS?”


    Guo Ming nodded.


    She saw someone rushing toward them while pulling out a stick-like thing from nowhere. 


    When the five people saw this, they all rushed over, waved their sticks in their hands and fought with him.


    Seeing the scene at this time, Wu Yuanyuan would not believe it if all the six were ordinary people.
The moves were clearly structured and methodical, especially by the “righteous and brave” person, not only the safety factor was extremely high, but also gracious.


    The six people fought and fought, but it was obvious that these five “robbers” were inferior in skill and they were knocked to the ground by the “hero” in a few rounds.
The “hero” came over at this time and asked with concern: “Are you all right? Yuanyuan, it’s you?”


    Wu Yuanyuan rolled her eyes and thought to herself : “Liu Yi, playing a hero to save the beauty? You are really boring! And old fashioned!”


    When Guo Ming saw this scene, she was also stunned by it.


    No matter what she thinks, she should still express her gratitude.
Wu Yuanyuan looked at Liu Yi and said, “Thank you!” Then she rushed to pick up her discarded handbag, the wallets and mobile phones that were scattered on the floor.


    It’s a pity that the phone didn’t survive the fall, the screen had shattered after the fall.
A piece of leather was also torn out at the corners of the handbag.


    “My new bag! My new bag!” Wu Yuanyuan was angry looking at her present! She had carefully protected it, but it was ruined by this incident!


    Wu Yuanyuan looked at her bag and she became more and more angry.
She couldn’t help but walk to the man who was “knocked to the ground” with a drake voice and kicked him fiercely!


    When the man was kicked, he became angry immediately, scolding swear words and got up from the ground.


    Seeing this, Liu Yi hurried over to stop him, but the man was reluctant and said to Liu Yi: “Anyway, we outnumbered them, so why don’t we just do the girls!”


    As soon as Liu Yi heard this, he knew that his scene of pretending to be a hero to save the girls had been punctured.
He turned to look at Wu Yuanyuan again.
Seeing her indifferent, he hesitated.


    The man continued: “She knows it’s fake anyway, Brother Liu, what are you waiting for? If you don’t do it now, there will be no other chances!” Hearing this, the other people who were lying on the ground also got up.
Looking at Liu Yi, waiting for him to give the order.


    Liu Yi looked at Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming who were standing together, then looked at the five big men next to him and nodded.
The five people got the order they wanted, waved the sticks in their hands and rushed up again!


    “Ah~~Fuck~~~~” The exclamation sounded one after another and there was chaos on the scene.
This alley was located between the two communities, but not close to residential buildings, so there were not many passers-by.


    After that, you could hear the “click” sound spreading around, wailing everywhere.
Within a short moment, the five people who were lying on the ground and got up were now again laying on the ground, but this time, Liu Yi was also laying on the ground with them, holding his right arm with his left hand, his legs curled up, humming in a low voice.


    The man with the duck voice was the most miserable, both arms were broken there and the broken bones pierced through the flesh of the elbow, dripping with blood.
The chin was also  dislocated and the saliva flowed across.


    The six people who fell to the ground at this time understood that from the beginning, this farce was doomed to failure.
Although they don’t know why the opponent didn’t make a move at first, I have to say that at this time everyone regretted what they had done.


    “Yuanyuan…” No one regrets it more than Liu Yi.
If he had insisted on using proper techniques, perhaps Wu Yuanyuan would just laugh at him.
But now, there is nothing left.


    “Liu Yi, I treated you as a classmate, what did you try to do to me?” Wu Yuanyuan was undoubtedly very disappointed.
She originally thought that if he doesn’t do anything radical, everyone will just get along as ordinary friends.
It’s not bad after all.


    It’s a pity that after this episode, the originally weak friendship disappeared totally.


    “Hey…” Liu Yi could no longer tell the depression in his heart, so he gave a wry smile.


    “Yuanyuan, let’s go.” Guo Ming stopped paying attention to these people on the ground.
They can’t be killed anyway, so that’s it.
It’s important to go back and lie down on the bed to comfort your “frightened” little girlfriend! Thinking of this, she took Wu Yuanyuan’s bag, hugged her and walked away.


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