The uninvited person smiled softly, “Old classmates having dinner together, of course I want to join in the fun!” Then he dragged a chair and sat down at the table.


    “Liu Yi, you came quite fast!” Li Jia said with a smile looking at the visitor.


    “Yes, I heard that two beauties are having dinner together, I ran over with full speed!” Liu Yi replied.


    “We have almost finished eating.
You can take a look at the menu, what else would you like to add?” Li Jia said, explaining to Wu Yuanyuan: “I posted the photos of the dinner together, but Liu Yi happened to be in City A too.
I told him the address and asked him to come over.”


    “I was eating with a client earlier on, I ran over halfway through the meal.”


    “Oh, we must be so important that you cancel your existing appointment and come over!”


    “Of course you are.
After knowing you are here, didn’t I abandoned everything else and come to accompany you!”


    Seeing the jokes between the two, Wu Yuanyuan felt that she should not just keep quiet.
The three of them just talked about the fun of the classmate reunion, which was not embarrassing.


    Wu Yuanyuan was wondering if she should find an excuse to go home when Li Jia answered the phone.


Chen, yes, isn’t it supposed to be on Thursday morning? Tomorrow morning? Okay, okay, I get it.
I will send it to you tomorrow morning.”


    A few words have already foreshadowed that Li Jia had to leave the seat and go back to work.
Sure enough, she hung up the phone and looked at the two people apologetically: “Hey, I’m sorry, the company boss called to chase for the documents.
It seems that I have to stay up all night again tonight.”


    “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here anyway, let’s get together again when we have time!” Although Wu Yuanyuan was helpless, she still understood.


    “If that’s OK? Then I’ll leave first.
Liu Yi, please look after Yuanyuan for me, remember to send her back!”


    “Don’t worry, I promise to complete the task!” Liu Yi saluted with joy.


    When Li Jia left, Wu Yuanyuan wanted to leave too, but she was embarrassed to say she was leaving immediately.
So she had to sit for a while longer, chatting casually with Liu Yi. 

    “Yuanyuan, we’re almost done, let’s leave this place? It’s hot in the hot pot restaurant, let’s go outside to get some fresh air.” Liu Yi suggested.


    Wu Yuanyuan thought to herself, you are really understanding! She nodded in appreciation.


    As she was about to pay the bill, she was told that Liu Yi had already paid for it when he came.
Wu Yuanyuan looked at him embarrassedly: “You didn’t eat anything, you came here to pay the bill?”


    “It’s my  honor to be able to pay for the beauties!” Liu Yi smiled faintly.


    After leaving the hot pot restaurant, Wu Yuanyuan planned to leave.
Before she could open her mouth, she heard Liu Yi say: “Yuanyuan, if it’s convenient for you, come with me to buy a small cake.
Today is my birthday.”


    “Oh no, I still can’t leave.” Wu Yuanyuan said with her heart.
But this face cannot be refuted in any case.
People have said that today is his birthday.
If you don’t accompany him to buy a cake or something, wouldn’t you be too mean?


    Wu Yuanyuan nodded.
Fortunately, this hot pot restaurant was located in the bustling commercial area.
There is a chain cake shop not far away.
Although the cakes there are more expensive, they are worth it.
Wu Yuanyuan walked in with Liu Yi, under the warm yellow lamp, the beautiful cakes seemed to shine with alluring light.


    “What kind of cake do you like for your birthday today? I will buy it for you” Wu Yuanyuan asked him with a sincere face.


    Liu Yi, who was dazzled by Wu Yuanyuan’s bright eyes, was taken aback, and then replied: “Just the simplest chocolate cake will do.”


    “Okay, a piece of chocolate cake.” Wu Yuanyuan said to the store assistant.


    “Our newly launched Molten Lava chocolate cake tastes very good.
Would you like to try it? The size is not too big and it’s just right for the two of you.” The store assistant enthusiastically recommended it.


    “Molten Lava chocolate cake, is it okay?” Wu Yuanyuan turned to ask Liu Yi.


    “No problem.”


    “Okay, let’s get that one and two more bottles of juice.” Wu Yuanyuan completed the order and walked to the cashier to prepare for payment.
Liu Yi also followed.


    “Don’t pay for this order.
How can you buy a cake for yourself for your birthday? Don’t snatch the order from me!” Wu Yuanyuan said when she saw him preparing to pay the order.


    “Well, I wouldn’t snatch, let me thank you first!” Liu Yi stood aside obediently, his eyes crooked with a smile.
Then he took the cakes and drinks he bought and walked out of the cake shop grinning.


    Although it was still in the early summer, the temperature in City A was not too cold.
There was even a breeze outside, blowing softly on the body, which felt very comfortable.


    There were many benches near the commercial street.
They chose one to sit down.
Not far away was a small road full of colorful lights.
There were also many heart-shaped arches with colorful lights connected together.
Against the background of the night, they were very bright and beautiful.


    The young people who came out to stroll here will surely stop here for some selfies.
Everyone has a smile on their faces.
Their faces reflect a charming light under the shining of the lights.


    “This city is really good.” Liu Yi signed sincerely.
“The city is clean, the air is good and the temperature is good.
No wonder you won’t go back to where you came from.”


    “Hehe, I work here, how can I support myself when I go back.”


    “By the way, you are here alone, don’t you feel lonely?”


    “No, I’m not alone.
I have friends with me too.”


    “Yeah, you don’t feel lonely with so many friends around you.
Unlike me, although I have been busy for so many years, there is not even a person around me whom I can speak to.
It seems that I have many friends, but unfortunately not many of them are sincere.
They come close to you with a purpose and desires.
Sometimes, it’s so tiring.”


    “That’s why during this classmate reunion, I realised that childhood playmates were still the best.
Simple and unpretending.
We just want to have fun together, there are not so many miscellaneous things.” With that, he sighed, took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, paused, and stuffed it back.


    “It’s okay, smoke if you want.
I don’t mind.” Wu Yuanyuan said thoughtfully when she saw that he wanted to smoke.


    “No, I better not smoke.
How can I let you inhale second-hand smoke? It’s not appropriate.” Liu Yi paused, still insisting.


    “Let’s eat something.
Come on, let’s eat the cake.” Liu Yi took the cake box, held it in his hand and opened it.
There were exactly two forks inside.
Liu Yi gave Wu Yuanyuan one and took one by herself.


    “I said, do you have to sing me a song!” Liu Yi smiled and looked at Wu Yuanyuan with a look of expectation.


    “Ha, how old are you? You still want to listen to birthday songs? Why don’t you blow out the candles?”


    “Hey, yes, what should I do when there is no candle? No, my lighter is windproof and can’t be blown out!” Liu Yi took this suggestion seriously, but unfortunately there is no way to implement it.


    “Come on, hold it up, I’ll sing for you.” Wu Yuanyuan was amused, looked at him with a smile, and then seriously sang a whole birthday song to him, in Chinese and English.


    “Oh, you sing so beautifully! If it weren’t for me holding the cake, I really want to applaud you!” Liu Yi said happily.
He then put the cake between them: “Come on, eat my Birthday cake, wish me every success this year.”


    “Ok~!” Wu Yuanyuan said, and also raised her fork.


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