Guo Ming clasped her fists, took a bow at Zhang Qiang: “Miss Zhang, you are really amazing! It is true that the masters are really among the people!”


    Zhang Qiang’s proud and arrogant expression made Wu Yuanyuan laugh.
Our Master Guo’s skills at flattering people is improving.
The next moment she became worried, is Guo Ming going to look for him? That person seems to be highly skilled in martial arts, what if he’s a bad guy?


    One unique characteristic of Wu Yuanyuan was that she would stop thinking about the problem if she was not able to come up with a solution.
So she shook her head, tidied up her stuff and left the doctor and patient at home, and went to work by herself.


    In the afternoon, using the excuse of taking a stroll, Guo Ming decided to recce the nearby local police station.
Along the way, she carefully observed her surroundings.
As expected, there were small cameras located everywhere in the community, on the streets, in the entrances of some shops, some were round and some were square.


    Guo Ming thought to herself, if these cameras could record Pang Deyou’s every move, then my plan to sneak into the Police Station at night would also be recorded.
Let me think, there must be ways to bypass the cameras.
Yes!!! Why didn’t I think of it? All the cameras are of a certain height, as long as I am higher than the cameras, then it would not be able to record pictures of me.


    After exploring the surrounding roads, Guo Ming strolled back to her residence.
Zhang Qiang was still the only one at home.
Her injured arm was resting on the armrest of the sofa and she was on the line cursing some newbie.
It seems that the newcomer had screwed up some parts of an ongoing investigation.
Seeing Guo Ming coming in, she nodded towards her and continued scolding.


    As Guo Ming walked to the balcony, a sudden realisation came to her.
At this hour, Miss Wu should have been back.
But not today, there was no sight of Miss Wu’s white car.
Guo Ming has been keen on her senses and instinct since she was a child, and she had used it often to  avoid disasters, but today, she can’t concentrate at all.


    What am I worrying about?


    Turning her head to see Zhang Qiang still holding the phone and talking endlessly, Guo Ming suddenly felt that she should also have a phone, so that she could call Miss Wu and not just stand there not knowing what else to do.


    She is still not back at this time, could it be.


    Guo Ming couldn’t wait any longer.
If those troublemakers from last night found Miss Wu, wouldn’t they do nasty things to her? .
Engrossed with that thought, Guo Ming unconsciously moved to the door in a single leap.
Zhang Qiang was stunned to see Zhang Qiang: “Ah!!! Are you also a parkour practitioner?”


    As soon as she was downstairs, Guo Ming saw a familiar figure among the crowd in the parking lot.
Another quick two steps was all it took for Guo Ming to reach Ms Wu.
She had just stepped out of the car and was shocked: “Hey, Guo Ming, why are you here?”


    “Why are you back so late tonight?”


    “Oh, there was a car accident on the way back, and it was blocked for a long time.
I’m starving.
Have you all eaten yet?”




Let’s go out to eat, what do you want?”


    “Take me to your workplace tomorrow.”


    “Huh? Why would you want to go there?”


    “There’s something I need to do there.”


What do you want to eat tonight?”




    ————————————————– ———————————-


    They had pizza for dinner that night, and brought some back for Zhang Qiang.
After the two girls were asleep, Guo Ming dressed up and went out with her hair tightly wound.
She had the hoodie pulled up to hide her face.
Guo Ming avoided the surveillance cameras inside the buildings along the way, but she was still taken aback by the motion sensor hall lights that turned on as soon as she approached.
After successfully getting out of the building without being detected, Guo Ming breathed a sigh of relief.
Making use of the plants and trees among the community, she proceeded silently according to the route direction developed in the afternoon, soaring, climbing, flipping, pedaling and somersaulting to the target building not far away.


    After bypassing all the cameras, she arrived at the police station.
As she sneaked into the building and approached the surveillance room, Guo Ming found that the door of the surveillance room was already open.
There was no trace of forced entry, but it doesn’t look like someone had forgotten to lock it.
After all, this is the Police Station.
If the person inside is so careless, I’m afraid that there is no way he could still be allowed to work here….
Nevertheless, It saved me time.
Thinking, she tapped her toes and slipped in.
However, what she saw inside stunned her.


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