It’s still early to the opening hours for the clinic, the patients in the Zeng family and Xia’s family were almost fully well.
After Wu Yuanyuan went to work, Guo Ming had nothing to do, so she came to the hospital early to wait.


    There were still a lot of patients in the clinic.
Not only were they from those around the neighborhood, because of the current good reputation, even patients from the surrounding cities who need to drive for hours to come see the doctor are also in an endless stream.
In addition, because of the relationship between the Zeng family and Xia family, they also introduced a lot of friends, most of them from rich backgrounds.
The red envelopes for the consultation fees were all very thick.
So Guo Ming can also be said to have small savings now.


    Guo Ming plans to buy a car first, then a house or something.  She plans to discuss with Wu Yuanyuan first before making a decision.
As she has already learned to drive a car anyway, it is convenient to buy a car for work.


    Sitting there looking at the vehicle recommendation on the phone, Jiaqi smiled and leaned forward, carrying an insulated lunch box in her hand.


    “Teacher Guo, I went back and cooked some white fungus and lotus seed soup last night.
It tasted pretty good.
You can try it!”


    “Thank you for your soup!” Guo Ming naturally laughed and accepted the things the apprentice respectfully presented, but she was not thirsty or hungry yet, so she set it aside.


    Seeing that Mr.
Guo accepted her heartfelt gift, Jiaqi happily went around in the clinic and then went to the back to make herself a medicine.


    From then on, whenever Guo Ming arrived at the clinic every day, Jiaqi’s soup was waiting for her.
Today, white fungus and lotus seed soup, tomorrow ribs and seaweed soup.
Sometimes, she will prepare some porridge or small desserts.
Even though Jiaqi was only one year younger than Guo Ming, her cooking skills were really good.
Guo Ming even thought that if she doesn’t become a doctor, she will have a promising future as a chef.


    “If you are still in the Tianrong Kingdom, such a disciple must stay for a few more years before asking her to go.
It’s good to have a few more years of good food!” Guo Ming thought secretly.


    This weekend, Guo Ming and Wu Yuanyuan agreed to buy a car together.
Although it was early summer, the weather in City A was already very hot.
Wu Yuanyuan wore a short-sleeved T-shirt with a suspender skirt and a pair of canvas shoes.
It is not an exaggeration to say that she was just out of school.
Guo Ming was still wearing the same short-sleeved mountaineering pants for the past thousands of years.
What to do? These are the few types of pants that have so many pockets on them.


    The two of them bought the car very quickly.
They picked the car out in just two hours.
Guo Ming didn’t have much demand for the car.
For her, this kind of inanimate object was definitely not as important as a horse, so she left it to Wu Yuanyuan to call the shots.


    As the housekeeper of the family, Wu Yuanyuan actually did not expect that the account Guo Ming gave her had already saved so much money.
She heard Guo Ming say that after buying a car, she should make time to choose a suitable house.
Although Wu Yuanyuan now has a good rental unit, Guo Ming feels that she had aggrieved her woman by letting her live in an inn like unit.


    Wu Yuanyuan looked at the number of zeros in the account and said, “It’s really enough to buy a house! And it’s the kind with a front and back yard!”


    As two people who are not short on money, buying a car is naturally a lot easier to choose.
Practicality was what Wu Yuanyuan needed and she didn’t think about buying a luxury car or a means of transportation.
For ordinary people in the city, cost-effectiveness is the most important thing.
So after looking for a while, she chose the brand Regal.


    Coincidentally, as they came out from the Car Showroom, they received a call from Pang Deyou.
As Zhang Qian was having a rare rest day and Pang Deyou had laid down at home for a long time to recuperate, he decided to get out for some fresh air today.
After deciding about going, the two of them called Guo Ming and Wu Yuanyuan and made preparations for the four to eat together and go shopping.


    After making an appointment with the agent to pick up the car, the two drove to Baida Plaza again.
Although it was not the center of the city, the area was large enough and there were all kinds of entertainment facilities for eating and shopping, so many young people like to come here on weekends.


    The four met at the agreed time and first went to the Internet celebrity barbecue restaurant for dinner.
This rotisserie from Korea has a very good business and there were many people.
The four of them waited for quite a while before their table was available.


    Pang Deyou has always been irresistible to barbecues food, so when ordering dishes, he ordered lots of meat.
Four people ordered four grilled meats, one grilled seafood and a few assorted snacks.
There was so much food that the table couldn’t fit it all.
The waiter had to put them on a separate cart by the table and then grill them from start to finish without rest.


    When the four were full of food and drink, they strolled into the mall to go look for any good movies in the cinemas.


    Before reaching the cinema, Guo Ming was attracted by a video game hall next to the cinema.
It was a newly opened VR video game hall.
There were several weird machines in it.
Someone was standing on a clearing surrounded by railings, holding a sword-shaped object in his hand and making gestures blindfolded.
Yes, it looks very interesting.


    “Would you like to play this?” Wu Yuanyuan asked when Guo Ming was standing there and watching with a smile.


    “Okay!” Guo Ming walked in with interest.
Peng Deyou and  Zhang Qiang had to quicken their steps to keep up.


    The four of them stood there and looked around the place.
There were quite a lot of people, so Wu Yuanyuan and Zhang Qiang planned to sit there and watch a 5D movie first.
Guo Ming and Pang Deyou were waiting to play the VR adventure game.


    When Zhang Qiang and Wu Yuanyuan came out of the egg-shaped seat, this was what they saw.
Next to the fence of the VR adventure, there was a circle of people, all holding their mobile phones.
In the middle of the circle was Guo Ming.
She wears VR glasses and holds the “weapon” like a sword hilt in her hand.
The body is constantly tossing and turning, jumping from the ground from time to time, stepping on the fence and then backflips and lands in another place.
Every time the moves change, the people around will make a “wow~~~~”, that scene is like watching an idol concert.


    Seeing Guo Ming’s silent martial arts performance in the venue, Zhang Qiang and Wu Yuanyuan looked at each other helplessly.
The two of them had never thought of this slightly embarrassing situation.
Let’s take a look again.
Fortunately, Pang Deyou was playing a virtual racing car right now.
Otherwise, he might have dismantled the VR pavilion in a hurry with his wild moves.


    The expedition was over in just a few minutes.
Guo Ming stopped there, standing still, the hilt of the sword was still in her hand.
When she took off the blindfold, she inexplicably received applause from the people around her, but the situation made her a little bit confused.


    Pulling Guo Ming out of the crowd, Wu Yuanyuan thought with a guilty conscience: “In the future, you should play less games like this, so as not to accidentally hurt people around you!”


     You can still see martial arts masters while playing a VR game, this is really too embarrassing!

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