Liu Yi did a great job for this “Classmate Reunion”.
At the beginning of the banquet, a cocktail party was arranged.
There were a lot of self-service afternoon tea desserts and snacks.
A professional bartender performed fancy cocktails on the side, which was convenient for everyone to chat and communicate.
When it was time for dinner, the buffet started.
It was made by professional chefs.
The ingredients were fresh and the color and fragrance were first-rate.
Even Teacher Deng and other teachers of several subjects ate a lot happily.

Liu Yi became a celebrity tonight.
Basically, there will be people around him wherever he goes, with envy, ridicule or kind jealousy.
Although the boy was sitting behind her when he was a student, Wu Yuanyuan did not have too much interaction with him.
After all, she was purely concerned about her studies at that time.

“Wu Yuanyuan, long time no see!” Listening to Feng Xiaoxi and Wang Lifang talking about the latest gossip among their classmates, she heard someone calling her behind them.
Turning around, it was Liu Yi who was smiling and looking at her with a glass of champagne.

Liu~ Long time no see~!” Wu Yuanyuan called Liu Yi teasingly and clinked a glass with him.

“Don’t make fun of me~! How are you now? I heard that you went to City B.
Where are you working?”

“Haha, yes, I went over after graduating from university.
I am just an ordinary worker.
But you, you have accomplished so much now!”

“Hey, what’s the big deal, the empty shell looks good.
I have always wanted to find you after graduation.
Unfortunately, I was inferior at that time and I didn’t dare to contact you even though I obtained your contact information.”

“Oh, look for me? Why don’t you contact me? There is nothing you Liu Yi didn’t dare to do! At that time, you would even dare to make trouble with the teacher! Hahaha~~~” After Wu Yuanyuan finished speaking, the people around them had a big laugh together.

Liu Yi also laughed for a long time and waved his hands repeatedly and said, “A true hero doesn’t mention his previous bravery~!” After that, he looked at Wu Yuanyuan with bright eyes and took out his mobile phone: “Add your WeChat onto mine, it will be more convenient in the future to contact you.”

“Oh okay, it’s actually in the class group.” Wu Yuanyuan took out her mobile phone openly, found the QR code and asked Liu Yi to scan it.

“When facing you, all my courage is gone, hey, what to do?” Liu Yi laughed at himself and added Wu Yuanyuan’s Wechat with a smile.
“Hey Liu Yi, why don’t you have the courage to face Yuanyuan, it’s unlike you!” Feng Xiaoxi teased.

“You all don’t know this, during junior high school, Liu Yi already had a crush on her for two years!” said Li Lei who was next to Liu Yi.
Li Lei also works for Liu Yi now and manages two KTVs.

“Wow~~~~ Then quickly ask if Yuanyuan is still single, maybe this time the classmates reunion will help solve the single problem!” The people around laughed again.
Wu Yuanyuan also smiled awkwardly and politely, but Liu Yi didn’t.
He just looked at Wu Yuanyuan seriously and there seemed to be a deep pool in his eyes.

After the buffet, it’s time for everyone to move around freely.
You can play mahjong or billiards, the heated swimming pool was also open for night swimming.
The karaoke room was also open.
All the classmates enjoyed it.
Wu Yuanyuan also went to sing karaoke with a few well-connected female classmates.
From Fan Xiaoxuan Faye Wong to Liang Jingru, they sang their songs all over.
During the period, Liu Yi also came over, sang a few songs with everyone and invited Wu Yuanyuan to sing “Because of Love” together.
But Wu Yuanyuan said that she could not sing, so she got another girl to sing with him.

Everyone stayed in the hotel all night.
Of course, some people didn’t sleep.
They played mahjong all night.
It was said that several boys drank the whole night, hugging and crying in the middle of the night.
In fact, this was also normal.
There are always various pressures when working in society.
You have to bear with it during normal time, but take the opportunity to vent it out at a specific time and occasion.
And those past years were the most memorable and embarrassing.
With the energy of recollection, crying out loud can be regarded as washing the soul and rejuvenating.

The next morning, after everyone had breakfast together, some went to the hot springs and the others continued to chat and have fun.
Lunch started very early.
After eating, everyone put on the prepared class clothes and drove back to the middle school campus.
In the old classroom and playground, they took many photos and bid farewell to their lost youth.
Then they said goodbye to each other and parted ways.

When Wu Yuanyuan came home, her parents were eating dinner.
She didn’t feel hungry, so she went to pack her luggage.
Mother Wu had bought some food for her and Guo Ming to bring back and again her suitcase was stuffed full.

In the meantime, she received Liu Yi’s message, asking when she was leaving for the airport and whether she needed a lift.
Wu Yuanyuan politely rejected his offer.

In fact, Wu Yuanyuan felt regretful this time.
When she started chatting, a classmate asked if she had a boyfriend, her first reaction was no.
Mainly, she doesn’t know how to introduce Guo Ming.
Guo Ming is not a boyfriend, but a girlfriend.

What happens now? It was obvious that Liu Yi had something on her.
She is not a fool and she still can’t tell? The problem was that Liu Yi was a smart person and he didn’t pursue it eagerly when he first came up, but he strove to her like an ordinary friend.
Under such circumstances, even if Wu Yuanyuan wanted to refuse, there was no reason to refuse.
If you really say it out loud, you will be treated as if you are too sentimental.

What to do? Wu Yuanyuan had no choice but to react accordingly.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————

She got up in the morning, had breakfast and listened to her parents nag while checking her luggage.
Suddenly the doorbell rang.
Wu Yuanyuan went over to turn on the monitor and inside the monitor was actually Liu Yi’s face!

When a classmate came to the door of the house, it was not appropriate to not open the door, so Wu Yuanyuan had to open the door and wait for Liu Yi to come up.
Still wondering, how did he know the address of her home?

Hey, yesterday’s chat revealed too much to the fellow classmates, just ask around and you will find what you want!

He opened the door for Liu Yi, but he did not come in.
His tall figure blocking the door.
He was holding a delicate gift box in his hand and said to Wu Yuanyuan: “I know you are going to leave today, so I rushed and worked overnight to come up with the classmate meeting memorial album and video.
It’s good that I am on time.”

When Father Wu and Mother Wu heard the man’s voice, they both looked out and found that it was Wu Yuanyuan’s classmate, so they asked Liu Yi to come in.
Liu Yi didn’t refuse, but generously walked in and greeted Wu’s father and Wu’s mother.

“Hello, uncle and aunt, I am Yuanyuan’s junior high school classmate, my name is Liu Yi.
I happen to be working nearby, so I stopped by to give Yuanyuan the classmate souvenir.
After all, Yuanyuan is not living in city B now, so it is not as convenient as the other students.”

Wu Yuanyuan didn’t want to reject his kindness, so she said thank you and took it over, but also smiled and said, “It’s too much trouble for you.
Actually, you could send it to me by courier.
Sorry to trouble you to come all the way here.
Thank you, thank you.

“In any case, I happened to be working nearby, just on the way and it’s not a hassle.
It saves time by the way and also saves the delivery fee!” Liu Yi responded with a smile.

“When is the plane?”

“It’s less than twelve o’clock.”

“So It’s time to go!” Liu Yi said, raising his hand to look at his watch.

“Yes,” Wu Yuanyuan looked at the suitcase behind her.
“I’m ready to go.” She thought to herself, then you should go quickly now.
However, Liu Yi said: “It’s just right, I’m going out of the city in a while and am just taking the airport road, I can take you there on the way!”

This was a really good trick! Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t help giving Liu Yi a compliment in her heart.
Sure enough, Dad Wu said behind him: “That would be great, Xiao Liu, thank you for your trouble!”

“It’s no trouble at all, Yuanyuan was our class goddess.
Everyone else would be jealous if I could send her off.” Liu Yi quipped.

Wu’s father and Wu’s mother laughed with satisfaction after hearing the compliments of their daughter and even developed a good impression of this young man named Liu Yi.

Wu Yuanyuan rolled her eyes in her heart, she couldn’t find a good enough excuse to reject him, so she had to go along first!

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