Although Zhang Qiang was reluctant to admit it, she still felt that this person named Guo Ming was really capable.
After she pestered Yuanyuan to let her stay at her home, she took over Guo Ming’s bed and made her sleep on the sofa in the living room.
But every day, Guo Ming still changed her dressing regularly, prepared the medicine, and boiled a strange potion to let her soak in it in the bathtub.
According to her, it will help speed up the recovery of the arm.


    It’s just that she was behaving strangely.
Zhang Qiang looked at her manners and the ways she speaks, it’s so incompatible with the modern world, and said silently in her heart, “It’s like someone who had come from the past!”


    As for Guo Ming, she was alright with sleeping on the sofa .
What she didn’t expect was that on the fourth night, unexpected guests came uninvited.


    At about 4pm, when everyone was fast asleep, Guo Ming caught the sound of light breathing outside the door.
The breathing was deliberately suppressed and there was also a very light sound of metal brushing against each other.
Although it has been deliberately suppressed to the point where it is difficult for ordinary people to detect it, due to the training Guo Ming’s had received since childhood, it allowed her to easily capture all this.


    Guo Ming rose instantly.
In a room without beams, she had no choice but to use both hands and feet to conceal herself on the ceiling.
Her long hair had been wrapped around her neck.


    As soon as Guo Ming secured herself, she saw the door lock being pulled out.
There was a big hole in the door.
And then the door was gently pushed open, a dark figure came in.


    ————————————————– ———————————-


    As soon as Qin Hu walked in, he felt someone present behind him.
Without turning his head, he held the screwdriver and stabbed it backward.
As soon as he raised his arm, it was held by the person behind him, and his hand turned numb.
Then, through the light from outside the window, he felt more than saw a long needle just in front of his eyes, and the tip of the needle reflecting a shallow light.
If he were to breathe a little harder, his eye will be penetrated by the needle.
Qin Hu was for an instant stunned, and hurriedly held his breath.
It turned out that both he and the hapless Qin Long had been defeated by the hands of an expert!


    A low female voice came from behind, and said coldly: “Who are you?”


    Qin Hu carefully judged the distance between the needle and his eyeball, and answered cautiously: “I am Qin Hu from Tomorrow Group.”


    “Why are you here?”


    “A few days ago, on the subway.


    “Oh, so you are the accomplice of the little thief that had his arm dislocated, and you are here to seek revenge!”


    “Sisters, you were being too heavy handed, not only did you dislocate his arm, you stuck his ligament between the bones.
Qin Long’s ligament was torn off when he sought medical treatment, and his pickpocket skill was completely destroyed.”


    “Hmmh, leaving him alive is considered a kindness.
Go back and tell the one in-charge, I will spare your life again today, but next time……”


    Qin Hu heard a cold voice behind him:


    “I will wipe you out!”


    ————————————————– ———————————-


    Let’s not go into detail how Qin Hu replaced the door lock with only his good left hand, and how he left the place annoyed and frightened.
It was the excited yelling of Zhang Qiang in the early morning that startled everybody.


    “Wow, Is this real? my goodness!”


    “Yuanyuan, come and see! The martial arts masters are reappearing!”


    Wu Yuanyuan ran out with her mouth still full of foam to look at the pictures on Zhang Qiang’s tablet, and Guo Ming, who had already practiced her martial art skill and freshened up, also leaned over.


    The video was only a minute long, and Zhang Qiang played it again.
The video was shot on a mobile phone, and it was accompanied by the unceasing exclamations of “WTF! It’s so awesome!” A man with a long slender head and hair dressed in ancient costumes could be seen performing street art on the street.
Just as he was about to start his performance, he was surrounded by a group of local gangsters.
Only after a few words, they started to exchange blows.
Within seconds, four or five of the gangsters were knocked to the ground, and then the remaining gangsters joined in.
They too were knocked down shortly.
Seeing the unwanted attention, the man left quickly.
The most attractive part of the video was not the high-powered martial arts skills that the men displayed during the fight, but it is how the man left the scent by first stepping onto the roof of a car, using that as a stepping board, he flung himself upward.
Then using the signboards and air-conditioning units of the building, he made his way up to the roof.
In just a few short breaths, he disappeared from the roof of the sixth floor.


    “He must be a parkour expert!” Zhang Qiang shouted.


    “Martial arts master!” Yuanyuan exclaimed.


    “The martial art of You Longjin? It must be him!” Guo Ming was secretly surprised to see someone she knew from the past.


    “The master is among the folks!” Zhang Qiang sighed.


    “Do you know where to find this person?” Guo Ming asked.


    “There are so many people out there, it would be very difficult to find him.
And he runs fast, huh?” Yuanyuan thought, could this person too have traversed here like Guo Ming to this time! She stopped herself from saying it out aloud, so as not to let Zhang Qiang have any idea about it.


    “Who said you can’t do that? What are all those security cameras for? Displays?” You can calculate using the time displayed on the video, look at the surrounding environment, and find the corresponding surveillance cameras.” After Zhang Qiang finished speaking, she looked at Guo Ming and asked: “Why are you asking about all this? Are you interested in learning martial arts from him?”


    Guo Ming stayed silent”…”


    “Where can I check those surveillance cameras?”


    “The police station in your jurisdiction of course.
The police station near your building.” Zhang Qiang said casually.


It’s easy to check the surveillance cameras, the hardest part is to calculate the time and place! I don’t know if there is any expert in this world who can calculate all these just by watching the video.” Guo Ming said that while looking straight ahead, but stole a glance at Zhang Qiang when she was not paying attention.


    “I’ve told you before that the masters are among the folks! Don’t underestimate the power of the masses! C’mon, I will show you who are the masters!” Having said that, Zhang Qiang turned on the computer, and wrote on the touch screen with her left hand.
Within a short moment, she entered into a well-known local forum.
Without the need to search for keywords, she found the video she was searching for.
As it was so popular, there were already several posts on the homepage.
On the second page, someone already identified the time and place where the martial arts master appeared in the video, and other onlookers who were on the scene came online to confirm it.


    “Here, at 5:30pm yesterday afternoon, near the Hongyun Supermarket on South Jinshui Street.” Zhang Qiang said with a calm expression, but her slightly heavy breathing still shows how proud she felt.


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