It’s already the fourth day in L city.

If anyone sees Guo Ming’s appearance at this time, I am afraid that he will drop his jaw.

Guo Ming hid in the stairwell on the 11th floor, wearing a shower cap, wrapped in a bath towel, exposing her shoulders and long legs and holding a pack of cigarettes in her hand.
It’s a pity that she has a serious expression, staring at the hotel cleaning staff who was cleaning the rooms on the floor.
When she comes out of 1128, she quickly pops a silver needle to prevent the door from closing.
As the cleaning staff walked forward with the cleaning truck to another unit, she boosted her energy and rushed into the cleaned room 1128 instantly.
She then waited for the cleaning staff to walk past room 1127 with the “Do Not Disturb/No Cleaning” sign and seize the opportunity to come out from 1128.

So, when the cleaning staff heard the door bang, she turned to see a beautiful Asian lady wrapped in a bath towel standing helplessly at the door of 1127, looking at herself with an embarrassed expression.
Obviously, this lady wanted to go out to smoke a cigarette, but the door was accidentally locked.

The kind cleaning staff expressed understanding to Guo Ming’s smile and then opened the door of 1127 with the spare key.

After several days of hard waiting, Guo Ming finally walked into the door of 1127!

Guo Ming entered the room cautiously, looking around with her bended waist.
The room was empty.
It was no different from the room between her’s and Peng.
The only difference was that the two beds became one and there was only a sofa in the free space.

The windows of the room were wide open and the curtains were fluttering in the wind.
Guo Ming went out to take a look and saw that it was an open area outside.
Except for a building with more than ten stories not far away, the rest were only about four or five stories high.
From this point of view, this hotel was still a rare high-rise building in this area.

Guo Ming continued to move forward on her bent waist, holding the golden needle between her fingers firmly in order to deal with any event that may happen at any time.

Walking to the closet, Guo Ming slowly opened the closet and found a suitcase.
Guo Ming stretched out her hand and took out the suitcase.
As she put it on the bed, suddenly there was a cracking sound!

Guo Ming’s true energy poured into the golden needle, threw it towards the sound and then rolled on the spot.
A soft metal collision sound that was almost inaudible was heard and then a bullet shot into the wall that Guo Ming had just avoided.

“Ambush!” Guo Ming was shocked, she stepped out of the door in two steps.

Quickly rushing into the stairwell like a glimpse of light, she said to Peng Deyou who was standing there, “Opposite Building!” The two began to run all the way, ran downstairs and ran to the tenth floor on the opposite side.
While running, Guo Ming threw away the bath towel and shower cap on her head, revealing the black tube top, shorts, and two black belts on her thighs.
Needless to say, it was covered with gold needles that Guo Ming usually uses.

The two ran out at a very fast speed.
Because they were running through the stairwell, not many people saw them.
Otherwise, they would be surprised at their running speed.

A parking lot and several shops were separating the two buildings, which was about only 500 meters away.
But when the two rushed all the way to the tenth floor opposite, it was already empty!

Returning to their room, Guo Ming and Pang Deyou couldn’t help but feel a little dejected.
But fortunately, for Guo Ming, in the past when performing tasks, there were occasions where she stayed hidden for days or even one or two months.
And Peng Deyou had endured for several years before his revenge.
So the two of them were not afraid to wait.
The only thing they were afraid of was what to do if their visa expires.

“Jiang Jiu had arranged all this and he must know that someone is hunting for him.
Could it be that he already knows that we are looking for him?”

He Xiangguo’s people locked the three people away after I left.
They have no chance to contact him.”

“Then who is he defending against? If he knows that it’s dangerous to live here, why don’t he just leave?”

“If he comes back once a day, but at an irregular time, then he must have a reason to come back.”

“In other words, he can’t go away, he can only be on guard?”

“should be.”

“Then let’s just wait and see!”

What the two of them never expected was that Jiang Jiu took the initiative to come after them!

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