With Guo Ming’s help, the journey behind Pang Deyou was finally much more comfortable.
Although the small bed in the first-class cabin was not as comfortable as the one at home, he was at least able to lie down and the food was delicious.

At noon the next day, everyone arrived safely.
When they came out of the airport, besides their group, everyone else had blond hair and blue eyes or black people.
The two of them were speechless.

Guo Ming and Pang Deyou found that they could not understand a word from them, so they had to follow the tour guide all the way, for fear that they would be left behind.
The two of them sighed as they walked: “If they had woken up and found that there were among such people, they may think that they had reached the Ashura Road.
Don’t know how many people they have to kill.”

They got on the bus prepared by the travel company, met with the local tour guide and checked into the hotel with everyone.
As the two were registered as “couples”, of course they were a double room.

After the two entered the room, the difficulties of the tasks ahead had just begun.

“Pang Deyou, do you recognize what is written on it?” Guo Ming asked Pang Deyou with the address sorted out by He Xiangguo based on the information he asked.

“Hey, I don’t recognize them, nor do they recognize me.”

“I didn’t expect that when we arrived in City L, our five senses were just like being sealed.
I can’t understand what they say or understand what they write.
How can I find someone now!” Guo Ming said, putting the gold needle on her body, and then ready to go out.

“Why are you going?”

“Ask for directions!”

The two knocked on the door of the tour leader’s room together.

“Huh? What do you mean?” The leader looked at the note in front of him with a questioned face.

“Hello team leader, we want to ask where this address is.
We have friends who live here and want to visit him.” Pang Deyou quickly explained.

The leader looked at a loss: “The address on the note Isn’t this the hotel we stayed in, where are you going?”

“Huh?” The two looked at each other in surprise and then both nodded in their hearts.
He Xiangguo really knows how to arrange things!

When they returned to their room again, the two began to discuss how to look for the person without alerting him.

But thinking about it, as a killer, that Jiang Jiu must be an extremely vigilant fellow, how would he open the door to strangers casually.
The two discussed for a long time.
Originally, they wanted to stun the room attendant in the hotel, put on their clothes and open the door.
They took a look at the dark skin of the waiter and thought how much ashes would be needed to come to that.

After thinking about it, they finally decided to let Pang Deyou pretend to be a drunk and knock on the wrong door and to go to explore the situation.

The two finally waited until the evening in the room.
Pang Deyou took two sips of the wine that the team leader helped to buy and sprinkled a little on the clothes.
He then pulled the collar of the shirt he was wearing crookedly and went out.

Guo Ming followed behind, with the golden needle between her fingers.
In order to avoid being caught by the camera, the two walked all the way up the stairs to the eleventh floor.
Whenever they approached a camera, Guo Ming would throw a golden needle to deflect the camera hanging in the corner.
After reaching the eleventh floor, Peng Deyou began his performance.

You can see him holding a wine bottle in one hand, covering his face in the other, shaking and dragging his steps, walking two steps to a stop, still muttering something in his mouth.

The whole floor was very quiet, so Pang Deyou’s movements are easily noticed.
He stopped, raised his head to take another sip of wine.
It was too fast and the wine poured out from the corner of his mouth into the collar of the torn shirt, making him look very sloppy.

Pang Deyou didn’t care.
He pulled out a corner of his shirt from his pants, wiped his mouth and continued to drink.
Then he stumbled and stopped at every door, seeming to be identifying the door number, then walked to the door of 1127 and started smashing the door.

The sound of “Boom Boom Boom” was particularly pronounced on the silent floor.
Peng Deyou slammed the door while shouting “Baby, let me in, burp~~~”

After a while, no one responded at 1127, Pang Deyou started to smash the door again and continued to perform: “I~~~~~ I know~~~~ You are~~~~~~ I don’t have a job~~~~~~ ”

“Work~~~~~ I can find~~~~~~~~ Look~~~~~~~~ I have money~~~~~~~~~~”

“Why break up~~~~~~~~~~ Ah~~~~~~~~~~Why break up~~~~~~~~~”

Pang Deyou shouted while drinking and cried loudly.
Guo Ming felt that if she didn’t know that he was acting, she would have thought that he was showing his true feelings.
99 points for this acting! That one remaining point was to give him room for improvement~

After crying and smashing the door for nearly twenty minutes, no one responded from room 1127.
Several people of different skin colours had already come out from the door next to it to watch the excitement.
Even the hotel security personnel had also come.
Someone must have complained about the noise.

To be on the safe side, Guo Ming decided not to come forward and went back to the room to wait.
Sure enough, after a while, the team leader and the hotel staff helped Pang Deyou back to the room.

In order to play along with Pang Deyou’s amnesia after drinking, Guo Ming also pretended to be angry, pouting all kinds of reluctance when opening the door.
The team leader was trying to help persuade her on the side, saying that when they bought the wine in the afternoon, they were fine, why did they break up at night?

Guo Ming rolled her eyes and said, “Not with me, he always thinks of his ex-girlfriend whenever after drinking!” She turned her back and didn’t look back.

This was very embarrassing.
The team leader had to pretend that he didn’t understand, smiled awkwardly and politely, turned around and said something to the hotel staff, turned around and left.

After making sure that everyone had gone far, Pang Deyou got up from the ground and told Guo Ming that when he was in the security room just now, he firmly insisted that 1127 was his room.
The hotel staff over there then tried to explain to him that 1127 belonged to another guest.
And that guest only came back for a short while every day and was not in the room most of the time.
He inquired that the time of the person’s return was not fixed.
He said that he was a photographer and wanted to go around to collect spots, so he was not in the room most of the time.

“If so, let’s sneak in and take a look!”

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