“Who knows that sniper?”

“…” The three were silent.

Guo Ming said nothing, the knife in her hand flashed like lightning, she heard three howls and three little fingers were cut off!

“I will ask again, who knows that sniper?”

“Me, me, me!” Three voices sounded at the same time.

————————————————– ————————————————– ——————

After half an hour, Guo Ming got the information she wanted and left the place.

“Peng Deyou, there is news.
He is in L city of country M.”

“Okay, wait for me to pack up and go with you.”

After hanging up the phone, Guo Ming was preparing to take a taxi back when suddenly a black car slowly drove to her side.

“Guo Ming, get in the car.” The window rolled down and it turned out to be He Xiangguo.

Guo Ming thought to herself, I just knew that you guys wouldn’t just let people go like that, you actually used me as a gun.
Anyway, she still got in the car.
After all, she still need their assistance in going abroad.

“Found what you looking for?” He Xiangguo asked her with a smile.
Guo Ming did not answer.

“Comrade Xiao Guo, what follows is a private conversation between the two of us.
I only represent myself, not any organization.” He Xiangguo said suddenly and seriously.

“A good move, Lao He.” Guo Ming glanced at him.

“Hey, I have no choice, you have to follow the rules when you are inside.”

“I am going to M country L city with Peng Deyou.
I need your help for visas to go abroad.”

“No problem, I will personally help you solve them all.
But I also have something for you to help.”

“What is it?”

“I want him alive.”


After the two spoke, He Xiangguo sent Guo Ming home and went back to prepare the documents needed for the two to go abroad.

Guo Ming didn’t dare speak to Wu Yuanyuan about going abroad.
After all, seeking revenge, no matter what, is something you should not let your beloved woman know.
This is not a question of honesty, but a question of not wanting your lover to have unnecessary worries.

So in the end, Guo Ming only said that she was going to go abroad to help people seeking treatment.

He Xiangguo was really efficient, besides passport and visa, there were air tickets as well.

The two of them got a travel visa and were supposed to be traveling in a group.
On the day of departure, they were waiting at the airport at the specified time.
They were within a whole group of elderly people wearing yellow baseball caps.

He Xiangguo had already explained to Guo Pang that they could leave the group and travel freely when they arrived at the hotel, so the two of them didn’t care what kind of tour group they were following.

As before, all Guo Ming’s gold needles were in the suitcase and He Xiangguo’s broad knife had already issued a proof, even with the acceptance letter from a Chinese troupe in L city.
Therefore, the two passed the security check without any setbacks and boarded the plane.

It will take more than ten hours for the plane to fly to L city, which was really a painful thing for Peng Deyou.
As far as Guo Ming was concerned, a few needles could relieve it, but unfortunately all of her gold needles were in the suitcase.
She wanted to help but couldn’t do so.
Seeing Pang Deyou sitting there, his face was pale before the plane took off, Guo Ming couldn’t bear it, so he discussed with Pang Deyou, whether to help him close the acupoints and let him fall asleep directly from the beginning to the end.
Peng Deyou graciously agreed after a little consideration.
So Peng Deyou buckled his seat belt, found a comfortable position to sit down and waited for Guo Ming to knock him out.

Pushing her true energy into her fingers, Guo Ming instantly clicked on Pang Deyou’s three acupuncture points, Shanxing, Qianding and Tianxing.
She then watched Pang Deyou successfully pass out and helped cover the blanket on him.
She also found a comfortable position and waited for the take off.

This flight departs at night and is expected to arrive at noon the next day.
All the experienced people on the plane had already taken out their blindfolds and put them on, just waiting for a good night’s sleep in the roar of the plane.
But what nobody expected was that something went wrong on the plane shortly after takeoff.

It was Guo Ming’s group member, an old man with silver hair and rosy cheeks.
He looked very kind, always smiling.
Unexpectedly, not long after the plane took off, he felt dizzy and then he began to have a nosebleed.
Thinking that it may be due to the antihypertensive drugs he took before going out, the old man didn’t care too much.
He just took a tissue and stuffed it in his nostrils.
However, the nosebleed was not suppressed, but kept flowing out and the whole piece of paper was soaked in a short while.The flow rate also began to increase.
Originally, only one nostril bleeds, now two nostrils are bleeding together and blood flows from the nasal cavity into the throat.
The old man didn’t know whether to swallow it or vomit it out.
As a last resort, he had to call the team leader.

The leader of the team was a 30-year-old man who looked calm and sturdy.
When he saw the scene, he hurriedly got out of his seat and went over to help and at the same time pressed the light for the stewardess.
Unfortunately, he didn’t know what to do.
He could only follow the old traditional method of asking the old man to raise his hands in an attempt to relieve the bleeding.

Hearing the commotions, Guo Ming opened her eyes, looked at the situation, unfastened her seat belt and walked over.
The flight attendant next to the old man used broken Chinese to persuade Guo Ming to go back to her seat.
Guo Ming glanced at her, but did not make a sound.
She just reached out to clasp the old man’s wrist, then used her finger to poke the inside of the old man’s elbow, the neck and the front of the forehead.

After only a minute or so, the old man suddenly felt relieved.
There was no more blood pouring out of his mouth.
He took out two tissues from his nostrils and brought out two clusters of blood clots that had clotted together.
There were no more nosebleeds anymore.

Guo Ming clasped the old man’s wrist again and said to him after a while: “The pulse is floating and the qi is insufficient, the virtual fire is rising and the blood vein is blocked.
Old man, when you return to China, please come to our medical clinic.
Your body needs to be treated as soon as possible!”

The old man clearly felt the strangeness of his body.
He was delighted that Guo Ming had such medical skills at a young age.
He hurriedly asked the address of Guo Ming Medical Center and promised to go there when he returned home.
He also noted Guo Ming’s contact information.

After solving the small disturbance on the plane, Guo Ming returned to her seat.
The blonde stewardess walked over after a while and whispered and gestured to Guo Ming.
In order to thank her for her help, all the flight attendants invited her to the first class section to rest and opened the cockpit for free tours.

Thinking that first class is definitely more comfortable than economy class, Guo Ming readily agreed and asked to bring his “boyfriend.” The stewardess blinked playfully and agreed.
So in front of the stewardess, Guo Ming tapped Guo Ming’s head a few more times.
Hearing a long breath next to him, Pang Deyou opened his eyes in a daze, and asked: “Are we there yet?”

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