“Yuanyuan, this is Zeng Miaomiao, the little girl I told you about.” Seeing Wu Yuanyuan coming in, Guo Ming hurriedly introduced her.

“Oh, Zeng Miaomiao, hello! Are your legs better?” Wu Yuanyuan greeted her politely.

“Hello Sister! Thanks to Sister Ming, my legs can now walk normally~!” The little girl was very happy, and when someone asked her about her legs, she quickly stood up and showed her legs to Wu Yuanyuan.

Looking at the slender and beautiful legs in front of me, even if they are wrapped under sports pants, they still reveal youth and vitality.
Suddenly, Wu Yuanyuan felt ashamed of herself.

These long legs should be at least 100 cm long.

Wu Yuanyuan brought out the washed fruits from the reception room and served everyone with it.
Zeng Miaomiao picked an apple and happily said to Guo Ming: “Sister Ming, can I peel the apple for you? I’m really good at peeling the apple, and I can keep the skin connected as one!” After that, she turned her head, looking around for fruit knives.

Wu Yuanyuan felt a little uncomfortable again, she was about to speak when she heard Guo Ming say: “Thank you Miss Zeng, no, I still can’t eat.”

“Sister Ming always talks in a very cultured manner, just call me Miao Miao will do, why do you always call me Miss Zeng, it feels so weird~”

After Zeng Miaomiao finished speaking, she couldn’t care less and took a bite on the apple.
Zeng looked at her daughter’s ways of eating apples, smiled and said: “You are a girl, you should behave in a manner a lady should be.
Not wolfing food down like this.”

Zeng Miaomiao looked at her mother with a tilted head and smiled back: “Our little girl doesn’t care so much.
As long as I am happy, I will never pretend~!” Then she asked Guo Ming again: “Sister Ming, do you think I have bad table manners?”

Guo Ming had no choice but to smile: “How could it be? You look good no matter how you behave!”

Zeng Miaomiao looked at Mrs.
Zeng and smiled pretending to be provocative.

But Wu Yuanyuan always felt that Zeng Miaomiao’s eyes always seemed to be swepting towards her.

After chatting with Guo Ming for a while, those who came to visit said goodbye.
Leaving the caregiver, Wu Yuanyuan, and Father Wu.
After chatting with him for a while, watching the nurse pull out the liquid, Father Wu went home, leaving only the nursing staff and Wu Yuanyuan.

Taking advantage of the opportunity that the nurse went to fetch water, Guo Ming called Wu Yuanyuan over, took her hand and started acting like a baby.

“Yuanyuan, I haven’t seen you for several days, I miss you so much!”

“Why, I’m here every day!”

“But I am not awake, I can’t see you.
So I missed you very much.”

“Naugthy!” Wu Yuanyuan, who was still a little moody in her heart, saw Guo Ming acting like a baby and began to feel much better now.

However, this tenderness only lasted one day.
Because the next day, Zeng Miaomiao came again.

This beautiful girl with long legs was here carrying a new tablet.

“Sister Ming, I’m afraid you may get bored lying down here all day.
So I brought you a tablet.
You can watch TV and play games with it.”

Guo Ming, who was finally fully awake this morning, was about to drink the soft and tasty chicken porridge that Mother Wu had prepared.
In order to prevent poor digestion, Mother Wu finely chopped the chicken into minced meat and then cooked the porridge with hanging chicken broth.
You can immediately smell the tangy aroma as soon as you open the lunch box.

Wu Yuanyuan was holding a bowl of porridge, sitting on the head of the bed, scooping it with a spoon.
Guo Ming, who was lying on the hospital bed with her back supported, was looking at Wu Yuanyuan with a smile and gentle eyes.

“Sister Ming can eat now! That’s great!” Zeng Miaomiao said happily when she saw Guo Ming was able to eat.
Then she walked to Wu Yuanyuan and asked, “Sister, I’ll feed Sister Ming the meal, okay?”

Wu Yuanyuan rolled her eyes and thought to herself, I am her girlfriend, who the hell are you? But basic courtesy is still necessary, so she smiled and said: “You are a guest, sit down and rest for a while, the bowl is hot, it may burn you.”

But Zeng Miaomiao didn’t get the hint at all and continued: “I am not afraid of hot staff, my sister.
Sister Ming cured my leg and I just was to feed her to return the favour.
It’s not a tiring task.
Just let me feed her, OK? Ah pretty sister~~~”

I have to say that Zeng Miaomiao was really good at acting like a baby.
After being so soft as the petals of the little girl called “Pretty Sister,” Wu Yuanyuan really couldn’t refuse her.
Wu Yuanyuan glanced at Guo Ming, then passed the porridge bowl in her hand to Zeng Miaomiao and then sat aside by herself.

Seeing Zeng Miaomiao sitting on the bed with a smile, Wu Yuanyuan seemed to have overturned the jealous jar, and it was old vinegar.
For the first time, she felt that if the person she likes is too good and attracts the eyes of others.
This is actually not a good thing.

After all, Inferiority complex may be the real cause.
After all, she was a young and beautiful girl with a prominent family background and living a life like a princess.
And myself, an ordinary woman, with ordinary appearance, ordinary personality and ordinary background.
No matter how you look at it, compared with such a girl, I can be as low as the existence of the dust.

For no reason, Wu Yuanyuan felt frustrated , as if she had no more confidence in their futures.

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