It turned out to be a dream.

But Guo Ming didn’t feel much better after she woke up.
The scene just now was just too real, Wu Yuanyuan’s blood-stained expression made Guo Ming heartbroken.
It felt like her blood had turned cold.

Wu Yuanyuan was lying in front of the bed, holding one of Guo Ming’s hands with both hands, her eyes were swollen like walnuts and her eyes were bloodshot.
The whole face was haggard and her long hair was randomly tied into a bunch.
Her forehead hair was messily attached to her face.

Guo Ming tried to reach out to touch her, but found that her hand was full of tubes.

Wu Yuanyuan smiled and looked at Guo Ming, but she suddenly felt sad.
Suddenly those beautiful eyes began to redden again, then tears fell from the sockets again.
She groaned: “Why are you so careless! Why don’t you take care of yourself! Do you know how dangerous your condition was? Your ribs almost punctured your heart! If you are, if something goes wrong with you What should I do?” At this point, all the worries and sadness that she has endured these few days have all rushed to her heart, turning into a “wah” and weeping loudly.

Seeing the person she loved crying like that, Guo Ming was heartbroken.
She couldn’t move her hands, so she opened her mouth and said in a rough voice, “Dear Yuanyuan, stop crying, I am here, it’s okay now!” The voice was as thin as a gossamer, but Wu Yuanyuan heard it all.

“You… Don’t talk, don’t talk, you have just completed the operation.” As Wu Yuanyuan had just finished speaking, the rest of the people who knew that Guo Ming had woken up also entered the ward after receiving the news.

Pang Deyou also looked haggard.
He didn’t know how long he had been guarding outside.
He Xiangguo, who was in charge of them, was also there.
Liang Jili also walked in with another doctor.

Mother Wu came out from behind the crowd with an insulated lunch box in her hand and was very happy when she saw Guo Ming awake.
She said “Amitabha Buddha, thank goodness.” Then she handed the insulated lunch box to Wu Yuanyuan and asked her to serve her friend Peng Deyou and Zhang Qiang who was accompanying the bed.
Eat it while it’s hot first.
Then she turned her head and asked the doctor in a white coat: “Doctor, can Guo Ming eat after she wakes up?”

The doctor looked at Guo Ming and then said to Mother Wu: “Not for the time being.”

Whichever the case, it was a great thing for Guo Ming to wake up.

After waking up, Guo Ming was actually very moved when she saw the people around her.
The Zeng’s and Xia’s came to visit her the instant they heard the news.
The Zeng family was afraid that there were not enough nursing staff in the hospital, so they hired a nursing worker here in advanced.The Xia family urged the hospital to give Guo Ming the best ward and use the best medicine.
What Guo Ming didn’t expect was that after knowing that she couldn’t go back to the clinic to treat patients, Zhang and Liu both came to the hospital to help.
Needless to say, even the previous patients brought their family members to visit.
Mother Wu already received several live chickens meant for Guo Ming to recover her body, now they were all kept on the balcony of Wu Yuanyuan’s house.

Wu Yuanyuan took the lunch box and went to another reception room in the ward with Pang Deyou and Zhang Qiang for dinner.
Mother Wu continued to stand by, looking at Guo Ming with a weary smile from the corner of her eyes.
At this time, Guo Ming had only come off the operating table for two days, still looking haggard and bloodless.
A massive internal organ bleeding almost killed her.
Fortunately, she was sent to the doctor in time and the operation was also successful.
This made everybody feel a little relieved.

And two days after the operation, Guo Ming woke up, allowing everybody to relax.

Looking at the girl in front of her, Wu’s mother was also worried to death.
Although she didn’t know Guo Ming for a long time, the child’s sincere, kindness and steadfastness really made Mother and Father Wu like her very much.
Whether or not one person is sincerely treating another person is actually based on the feeling.
Both Father Wu and Mother Wu can feel Guo Ming’s sincerity, so how can they not treat her as their daughter.

So Father Wu and Mother Wu, who had gone back after playing here for two weeks, heard from Wu Yuanyuan that there was something wrong with Guo Ming, hurriedly flew over to help.

Wu Yuanyuan directly took a week off from her work.
She stayed beside the bed throughout the day and night.
Pang Deyou and Zhang Qian also came during the day and alternately accompanied her at night.
Coupled with the caregiver hired by the Zeng family, Father Wu and Mother Wu found that they didn’t need to do anything, so they changed the menu every day to prepare meals and sent it to them three times a day to the children who were accompanying her by the bed.
By the way, At the same time, they helped wash all the clothes and did all the logistics work.

Watching Guo Ming wake up at this moment, Mother Wu took a straw cup, filled a half cup of warm water in it, put it next to Guo Ming’s mouth and asked her to drink some water through a straw.

Guo Ming drank the water and thanked Mama Wu.
Taking advantage of her strength, she hurriedly called Liang Jili and asked him to take his X-ray film over and take a look.

Liang Jili smiled and said: “I know you want to see it, I have already asked the chief surgeon Huang to come over with it.
Let’s talk to him.” So the doctor next to him also came over with a smile and told Guo Ming about her operation.

Hearing that her operation was successful, the internal stitches had been sutured and the bleeding had been stopped.
There was no major problem in the past two days.
Just need to wait for the wound to heal.
Guo Ming was also very happy.
Then she called Liang Jili over and asked him to write a prescription for hemostasis and muscle growth.
After Liang Jili copied it, he then went to the Chinese pharmacy to prepare it.

Around the evening, after hearing the news that Guo Ming had woken up, people from both the Zeng family and Xia family came to visit her.
Unexpectedly, not only the Zeng family, Zeng Youfu and his wife, Zeng Miaomiao also came along with them.

Zeng Miaomiao’s legs are getting better now and she is actively rehabilitating at home every day.
She even went out with her parents on crutches.
In fact, she can walk normally without the crutches now, but Zeng Youfu and his wife were afraid that she would be too tired.
They would let her sit in a wheelchair or carry crutches whenever they go out.

Zeng Miaomiao was pushed to the door of the ward while sitting in a wheelchair.
She then stood up and walked towards Guo Ming’s bed step by step, showing Guo Ming her legs with a smile.

Wu Yuanyuan, who came out of the bathroom, saw such a scene.
A beautiful girl with long legs leaned forward in front of Guo Ming with a caring smile.
She looked at Guo Ming with a look of concern and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears.
Guo Ming also raised the hand that was without infusion, and touched her head, smiling and saying something.

For a while, Wu Yuanyuan suddenly felt as if her chest had been knocked by a train.

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