After meeting Mr.
Wei, Wu Yuanyuan had the feeling of returning to the Qing Dynasty.

To be honest, Mr.
Wei was not a scumbag or a bad person, but his thinking was obviously different from ordinary people.
Since getting to know each other, Mr.
Wei has sent WeChat to Wu Yuanyuan every day.
There are no more than two types of WeChat content: First, tell Wu Yuanyuan what kind of woman she should be through the push of various subscription accounts; second, express his requirements after seeing Wu Yuanyuan’s circle of friends.

With a buzzing sound, Wu Yuanyuan’s phone began to vibrate again.

“Why don’t men love me? Ten points that most women didn’t do.” Wu Yuanyuan rolled her eyes and looked at the title of the reposted article, thinking, how boring is Mr.
Wei’s life? A man that reads such subscriptions every day.
How lonely is he?

“Miss Wu, let’s have dinner together tonight.
Girls shouldn’t always work overtime, it is not good for your health.” Another message came.

Wei, sorry, I already have an appointment with a friend tonight.”

“Oh, why do you girls have so much social life after getting off work? You still have to pay attention to the quality of your friendships.
Don’t always go out with inconsistent people and don’t go to bars, KTV etc, those are places not for good girls.

Wu Yuanyuan did not reply.

“Then you should be home before eight o’clock.
Decent girls don’t stay out late at night.”

Wu Yuanyuan still did not reply.

“This Saturday is my grandfather’s birthday, you should come over and have lunch together.
Don’t dress up too gorgeously, better not put on any makeup.
Girls should be simple and clean.
Don’t buy gifts that are too expensive.”

Wu Yuanyuan laughed angrily.
Are there really such people in this world? How can they be so self-righteous? They only had a meal together and he already thinks that they are having a relationship.

Faced with such a strange dude, Wu Yuanyuan didn’t want to think about it at all.
People who feel good about themselves often live in their own world.
They usually have better results than ordinary people in certain areas.
This makes them look down on others, especially on women.
But they can’t figure out the problems with themselves.
So why bother and waste time with them.
The biggest blow to such a person is not to go up, but to ignore it.
So she took screenshots of all the chat records of the past two days and sent them to Father Wu and Mother Wu and then added a very helpless expression emoji.

“This young man, is there something wrong with his brain?” After a while, Mother Wu replied cautiously.

“How do I know? Fortunately, you all know that we have only eaten one meal.
If someone who doesn’t know the situation reads it, I’m afraid they might think I had something going on with him!” Wu Yuanyuan replied.

“Hahahahahahaha, this young man is more old-fashioned than my brain!” Papa Wu was very happy when he saw it and he sent a few cute baby laughter expressions emoji over.
Yes, those kinds who still wear black sunglasses.
At first glance, you can tell it comes from the commonly used emoji of middle-aged and elderly people.

“Uh… Daddy, tell me, do I just block him?”

“Why block him? It’s so fun to keep it.
Please don’t tell him that the Qing Dynasty has been subjugated.” It seems that Father Wu has been online a lot recently and he can even put out a few online phrases.

“Uh… what if he continues to pester me?”

“What are you afraid of? You still have me and your mother? We will tell him clearly that we don’t agree and there is no match at all!”

“Dear Father, I’m so relieved after hearing your words!”

“Let me tell you something secretly, your mother is sending WeChat to her classmates at the moment and it is probably the solution to this matter.”

“Mummy is Almighty!”

“It’s a pity!”

“Dad, what are you pity about?”

“It’s a pity that if this person doesn’t pester you anymore, there’s no more show for me to watch!”

“Are you my real father?”

“Oh, let’s not talk about it, the cheese tarts are about done.
We are near the Mingming Medical Center and we will bring it over to her in a while!”

“Are you my real father?” Wu Yuanyuan saw that Father Wu bought fresh cheese tarts and was going to see Guo Ming.
She was happy and jealous at the same time.
Why is the egg tart seller not near my unit!

After half an hour, the phone started buzzing again and Father Wu sent a sentence: “Come to the clinic door quickly.”

Wu Yuanyuan rushed out with joy and after a while she came back with a dozen egg tarts and sent them to the other young people in the office.

“Sister Wu is almighty~!” Everyone happily praised and began to enjoy afternoon tea.
Wu Yuanyuan nodded in satisfaction: “Well, he’s my real father after all!”

And over there, Guo Ming, who was eating egg tarts with Xiao Zhang Xiaoliu, received a call: “Gathering, tomorrow night?”

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