Wu Yuanyuan was holding a slice of the double cheese seafood pizza in her hand and she didn’t care that they were eating outside the restaurant, she began to talk about the news she had heard.

“I had been saying that Director Zhou is not a good person, sure enough, I was right! You know, he was transferred here because of his lifestyle problems at another department!”

Guo Ming smiled and looked at her, she really liked the girl in front of her.
When she talked about gossip, Yuanyuan’s eyes were so bright, her chin lifted slightly.
The eyebrows and expressions were so vivid that Guo Ming couldn’t help but want to get close and kiss them all.

“Listen to me carefully!” Wu Yuanyuan saw Guo Ming’s idiotic smile on her face and she hurriedly got serious and asked to listen carefully.

“Go on, go on, I’m listening.” Guo Ming hurriedly stopped what she was thinking, sat upright again, picked up a piece of pizza and then listened to Wu Yuanyuan’s gossip.

“I already felt something was wrong two days ago.
I didn’t see Director Zhou come in for two consecutive days.
The tasks we assigned were all redistributed to the other people in his department.
We thought he was sick.
But then, I heard from Sister Wang, who was from the logistics department today, that he was reported by his wife and now he is suspended for investigation!”

“How did Sister Wang know?”

“.Sister Wang has a good relationship with! Aunt Zou! She is the leader of the cleaning team! Aunt Zou is the person with the most information in our unit.
Her old man is the Head of the security department.
One is at the front door and the other one deep internally.
It was said that as long as you need to find any gossip regarding our unit, you will never be wrong to ask them!”

“Do security guards and cleaners have such abilities?”

“What do you think! A new guy from our unit hired prostitutes and brought them into the dormitory several times last year! A section chief in the building next door had an extramarital affair with a married female subordinate where they even brought their love making inside the office.
They were all discovered by them too! They are the best informed people within the whole office!”

“What kind of environment and people do you have in your unit? Why are there so many such people?.
No, I have to protect you and not let my baby be contaminated by them~” Guo Ming pretended to frown and said with a serious face while holding Wu Yuanyuan’s hand.

“You~Don’t interrupt~!” Wu Yuanyuan patted her hand, took a bite of the pizza and continued the stories.

“Sister Wang said that Director Zhou’s wife came to our Executive Head Office two or three days ago.
She came in crying at the time.
After she arrived, she cried inside our CEO’s office for more than half an hour.
Then she told the CEO that Director Zhou had an affair with someone from his original unit.
He was in contact with the woman every day at work.
Basically, he would not meet her alone even after getting off work.
When he wanted to eat or something, he would bring a group of colleagues together.
, So she never doubted anything.”

“The girl was a college student who had just graduated.
I don’t know whether it is that she was too inexperienced or what, she was completely fooled by Director Zhou and was even pregnant with his child.”

“Oh no!”

“Not once! I heard that she was pregnant twice! The first one was aborted for some reason, but this second time, the female college student insisted on asking Director Zhou to divorce and marry her.
But how could Director Zhou get divorced? If you still want to climb the corporate ladder, there must be no stains on the issue of extramarital affairs!”

“Then what happened?”

“Benefits in kinds! I heard that Director Zhou promoted her.
When the woman saw that there were benefits to be achieved, she obediently went for the abortion.
But she started pestering Director Zhou after that.
As a result, Director Zhou found the situation troublesome and worried that their affairs may be discovered by others.
So he secretly found someone to arrange for him to be transferred to our unit.”

“To avoid her?”

“Of course! I heard that Director Zhou’s wife said that before he left, he even gave the woman a sum of money as a break-up fee!”

“Did the woman agree?”

“She agreed! Sister Wang said that she went to investigate and found out that the woman is now up another level again! She is already at a very high level for someone at her young age.
Don’t know how she did it?”

“Use money, or sell yourself in exchange for benefits.
It’s always one or the other!”

“I guess so! So now, Director Zhou has no more future at all! That woman has also been investigated because she was promoted too quickly.
Don’t you think it’s strange, how did the secret he kept until now got found out? Did he talk in his sleep? Or he couldn’t control his mouth when he drank too much wine?”

“If you want people not to know it, you simply do anything bad.
As long as you’ve done something bad, you will be exposed one day!”

“That’s right! Looking at his tricks, I found it disgusting! He turned out to be a habitual offender! He deserves it! This kind of person should be investigated and dealt with, so as not to harm others again!”

“That’s right! Come on, let’s celebrate the investigation of the big tumor among the people’s public servants! Cheers!” Guo Ming raised the drink in her hand and touched Wu Yuanyuan’s cup, who was happy and proud.
I didn’t expect it to be only seven days before he spilled out the truth in his heart.
No matter, it does help me save a portion of my phantasmagoric powder.

The two happily finished their meal and were about to check out and leave.
Wu Yuanyuan’s phone rang: “Hey, Dad.
We have eaten.
What? You are coming over this weekend?”

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