Just as Guo Ming sent away an old man who came to seek treatment for his itchy skin condition, she saw the short-haired woman who was with the pregnant woman previously rush in.
When she saw Guo Ming, she began to yell: “Where is Qian Xiaoling?”

Guo Ming frowned.
She really didn’t like the way this person yelled, but she still answered her: “She went off.”

“Why did you let her go!” The woman continued yelling again.

“If you are here to see a doctor, please sit over there and wait.
If not, please leave.” Guo Ming indicated to Xiao Zhang without even looking at her.

“What’s with your attitude! How do you become a doctor like this! What a shitty clinic!” The woman continued yelling when she saw Xiao Zhang come over to escort her out.
Seeing that she was a female, Xiao Zhang refrained from having any physical contact with her, so he could only stand in front of her and kindly ask her to go out.

Unexpectedly, not knowing if it was because of her anger or her personality, she actually pushed Xiao Zhang.
Xiao Liu, who was standing in the cash register next to him got so angry that she rushed out and pushed back at the woman.
As she pushed she said, “Are you sick! If you are here to see a doctor, speck properly.
If you’re not, just leave and stop fooling around here! If you continue to fool around here, we will call the police!”

The woman was stronger than Xiao Liu after all, so seeing Xiao Liu stretched out her hand to push her, she pushed back at Xiao Liu.
Seeing that, Xiao Zhang hurriedly stepped in front to block the push and was hit by the woman.

When Guo Ming saw it, she was furious.
She stretched out her hand to the short-haired woman with a palm and hit her neck.
In an instant, the woman rolled her eyes and fell softly to the ground.

Xiao Zhang and Xiao Liu were taken aback, looking at Guo Ming: “Doctor Guo, this…”

“Drag her to the back.” Guo Ming endured it and swallowed the phrase ” and bury her” that was almost about to be spoken.

Xiao Zhang and Xiao Liu looked at each other.
Xiao Zhang stretched out his hand to check the woman’s breath, then comforted Xiao Liu with his eyes, as if saying: “It’s okay, she’s not dead, don’t be afraid.” Xiao Liu, looking a little dumbfounded, went back to the cash register again.
Xiao Zhang stretched out his hand to carry the woman and put her in the processing room at the back.

Over here, Guo Ming found Qian Xiaoling’s contact number according to the customer’s registration and informed her of the matter.
She said that she was very sorry and was on her way back.
Fortunately, it was not far away, so in less than twenty minutes, Qian Xiaoling came to the store.

“Doctor Guo, I’m really sorry, I didn’t know that my friend had caused you so much trouble, I’m so sorry.
Where is she? I will persuade her to go.”

“Lying in the processing room.”

“Lying down?”

“Well, she was knocked unconscious.” Guo Ming said and took Qian Xiaoling to the processing room.
She heard Xiao Liu secretly say to Xiao Zhang: “Doctor Guo is so cool!”

When they arrived in the processing room, Guo Ming pierced a silver needle into the short-haired woman and she woke up instantly.
As she opened her eyes, she started to curse with a swear word.
But as soon as she started screaming “Mother F….” Guo Ming dislocated her jaw.

“Miss Qian, please persuade her first.
After you finish speaking, I will relocate her jaw back.” Guo Mingzheng didn’t even look at the person, but said to Qian Xiaoling.

The woman was in a lot of pain and anger.
She was holding her chin with her left hand and pointing her right finger at Guo Ming, tears were coming out of her eyes.
Guo Ming glanced at her and said, “Do you want me to dislocate your arms too?” Qian Xiaoling hurriedly stopped her hand and persuaded her: “Don’t shout at Dr.
Guo anymore.
Our issue should be discussed between ourselves, okay? I will ask Doctor Guo to put the chin back on for you first, so please don’t make trouble anymore, okay?”

The woman wanted to give Guo Ming a look, but after thinking about it, she didn’t dare to, so she slanted her eyes and nodded to Qian Xiaoling.

“Doctor Guo, please help her put her chin on and I will take her away without disturbing you.”

Guo Ming nodded, stretched out her and a click was heard, her chin was relocated.

“Xiaoling, can we not break up!” After the chin was settled, the short-haired woman hugged Qian Xiaoling’s leg and said.
Qian Xiaoling’s face flushed, she tried to twitch her legs away but couldn’t do so.
She raised her eyes and looked at Guo Ming apologetically.
She lowered her head and said, “Li Xue, let’s talk about our affairs when we go back.
Don’t cause any more trouble here.”

Looking at the situation, Guo Ming estimated that her staying here would affect the communication between the two, so she walked to the front hall.

Fortunately, there were no patients at this moment.
The sound of the woman named Li Xue crying and yelling in the back hall got Xiao Zhang and Xiao Liu gossiping.
Guo Ming really couldn’t understand, why was this person so naive? No matter why Qian Xiaoling wanted to break up with her, she feels that yelling in public could bring back a person’s heart?

After a while, the two of them walked out from behind with red eyes.
It can be seen that things have not improved, because it was obvious that Qian Xiaoling’s face was full of boredom, while Li Xue’s face was still sad and flattering.

The two apologized to Guo Ming and left.
Guo Ming didn’t want to explore other people’s privacy at all.
After all, she had killed such annoying people in the past.
No matter how happy the two were together, they should try to keep each other’s last dignity when they break up.
In the way Li Xue behaved, even if Qian Xiaoling was to come back this time, there will definitely be another breakup in the near future.

Guo Ming thought to herself, “If I break up, I am sure…” “Isn’t it right? What do you think, I won’t break up!” After she despised herself in her heart, Guo Ming thought again with determination.
Then, thinking of the girl who belonged to her, she grinned again inexplicably.
“Send a VX to harass her and see what she is doing.” Thinking of this, Guo Ming took out her mobile phone and sent a message.
After waiting for a long time, she didn’t see any reply.

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