Guo Ming came down to the sound, she saw a woman standing in the lobby, about twenty-seven years old, short hair, slightly fat, dressed like a boy.

“I’m the doctor.
What’s wrong?”

“Doctor, please come and take a look, my friend has fainted!” After hearing Guo Ming’s words, she came over to take Guo Ming out.

Guo Ming avoided her hand without showing a trace and walked outside the house with her.
On the street not far from the shop, a woman in a coat was lying on the ground.
There were already a few passers-by surrounding her.
When they saw Guo Ming coming out of the clinic, they hurriedly stepped aside to make way for her.

Guo Ming walked over and saw the woman on the ground who was about twenty-five and sixteen years old, with long hair, thin, pale face and bloodless lips.
She was still wearing a thick coat in the warm early spring of the southern country and physically she did not look very strong.

Guo Ming stretched out her hand to probe her nose, then touched her neck, then held her wrist and began to check her pulse.
When others saw her like this, they held their breath and did not dare to disturb.

After a while, Guo Ming stretched out her hand and placed her fingers on the woman’s forehead, renzhong point and tapped the lower part of her throat.
After a short moment, she coughed slightly, opened her eyes and woke up.

“Xiao Zhang, take her into the house.
Be careful, she is pregnant.” As soon as this word came out, the short-haired girl’s expression darkened, but she didn’t make a sound.
She refused Xiao Zhang’s help, horizontally picked the woman up and walked into the clinic.

Guo Ming sat at the clinic table, picked up a soft-tip brush and scribbled a prescription and handed it to the short-haired girl.
She then asked her to go out to the counter to collect the medicine.
When she was gone, Guo Ming whispered to the woman who had fainted : “As you are pregnant, don’t get emotional easily.
You are in a sad and frustrated state, causing an uncomfortable liver qi, when the qi is poor, not only does it decrease appetite, poor sleep, but also often cause chest tightness and shortness of breath.
Fainting today is because of shortness of breath.
Caused by poor blood vessels.”

After hearing this, the woman didn’t make a sound, but just glanced at the short-haired woman.

“You have to take care of your body.
After all, there is a child.
If things go on like this, not only will your body be damaged, but the child may not survive.”

When she heard this, the woman was finally moved and lowered her head, tears started to roll down from her eyes.

“I will give you medicine for soothing the liver and regulating the qi.
It does not have a strong smell.
You can take it according to the prescription and take it for three days.
Don’t be afraid, this medicine can also help you stabilize your fetus and it has no side effects to your child.

In the end, the woman didn’t say anything, she only paid for the medicine, thanked Guo Ming, and left with the short-haired woman.

This episode did not affect Guo Ming and the others.
In the afternoon, some neighbors from the neighbourhood came over but there was no serious illness.
They just came here to check their pulses for free and have a cup of tea.
However, Guo Ming also discovered the hidden illnesses of the two elders and suggested that they should go to the hospital for X-rays.

It was the same for the next few days.
There were not many patients who came for consultation and there were basically minor problems.
So Guo Ming simply set the time to open the door in the afternoon and went to Zeng’s and Xia’s in the morning.

Unexpectedly, one afternoon a few days later, Guo Ming saw the woman again.

“Hello doctor, I fainted near your shop a few days ago.
You saved me, do you remember?”

After seeing her again after a few days, her complexion improved, but this was just a physical improvement and it was obvious that her mood was not much better.

“Yes, I remember you.
Are you eating and sleeping well these few days?”

“Much better, doctor! Thank you so much! I couldn’t eat at all previously and the quality of sleep was particularly poor.
I often woke up in the middle of the night.
After taking the medicine according to your prescription, I am now able to sleep through the night.
My appetite has improved a lot in the past few days too.
So I came here thinking about buying some more medicine from you.”

“Well, stretch out your hand.” Guo Ming said, and began to check her pulse again.

“Can you just follow the previous prescription?” the woman asked.

“A person’s body often changes with food, rest, environment, mood, etc., so prescriptions must also follow the people’s state.”

“Thank you! Let me introduce myself, my last name is Qian, Qian Xiaoling, you can call me Xiaoling.
How do I address you?”

“My name is Guo.
Guo from Guo’s Medical Clinic.”

“Doctor Guo, although you are young, yet you have such high medical skills.
You are really amazing!”

“Thank you.
Take this medicine to the counter.
It’s the same as last time.
Three bowls of water to be boiled into one bowl.
One bowl a day.
You can’t drink it with milk.”

“Okay, thank you Dr.

However, not long after Qian Xiaoling left, there was a disturbance in the clinic.

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