When Wu Yuanyuan woke up the next morning, she wondered why she was so tired that she had fallen asleep after only speaking a few words.
But she felt well rested.
She rubbed her neck and discovered a slight sore, maybe it was due to another bad sleeping posture last night.


    Looking at the clock, it’s only a little past 8 o’clock; still early.
On weekend mornings, the pace of life was usually slower than normal.
Yuanyuan got up but did not see Guo Ming.
So she went searching around the house till she finally found her sitting on a rattan chair on the balcony.
The rack above her head was full of her clothes, and there was a glass of water on the coffee table beside her.
She tied her long black hair into a ponytail.
She was still wearing the stretched clothes given to her.


    After greeting her, Yuanyuan made a simple breakfast for the both of them.
After breakfast, Yuanyuan took Guo Ming to the mall to look for some new clothes.


    And of course, after changing out of her pajamas, Yuanyuan’s T-shirt and jeans still looked stretched on our Master Guo.


    After all, the 10 cm between 165 and 175 is difficult to ignore.


    As a kid who grew up watching online novels, Wu Yuanyuan was very satisfied with her current experience.
This happy-go-lucky girl didn’t have the vigilance a normal person should have at all, but instead was extremely excited to have picked up a transmigrator from the side of the road.
That’s right, for a person with an average income, having one more transmigration was really just an extra pair of chopsticks, which was much cheaper than raising a child.


    The most important thing was that Yuanyuan believed in her own instincts.
Although this tall beauty named Guo Ming did not seem to be just a simple doctor as she said she was, she didn’t feel any malice towards her either.
She’s just a little alienated and overly polite.


    Anyway, she must be the best host there is!


    With this intention in mind, Wu Yuanyuan took Guo Ming to the mall near her home.
This was the place she visited often for her needs.
Although the brands and sizes were not as complete as they should be, it was affordable, which was most suitable for her kind of pseudo-comfort.
From time to time, there were big-brand discounts, so she could satisfy her vanity without breaking her purse.


    At 10 o’clock, the shopping mall had just opened, and Yuanyuan took Guo Ming straight to the undergarments store.


    Why? Because our Master Guo had only an outer shirt on and nothing else!


    The salesperson was very happy to see customers immediately when she opened the front door.
After figuring out that it was the tall beauty who requires undergarments, she enthusiastically looked towards her chest to figure out her size.
Before she could determine her size, the sales girl suddenly felt a cold chill down her spine.
As she looked up, she saw the tall beauty staring at her.
Although she did not do anything but stare, she could feel cold sweat forming and her legs became weak.
Instinctively she moved away from this tall girl.


    Watching the sales girl leaving them on their own, Yuanyuan turned around and whispered to Guo Ming, “I forgot to measure your bust size this morning.
Later let’s try a few more pieces and mark down the most comfortable size” After that she took three pieces of bras, then pointed to a plastic mannequin and asked her: “You should be able to understand the way to wear this.”


    Standing outside the dressing room, Yuanyuan, who had been waiting for a long time, finally couldn’t help but ask, “Guo Ming, are you ready?”


    “It’s a bit small.
Need something bigger.”


    Yuanyuan smiled when she heard it.
If it was too small, she should have told her earlier.
So she gave her one that was slightly bigger.


    This time, the voice came out quickly: “One size bigger.”


    Yuanyuan recalled the size she had just given her and she wondered secretly: Never thought that such a slender figure could have bossoms this big.


    So she continued to give her another one that was much bigger.


    “One size bigger.”


    Yuanyuan reached her limit.
How big is hers?


    “Guo Ming, please open the door and I will help you instead.”


    Entering the fitting room, Yuanyuan was lost for words when she saw the scene in front of her.


    Guo Ming was wearing an extra big cup bra with various small paper bags stuffed into it.
Her bra was squeezed into weird shapes.


    “OMG!!!!” I never would have thought that bras could also be used as storage bags.
But where did all those little paper bags come from? .


    Yuanyuan finally understood what Guo Ming’s actual needs were.
After helping her choose her undergarments, she took her directly to the outdoor sports store.
The clothes there would definitely be suitable for her since they had many pockets.


    Guo Ming had now transformed into a tall girl with a long ponytail wearing a mountaineer’s outfit.
Yuanyuan also took the opportunity and bought a few sets for herself.
She continued to extend her hospitality as a host by taking Guo Ming, who came from an unknown ancient country, to try out some modern food.
Like pizzas from Italy.


    Although Guo Ming had some doubts about the fact that the local pie has only a base without any crust, she told herself to go with the flow.
Also, she kind of liked the white stuff that was called “cheese”.
The drinks were a bit icy here and the pies were too hot.
There were also a lot of unknown vegetables and seasonings on it, but in general, it was really delicious.


    When the pleasant meal was almost over, Yuanyuan received a phone call (thanks to Yuanyuan’s detailed explanations, Guo Ming now had a rough understanding of most of the daily necessities here).
It sounded like a friend of hers had a problem and was treated in the “hospital”.
Yuanyuan explained to her that a hospital was similar to a medical hall, it was a place to treat and save people.


    Following Yuanyuan, they took the “subway” again.
Guo Ming began to realise how convenient and efficient this world was.
Along the way, She watched how others behaved, and tried to get acquainted with this world as quickly and as much as she could.


    Similar to her ancient world, there were also unscrupulous people.


    During a short stop at a particular station, someone sneaked past them and stretched his hand into Yuanyuan’s backpack.
Guo Ming didn’t do anything major,  she just twisted his wrist and dislocated his arm silently.
After all, it’s a strange new place, so it’s better not to cause troubles and unwanted attention.


    When they arrived at the hospital, they saw a woman with short hair sitting on a chair, her right hand was bandaged and slinged to her chest, and a man standing beside her was trying to persuade her.


    “Zhang Qiang, what happened?” Yuanyuan ran towards the woman.


    “Thank goodness, Yuanyuan, you are here.
Help me persuade her.
She has a broken arm but will not allow me to report the situation back to Mr.
Zhang, the Bureau Chief.
There is no way she can hide this.” The man beside her said anxiously. 


    “Dabin, shut your mouth.” she told the man fiercely.
This girl had a quick temper.


    “Yuanyuan, you have to help me.
Call the old man and tell him that I’m staying with you lately.
Just say, um, you are in a bad mood and are afraid of being alone at home.
En, you can just call him and I will tell him the rest.”


   Both Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming were silent…


    “Zhang Qiang, do you think you can avoid home like this? How about your dad? He will find out soon enough.”


    “No, I can’t go back.
The old man has always wanted to transfer me to a clerical job, so I will definitely get transferred now.
I have been working very hard for 4 years before I became a policeman.
I can’t stand desk jobs! Please! Please! I’ll just stay for a while, and I’ll go back after my bone heals, one month at most, please, my sister!”


    Just as Yuanyuan was about to reject Zhang Qiang, an old Chinese doctor walked up to them.
He turned out to be Zhang Qiang’s father’s friend and the director of this Chinese Medicine Hospital.
He was also the best doctor here at the bone-treatment center.
Yuanyuan had met him several times before when she was playing at Zhang Qiang’s house.


    Everyone was ushered into the consultation room.
Dean Liang hung up the X-ray film of Zhang Qiang arm on the lampstand and said sadly, “My child, both the ulna and radius on your forearm are broken! What have you done?”

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