While riding in the “car” towards their new destination, Wuming paid more attention to this place.
About half an hour or so, the car stopped.
The woman turned to her with a smile, stretched out her right hand, and said, “Hello, let me officially introduce myself.
My name is Wu Yuanyuan.” Wuming guessed that this must be the etiquette used here, so she also extended her right hand.
Wu Yuanyuan took the initiative and shook her hand.


    “I am, Guo… Ming.”


    After getting out of the car, Yuanyuan led the way, showing Wuming the amenities as they walked.
Although Wuming did not understand the exact meaning of many words and names she mentioned, she knew that she was introducing her residence, and the convenience of movement while staying around here.
As they walked, Wuming tried to remember the way they had taken and arrived in front of a tall building.
It was evening then, and daylight was beginning to fade. 


Miss Wu walked into the building, and as she was walking past an overhead lamp, it turned on suddenly by itself, which frightened Wuming.
Wuming kept paying attention to the surrounding arrangements all the way in, concealing her anxiety.
After walking along a smooth stone road, Miss Wu led her into a small room.
Before she went in, she pressed a small button.
After they were inside, the room suddenly moved after Miss Wu pressed another button again.


    Wuming was shocked.
Her intended first reaction was to launch an attack on Miss Wu.
However, she found that Miss Wu’s expression was neither nervous nor tense, but was looking at her somewhat immensely, so she temporarily suppressed her action and pretended that nothing had happened.
Although she had already summoned her internal energy and was ready to strike back at any time.


   She continued to follow Miss Wu in this manner until they reached the front door.
She sighed and thought to herself that this woman must be quite poor.
Although the building she lived in was big, the place was divided into many rooms like an inn.


    Wuming actually didn’t really care much about the place as long as there is a roof over her head.
It’s not that she hasn’t lived in places like caves and tunnels while she was carrying out her mission.
Jungles and bushes were common places that she had ever stayed also.


    Entering the room, Ms Wu stretched out her hand and tapped on the wall, and the room suddenly lit up.
Wuming thought to herself, the lights in this place are very convenient to use, they don’t need oil, yet they are so bright.
It’s not all that bad here.


    Wuming followed Ms Wu and watched her walk from one room to another, introducing them to her.
Here is the living room, here is the bedroom, here is the kitchen. 


Finally they came to a small room, which was only a few feet in size, with stone flooring and a shiny mercury mirror on top of a stone table.
There was a silver faucet below it and clear water would flow out with a light pull of a level.
It’s really convenient.
Next, Miss Wu walked through a translucent glazed door, and pointed to the various colored bottles on the shelf and said one by one, this is for washing the face and this is for washing the body.
Then after hearing her talk about the use of the big faucet inside the glass door, Ms Wu gave her a change of clothes, towel and slipper, and went out of the small house.


    Wuming looked at the place while undressing.
Everything here was beyond her imaginations.
A faucet that can produce hot and cold water by turning it in different directions, and a room that can go up and down at the push of a button, and lights without oil.
Wuming tried to stay focused all the way, but just couldn’t help being lost.


    Here, where is this place?


    ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————


    Wu Yuanyuan tried the multi-screen interaction between her mobile phone and TV again, adjusted her breathing, and quietly waited for Guo Ming to finish her shower and come out.


    Looking at the way Guo Ming came out from the bathroom, Yuanyuan wanted to laugh a little.
She didn’t know how tall Guo Ming was, but guessed her to be around 175 by visual.
The pajama pants given to her turned into cropped trousers.
She was wearing slippers with her ankles exposed, and her long wet hair was draped over her shoulders.
Fortunately, her pajamas were long enough not to expose her belly button, but the sleeves were still a bit short and stretched.
Yuanyuan picked up the hair towel and asked Guo Ming to sit on the sofa.
She helped her tie it up on her head.
After passing her a glass of water, she sat opposite her.


    “There were incidents in our community some half year ago, and several homes were broken into.
For safety, the community installed a home security camera for everyone to monitor the situation in the house in real time.
You see, that’s it.”


    With that, Yuanyuan pressed the TV remote control, and the two of them appeared on the TV.
Yuanyuan waved her hand at the TV playfully, and the people on the TV waved back.


    “Now, as soon as there is any abnormality in the house, the police, oh, that is, the official staff from the Yamen, will be here within a minute.
One minute is very fast here.
Look at this moving needle on the clock, it just needs to move one round.”


    Yuanyuan paused, drank her water, then looked at Guo Ming, and said.


    “So, now that you understand the situation, please don’t hurt me at will, because you can’t escape.”


    “So, please tell me now, where did you come from? What year did you come from?”


    ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————


    “How did you know?”


    Guo Ming was not nervous.
Miss Wu was just a weak woman, she could take her life easily.
As for the Yamen, she chuckled in her heart, they really couldn’t threaten her as well.
However, she was still a little surprised.
She had been very careful all this time, but did not expect to be seen through.


    “You probably have not seen electrical appliances before, including the motion sensor lights, elevators and everything else in my house, you look so surprised.
These days, even if you are from the poorest places, you should have seen electric lights before.
And your breath and footsteps are so light that people don’t even notice that you are behind them.
This kind of ability should not be possessed by ordinary people.
Also, when I introduced my facilities in detail, you listened carefully.
For any normal person, they’d only think I’m crazy.
Who would tell the guests that this is a faucet, a gas stove, a hand sanitizer, and a shampoo.
So I realized that you should be from another time zone.”


    Guo Ming smiled, smart girl, she admired her.


    “Well, I come from the Kingdom of Tianrong, and I am a doctor.
I don’t know how I ended up here.
I was sleeping on trees in the forest one night and when I woke up, I’m here..
What year am I from? I came from Tianrong, year 147.
Miss Wu, can you tell me where exactly this place is?”



Guo Ming secretly smiled and watched Wu Yuanyuan’s eyes beamed with excitement after hearing her answer, and enthusiastically pulled her around to introduce her current place.
Miss Wu spoke quickly as she was very excited.
Guo Ming made a point to remember everything she said.
Now she knew that she had come to a place called □□.
Life here is more convenient and efficient than Tianrong, and there are many interesting inventions.
Miss Wu showed Guo Ming around for more than an hour, and around the room twice.
Make Guo Ming tried out all the buttons in the room before taking Guo Ming to the guest room.
Tidy up and ready the bed for her.


    Guo Ming let Miss Wu use a buzzing equipment that blew out hot air to dry her hair, then lay on the bed to sort out her thoughts, thinking about how to get back to Tianrong.
As she was still  thinking, She heard Miss Wu pacing outside the door for a long time, and then tapped on the door.
She came in with a big smile, hugging her pillow and quilt, and said happily, “I forgot to tell you, our custom here is that if guests come to the house, the host will accompany the guests to sleep.” Finished, she lay beside Guo Ming excitedly.


    Guo Ming laughed secretly.
As expected, as soon as she lay down, Miss Wu turned around, her eyes flashing with curiosity and excitement, and asked, “What is it like in your place? Do you usually wear long robes? What do you eat? Are there any martial arts masters there?”


    Guo Ming answered falsely and said: “Where we’re from…” With the edge of her palm, she strikes Miss Wu on the base of her neck and knocks her out.

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