The sunlight from outside the window had already shone into the room.
Wu Yuanyuan was actually awake, but she was too embarrassed to open her eyes.
She knew that Guo Ming was still by her side and she couldn’t help but feel a little bit ashamed.


    Seeing Wu Yuanyuan’s eyelids twitching, Guo Ming leaned down and kissed it gently: “You’re awake?” Now Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t pretend to be asleep anymore, so she opened her eyes and gave a shy hum.


    Looking at Wu Yuanyuan’s shy face, Guo Ming couldn’t help thinking of the image of her last night and immediately began to feel contemplative again.
With deep breathing, she suppressed the desire that appeared again.
Guo Ming looked at Wu Yuanyuan and asked: “Are you feeling  uncomfortable?”


    “Ah, no, I’m very comfortable.” After saying this, Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t help but scold herself silently.
What am I saying? Am I commenting on Guo Ming’s behavior last night? Sure enough, Guo Ming smiled with a deep meaning on her face : “It’s good that you are comfortable~!” Wu Yuanyuan’s face started to flush again.


    I don’t know why I let myself go so unreservedly last night.
When Guo Ming’s hand was on my waist, the whole person seemed as though hit by an electric current, and all my desires were completely aroused.
Those little thoughts that were suppressed in the past had all turned into reality and they kept shouting in my heart, breaking through my own reasoning.
As far as Guo Ming was concerned, it was like we were connected with each other mentally.
She would double her effort on what I wanted without the need to speak out.
This kind of tacit understanding touched my heart beyond words can express, it also made last night extremely enjoyable.
Even after the first round, when Guo Ming took me into the bathroom to clean up, she turned me on  again for the second time in the bathtub.


    Seeing the girl in her arms blushing, eyes wet and not knowing what she was thinking, Guo Ming couldn’t help but leaned down again and kissed her on the forehead.
Watching her look back in surprise and shyness, the cute look really melted her heart and turned it into a pool of water.


    “Yuanyuan, are you still going to work today?” The slightly muffled voice exposed her inner desires, but Guo Ming had to ask Wu Yuanyuan.


    “Ah, what time is it now? I need to go!” When she heard the words work, Wu Yuanyuan immediately returned to her senses.
Bouncing off the bed, she rushed into the bathroom.
Guo Ming smiled and shook her head behind her.
Actually, I have already packed up and bought breakfast.
When I saw that she was still asleep, I decided to come back to the bed to accompany her.


    When Wu Yuanyuan was cleaned up, Guo Ming took the car key in one hand and breakfast in the other, and sent Wu Yuanyuan to work.


    “I’ll drive, eat your breakfast with ease.” Guo Ming, who sat in the driver’s seat, looked at Wu Yuanyuan affectionately, her eyes made no hiding of her affection towards her.
Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t help but blushed again, her heart felt as sweet as eating honey.


    After sending Wu Yuanyuan off to work, Guo Ming and Pang Deyou both came to Zeng’s house.
Zeng Miaomiao’s treatment was delayed for 2 days due to the mission, but the problem was not big.
As Zeng Miaomiao was very strong willed, her recovery had been very good.
After the treatment and lunch, Pang Deyou asked Guo Ming: “Doctor, do you want to see the house together?” Guo Ming couldn’t help but chuckle, “You are planning to build a love nest?”


    “Well, I want to marry her.
Even if I can’t offer a decent betrothal gift, at least I should be able to provide her with a decent place to stay, right?”


    The two chatted all the way to a newly opened real estate sales office.
The sales lady inside welcomed them with great enthusiasm.
This was not a first-tier city, so the housing price was still within an acceptable range.
The two of them went around the showrooms and calculated in their hearts that if the two of them worked together, they would still be able to afford a basic unit. 


   After coming out of the sales office, Pang Deyou looked at Guo Ming with a serious look: “Doctor, He Xiangguo said before that we will be affiliated to his unit in the future, there will also be monthly salary subsidies.
But with the monthly salary of the people here, I am afraid that they will have to save for many years before they can buy a house..”


    “What are you thinkin?”


    “I wonder if they have Black & Red list here?”


    “Are you trying to earn more money using your martial art?” Guo Ming raised her eyes with interest and asked him.
The so-called Black and Red list is a secret list of the Tianrong Kingdom.
The list comprises various tasks, such as money escorting, assassination, there are also treatment request for difficult and complicated diseases at high prices.
It was said that it was actually an organization that specializes in intelligence gathering.
The leader of the organization cherishes his life and loves money, so he came out with such a profitable business.
On the one hand, he could trade all kinds of information for money, on the other hand, he could also get acquainted with many kinds of people through the process.
Because his position had always been neutral, as he earns a lot of money along the way, he could still survive safely because of the huge network of relationships.


    “Yeah, I could only rely on the martial art I have.
I don’t expect to be able to earn a lot of money here, but at least I could earn enough to live and eat without worries!”


    Both of them were silent.
To be honest, if you are alone by yourself, no matter where you live or do, there wouldn’t be much of a problem.
But now, with someone you love, who doesn’t want to give the one you love the best? What’s more, the two of them have such abilities themselves.
Even in the Tianrong Kingdom, they were feared by all the people just by mentioning their names.
But in this completely unfamiliar environment, if it weren’t for Guo Ming’s ability to heal and help Pang Deyou along the way financially, no one knows what will become of Peng Deyou.


    Guo Ming also felt that the inn-like house Wu Yuanyuan now lives in, although it’s in a good commercial area, is too small.  She stubbornly believes that her woman should live in a high end compound and with groups of servants to serve her.
She should not need to work too, so that you don’t have to consider whether it will affect the next day’s work if you decided to get intimate with each other in the evening.
Thinking of this, Guo Ming’s heart was racing again and Wu Yuanyuan’s shy face last night flashed in her mind, her soft and fair body, warm and moist.


    A blast of music interrupted Guo Ming’s erotic thoughts, Pang Deyou’s phone was ringing.
Looking down, it was actually Sun Zhicheng calling.
After answering the phone, Pang Deyou smiled happily: “Be a bodyguard for your friend? No problem!”


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