This bar called “Silver Moon” has been frequented by Wu Yuanyuan and Zhang Qiang since college.
The boss is a very funny fat man.
Nobody, including the boss himself, knows the reason why he and his friends decided to start this bar.
Probably entirely for fun.
His friend is a resident singer every night.
The styles of the songs are random and it depends on the mood.
The boss himself, in addition to bartending, also occasionally launches homemade dishes.
Yes, it’s a dish.
What you can have in this bar may not only be nutty snacks, but also real dishes if you are lucky.


    When Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming arrived at the bar, Zhang Qiang hadn’t come yet.
The two chose a place near the stage.
When the resident singer Cai Ge saw Wu Yuanyuan, he smiled and nodded hello to her.
Wu Yuanyuan returned the greeting and sent a drink up to the singer.


    The two sat there listening to the songs and chatting.
Wu Yuanyuan was telling Guo Ming an interesting story about this bar when she noticed Guo Ming’s unwavering look.
The affectionate look revealed in those eyes made Wu Yuanyuan blush.


    “You come around and make the seasons change


    You come around and leave the way you came


    You make me wanna give my heart away” 


   On the stage, Cai Ge’s low voice came slowly.
Although it was a song originally sung by a female artist, he gave the song a new feel with his unique tone.
For a moment, the bar was quiet, Wu Yuanyuan looked at Guo Ming, Guo Ming looked back at her with a smile, her eyes deep and warm, the spotlights on the stage reflected in her pupils, like a cluster of flames, burning in the bottom of her eyes. 


    Wu Yuanyuan lowered her head shyly, raised her glass to drink, using these actions to hide her shyness.


    “Yuanyuan,” Guo Ming said suddenly, her voice low and hoarse, which brought out a different kind of sexiness.


    “Huh?” Wu Yuanyuan’s heart was beating, her pretty face flushed and her eyes were foggy.


    “You are here so early!” Zhang Qiang’s voice came from behind, piercing the moment.
Wu Yuanyuan looked up and saw Zhang Qiang and Pang Deyou walking over together.
They must have just arrived from the gym as their hair was still wet, and you can still smell the smell of shower gel on their body.  Zhang Qiang took Pang Deyou’s hand, walked over together, and sat on the sofa.


    Zhang Qiang holding Pang Deyou’s hand? Wu Yuanyuan was surprised at what she saw.
She couldn’t help but stare at Zhang Qiang with her mouth wide open and her eyes widened.
Zhang Qiang sat beside Pang Deyou.
Although she looked a little shy, she didn’t let go of her hand and she raised her chin boldly.
She seemed to be using this to respond to Wu Yuanyuan’s surprise.


    Guo Ming had discovered this difference a long time ago and looked at Pang Deyou playfully.
Pang Deyou’s handsome face was a little blush, but he still looked at the two people sitting at the opposite side with a straight face, then he solemnly said: “Miss Wu, Doctor Guo, Qiang Qiang and I have decided to become a couple.
Today, I am here to inform the two of you.
“After that, he arched his hands.


    In an instant, all the earlier romantic feelings evaporated and turned into curiosity.
With a raging flame of urgency expressed in Wu Yuanyuan’s eyes, she looked at Zhang Qiang, raised her eyebrows and asked, “What’s going on?”


    Zhang Qiang took the wine list handed over by Guo Ming and gave it to Pang Deyou, and then turned to look at Wu Yuanyuan with a shy smile: “What’s going on? It’s just that we can get along with each other, so now we are together!”


    “Oh, don’t tell me! Who initiated the courting? Peng Deyou is like a block of wood, I guess he is unlikely to start it.
You must be the one who initiated it.”


    “What are you talking about, who is a block of wood! Deyou is mature and stable!” Zhang Qiang immediately became unhappy and jumped to the defence when she heard Wu Yuanyuan insulting her boyfriend. 


    Guo Ming looked at Pang Deyou with a knowing smile and made Pang Deyou blush.
However, the two of them didn’t say anything more about this matter, but watched the two girls around them laugh and argue with each other, it was so lively.


    They continued to drink and chat like this, Wu Yuanyuan had long forgotten why she called everyone to the bar tonight.
At this moment, she only wanted to ask about the courting process of Zhang Qiang’s love but Zhang Qian didn’t reveal much.
The commotion they caused caught the attention from those at a few tables away.


    After a while, the waiter came over with a bottle of champagne and said to Guo Ming that it was given to her by a gentleman at the next table.
Everyone was very surprised.
They looked over together.
Five to six men and two women were sitting at the next table.
Seeing Guo Ming looking over, a gentleman in glasses raised his wine glass to Guo Ming and nodded.
Upon seeing this, Guo Ming also arched her hands to express her thanks.


    Upon seeing this, Zhang Qian couldn’t help teasing Guo Ming: “Guo Ming is so charming~ I didn’t expect a man to give you champagne!” Pang Deyou added, “That man must have set eyes on you! Your charm is extraordinary!”


    After hearing this, Guo Ming just smiled but Wu Yuanyuan felt irritated by the event.
It was the feeling of your prize possession being coveted by others.
Guo Ming stopped the waiter who was about to leave after he opened the bottle, and sent a bottle of the same champagne back to the gentleman.
Wu Yuanyuan felt a little happy now, couldn’t help but smile at Guo Ming again.


    After a while, the waiter walked over to the man with champagne and Guo Ming followed the man’s previous manner of toasting and nodding over.
Completely ignoring the surprise and anger in the other’s eyes.


    Everyone sat for a while longer and checked the time.
It was almost time to go home.
After all, the girls had to go to work the next day.
Guo Ming also made an appointment the next day to go to a friend introduced by the Zeng family for consultation.
Just as she was about to ask the waiter for the bill, the gentleman from the next table came over.


    “Hi Beautiful, I think you are very charming.
I would like to befriend you.
I didn’t expect you to also have a good character.” The man was holding a wine glass in one hand and a bottle of high-quality wine in the other.
He poured himself a glass and was waiting for Guo Ming’s glass while holding the bottle.


    Guo Ming smiled faintly, “Thank you, I won’t drink anymore, I have enjoyed myself today, let’s drink again if we meet again!”


    The man felt insulted and looked at Guo Ming with a sneer: “Is the beautiful woman not giving me face?”


    Zhang Qian was about to get up when she saw this but was pulled back by Pang Deyou.
She saw that Pang was looking at the man with a funny expression, so she remained sitting and continued watching.


    Wu Yuanyuan was getting angry now, how dare he force a girl to drink with him.
She stood up, her voice inevitably sharper because she was annoyed.


    “We made it clear to you that we don’t want to drink anymore, what do you mean by we are not giving you face?”


    When the man heard it, he stared at Wu Yuanyuan with his eyes, drank the wine in the glass in one gulp, reached out his finger and pointed at Wu Yuanyuan.
What he didn’t expect was that just as he stretched out his hand, he felt a sore on his wrist and the wine glass fell out from his hand.
Then he saw that his hand was being twisted towards him at an unreasonable angle.
In order to avoid the pain, he could not help but turn around in a circle and then found that the wine glass was put back in my hand.
As he raised his head, he was now facing the direction of his table, and a voice came from behind: “So long!”


    Guo Ming wiped her hands with a tissue and paid the bill.
They left the bar after that and the people from the next table also left the bar with them.


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