From that day onwards, Zhang Qiang became a very busy person.
Besides going to work every day, she will learn martial arts moves from Pang Deyou.
Fortunately, Zhang Qiang still has her basic skills.
After all, she had achieved Taekwondo 3 dan black belt and her body flexibility was still good.
It’s just that the Pang’s family knife technique requires a lot of explosive power from the body, so a lot of strength training was added.
In addition, Pang Deyou was a very strict teacher, he teaches meticulously, one stroke by one stroke, he does not allow any room for mistakes.
He said that fighting against the enemy is never a trivial matter.
You must be 100% sure about life-critical decisions.
Apart from being shy and blushing and not letting Zhang Qiang exercise in a sports vest and leggings, Pang Deyou was really a good teacher.


    As Zhang Qiang and Pang Deyou were busy practicing martial arts every day, Wu Yuanyuan was in trouble over her side.


    It’s actually a very simple issue.
As a young woman who has not had a boyfriend for more than three years after graduating from university, she naturally had to accept the kindness from her family: “Match making.”


    In fact, Wu Yuanyuan herself was quite speechless when it came to having a boyfriend.
During junior high and high school, her family members said studying hard is more important and not to fall in love too early.
After entering college, she had a relationship with two boyfriends.
But each was not long, in fact not more than a semester.
They all ended without reasons.
The strangest thing was that she didn’t even feel sad about the break up.
Wu Yuanyuan sometimes wonders whether there was something wrong with herself? Maybe it’s because they didn’t really like each other enough  to feel sad when breaking up.
To really think about it seriously, Wu Yuanyuan hasn’t found anyone she really likes.
She entered the relationship with them most likely because she was moved by their sincerity during their pursuit.
There are still so many delicious foods to eat and so many fun things to do in this world, who has time to fall in love? Wu Yuanyuan had never felt particularly lonely.
So the matter of falling in love has been dragged on all this time until now, her parents finally noticed it, and their request was very simple: “Match making!”


    Wu Yuanyuan had seen it many times in movies and TV series regarding Match making.
However, now that it was her turn, she was a little resistant to it but at the same time curious.
After all, this is something she has never done before.


    On Friday night, Zhang Qiang and Pang Deyou were still stuck in the gym and did not come back.
After dinner, Wu Yuanyuan opens the closet to look for suitable attire.
She wriggled in front of the mirror after each change, and finally when trying on the third skirt, she attracted the attention of Guo Ming.


    “Miss Wu, it’s already quite late, are you going out?”


    “I’ve said it many times before, call me Yuanyuan.
Why are you still calling me Miss Wu? It feels so strange, Miss Guo!”


    “…Oh, Yuanyuan.”


    “My mom called and asked me to have a meal tomorrow with my second aunt’s son.
He came and is living alone in City A.
She wants us to get to know each other so that we could provide him with assistance when required.  Hey, I could clearly hear from her tone that she was actually trying to Match Make us.”


    “Match Make?”


    “Yeah, It must be because I don’t have a boyfriend yet, so they are anxious to find me one and hoping that we could get married! No idea who’s the one who brought up the subject to them.
They didn’t urge me about this the last time I went home.” Wu Yuanyuan said while changing to another set.


    “Do you think I should wear pants or a skirt?”


    “You look good in all of them.”


    “You must dress up well, that’s what my mother said, do not bring shame to our old Wu family.”


    “You are already very beautiful.
Smart, gentle and pleasant, whoever marries you is going to be very lucky.” Guo Ming looked at Wu Yuanyuan’s face and said slowly.


    Wu Yuanyuan felt her face flushed suddenly, her heart seemed to miss a beat again, and  she became tongue tied.


    “Then~Which skirt looks best…?”


    “This one.” Guo Ming walked over and took out a moon-white dress from the closet.
The simple style is decorated with the same color embroidery on the waistband and skirt corners, and there is no other decoration.


    “The first time I saw you, you were wearing this skirt.
At that time, the bangs weren’t that long.
When you look at people, your eyes are bright.” Guo Ming then stretched out her hand and brushed Wu Yuanyuan’s bangs, her fingertips accidentally touched her forehead, her body temperature seemed to stay on her hand at that moment.


    Wu Yuanyuan was motionless for a while, recovered herself and quickly grabbed the skirt in Guo Ming’s hand and said: “Okay, then I will wear this tomorrow.”


    “Is it noon or evening?”


    “Tomorrow afternoon.”


    “Then I will go with you.”




    ————————————————– ———————————–


    The next day, Guo Ming accompanied Wu Yuanyuan and together they arrived at the place they had agreed upon, a small cafe.
The location inside was not big, there were not many people yet.
The decoration was very exquisite and there is a big bar specializing in hand-made coffee.
The man named Muzi arrived early, and he was already sitting there waiting when they arrived.
After introducing each other, Guo Ming sat at the table next to them, ordered something for herself and started eating.


    She ordered pizza and fruit tea as usual, Guo Ming started looking at the store while eating.
After a while, the waitress at the bar brought a Portuguese tart over and said it’s complimentary.
Guo Ming looked at the round-faced girl, smiled gently and said thank you to her.
The girl blushed and said you’re welcome, then turned and left.


    Seeing this, Wu Yuanyuan suddenly felt that everything in front of her was dull.
The person in front of her was not so pleasant anymore and the food became less delicious.


Wu, what hobbies do you usually like to do?” Muzi asked from the side.


    “It’s nothing special, it’s just eating, drinking, and having fun.”


    “I usually like reading books, I like sports too, like playing basketball and swimming.
Does Miss Wu like swimming? If you are interested, we can go swim together.”


    “I don’t have any sports cells inside me, the only thing that I persisted in doing was group exercise every day when I was a student.”


    “Haha, Miss Wu, you are so humorous.”


    This kind of boring dialogue persisted until the end of the meal.
It was nothing more than questions for the two to understand each other.
When it was time for the bill, Wu Yuanyuan exhaled and secretly rejoiced within herself.
Fortunately, Muzi didn’t continue to ask more questions, otherwise he might even ask how many children she planned to have after marriage.


    Wu Yuanyuan wanted to split the bill, but Muzi insisted on paying for it and even paid Guo Ming’s share.
After the three said farewell to each other, they separated.


    “What do you think of him?” Guo Ming asked.


    “Nothing special.
Just an ordinary person.
He doesn’t have many bad habits, nor many good points.
Ordinary, simple, and sincere.”


If that is true.
Will you start a relationship with him?” Guo Ming asked again.


    Wu Yuanyuan glanced at her: “How could it be possible? A loveless relationship is a waste of time.
But you, why would a little girl treat you to a Portuguese tart?”


    “How would I know? But it’s really delicious.”


    “Huh, it’s delicious! Then you should come here every day.” Wu Yuanyuan was a little agitated for no obvious reason.
She swung her hands and walked away quickly.
Suddenly she felt her hand being pulled, and a gentle voice came from behind: “slow down and watch out for the cars.”


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