Back at the police station, they handed the bag to their superior officer.
When they opened to check the bag, they found that it was full of candy-like objects.
After further identification, it was found to be a type soft drug, which was called “□□, □□”.
Inexperienced young people in their 20s were their main target consumers.
Because they look like cute candies, they reduce the alertness of these young people.
In addition, drug dealers were advocating that this soft drug was not addictive, so a large number of young people believed it and tried it boldly.
However, as long as you start it, there will be a second and a third time, because the addiction of this kind of drug does not come from physical dependence, but spiritual dependence.
In fact, mental dependence was more difficult to quit.
Furthermore, because the body does not display any withdrawal symptoms such as trembling, biting and runny nose, many young people did not take it seriously.
This has caused a large number of young people to become addicted to these drugs.
Thinking to themselves that they are not “addicted.” Finally, by the time they realized that they were extremely dependent on it, it was too late.


    “So the best way to quit this is not to start it.” After explaining to Guo Ming and Pang Deyou what the contents were, Captain Chen summed up with this comment.


    After listening, Pang Deyou looked at Guo Ming with a strange expression.
It seems like this kind of “medicine” that will make you feel uncomfortable and want more after consuming.
Our  genius doctor Wuming has many in her pockets.


   After the driver had completed the interrogation, it was well past midnight.
Everyone did not feel relaxed.
If it’s not for the driver that switched the drugs originally used for trading, they could have captured all three groups in one single operation.
It is a pity that Zhao Da and Li Si who were fighting in the midnight snack stall were only issued with a public order punishment.
On the driver’s side, there was no further direct action required as everyone knows that the buyer behind the driver must have known the content of Zhao Da’s transaction.
Why did he need to steal the goods? That was what they needed to find out .


    But at the moment, the rest of the detective work has nothing to do with Guo Ming and Pang Deyou.
Before leaving, Captain Chen told Guo Ming that they would send their temporary ID card to them in two days.
Then he asked curiously: “Miss Guo, how did you know that the driver had switched Zhao Da’s things?”


    “I don’t know how a driver would behave, but I do know how a thief is likely to behave.
The driver took care of his hands very well, they are very well maintained, and he was very careful to protect his hands.
Did you notice that  his actions to help pick up and put the luggage was very gentle, Huh? It’s not due to weakness, but he was reluctant to hurt his hand with a careless mistake.”


    Captain Chen sent them out, and returned to the interrogation room to find that the “driver” indeed had a pair of dexterous and beautiful hands.
It is not an exaggeration to say that they were beautiful.
The hands themselves were long and slender.
The fingers were slender and well maintained.
They were also white and soft, almost the same standard as the hand models on TV.


    By the time Guo Ming and Pang Deyou reached home, it was almost two o’clock in the night.
She used the key Wu Yuanyuan had given to her to open the door.
As the door opened, she saw Wu Yuanyuan asleep on the sofa under a blanket.
Hearing the sound of the door, She opened her eyes slightly, and said in a tired and happy voice: “You are home.
That’s great.”


    Guo Ming’s heart skipped a beat suddenly.
The girl on the sofa was squinting her eyes into a beautiful narrow crescent shape.
Her long hair was scattered on her shoulders.
Wearing a blue T-shirt and shorts with the “robot cat” printed on it.
She was trying to raise her face, clearly not fully awake yet, and tried to smile at her.
Guo Ming blushed suddenly.


    She said, You are home.
That’s great.


    Guo Ming drove her to the master bedroom, where Zhang Qiang had been asleep long ago, but fortunately, her sleeping manner was okay, and most of the bed was left for Wu Yuanyuan.
Back in the guest room and sitting on the window sill, Guo Ming suddenly remembered something.
In the twenty-six years that she has lived, no one has said ever to her, come home.


    The master hardly talked to herself.  She remembered when she was young, her routine was to take medicinal baths, practicing martial arts, learning medicine, and making medicine.
Then she tried them on herself, and then healed the wounds in the medicinal baths and tried again.
Maybe it’s because she lives in the mountains all this while, that she doesn’t know what kind of life the children in the real world were like.
Guo Ming has never felt happy or hard in her life.
The only thing she knew was to keep learning and learn how to survive.
So that when she gets older, she can receive a mission to kill or save people according to the master’s requirements.
During this process, she learned about the existence of the human world, and realized that life was not just about pharmacy practice.
Within a few years, the master died of old age.
She continued to live by herself.
There were people who came with pots of gold or silver to ask for help.
Whether she would do it or not depends on her mood.
That’s why there is a saying that “the nameless magical doctor, life and death depends on the heart”.


    But in fact, Guo Ming was not a recalcitrant person.
She was not what people called “living widow” in the South, someone who laughs and loves with you during this moment, and takes your life the next moment.


    She continued to sit on the windowsill and remembered Wu Yuanyuan’s appearance when she entered the house.
It gave Guo Ming a joy she had never felt before.
She stood up, smiled to herself and went to bed.


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