In the end, of course, he didn’t find the mountain chopper that Pang needed.
After taking him to change his clothes, Pang was equipped with a new knife from 208 and everyone set off with their respective Captains.


    Guo Ming and Pang Deyou followed Captain Chen to a parking lot diagonally across from the hotel, and stayed in the car.
Chen gave the two binoculars and pointed to the three young men laughing in the hotel lobby and said that they are the detectives arranged to monitor Zhao Da and the others.


    “They looked very young.” Pang Deyou said.


    “Yeah, isn’t this just the end of the college entrance examination? Their identities are  freshman traveling after the college entrance examination.”


    “Well, it’s also in line with the price of this hotel.” Guo Ming interjected.


    The three of them continued to chat in the car.
Guo Ming knew that they were not only the car in the parking lot that belonged to the police, but she didn’t bother to identify the other vehicles.
From time to time, listening to the reports of movement in the earphones, Guo Ming felt that this place was really convenient.
If Tianrong Kingdom also had such a system, her actions would be a lot more difficult.


    Just as she was thinking about it, she heard Captain Chen announce “They are here.” Sure enough, a taxi stopped at the door and three men came out.
Their appearances were not very clear from this far away, but their body shapes were probably the same person shown in the pictures.
The three of them were pulling three trolley cases, and there were three big hand carry bags on top of the cases.
They looked tired.


    Seeing the three people entering the hotel, the three young detectives in the lobby were still laughing and playing with their phones, pretending nothing had happened.
It was only after the three had checked in at the front desk, dragged their cases directly into the elevator, that they started their actions.


    After Zhao Da’s group had completely entered the elevator, the three young detectives in the lobby got up and entered another elevator.


    Guo, Pang, and Chen continued to wait in the car.
About ten minutes later, a new instruction came from the headset.
It was from the team monitoring Li Si, ZhuoWu, Wu Liu.
They reported that Li Si’s group had left the place where they ate, and nowhere to be found.
Before leaving, he had made two phone calls.
Just as the message ended, there was another report from the earphones.
It turned out that the Zhao Da’s group had also left the room and brought with them a large handbag.


    A few minutes later, the three of them emerged from the hotel front door with a big black handbag.
As soon as they reached the lobby pickup area, a taxi drove up to them.
Zhao Da reached his hand out and stopped the taxi.
The driver got out of the car and attentively helped them place the handbag into the trunk.


    Just as Captain Chen started the car and was about to set off, a car that had been parked next to the hotel turned on the turning signal light and followed.
When Guo Ming recalled the driver’s face she saw, she couldn’t help but smile.


    After driving for about twenty minutes, the taxi driver parked the car near a row of late night food stalls, got out of the car, took out the black bag from the trunk, handed it over to Zhao Da , and drove off.
Another car belonging to Captain Chen’s team was parked not far away, but no one got off.
They were just sitting there and observing.
Captain Chen looked around and was about to stop his car when he heard Guo Ming say: “Catch up with that taxi.” Captain Chen was taken aback for a moment: “What for?”


    “To retrieve Zhao Da’s bag.”


    Captain Chen stopped asking when he heard those words, and drove forward.


    The taxi suddenly accelerated in the city, ignoring the people from the midnight food stalls raising their hands to flag the taxi.
He continued driving like that until he reached somewhere with fewer people.
At that moment, Captain Chen accelerated forward, blocked the taxi path and forced him to stop on the side of the road.
As soon as he stopped the car, Pang Deyou got out and vomited violently on the side of the road.
Guo Ming rushed forward and apprehended the taxi driver, who was holding a dagger and trying to escape, with a few easy moves.
When Captain Chen opened the taxi trunk, sure enough, there was another black handbag!


    ————————————————– ———————————–


    As he was reporting to his colleagues on the scene to inform them of the situation here, Captain Chen learned that something had gone wrong with Zhao Da’s meeting.
In order not to expose the operation, the team members there did not show up.
Instead, the security police were arranged to go there and arrest all the people in the meeting.


    Surprisingly, instead of six people, there were ten people present in the meeting.
In addition to Zhao Da’s group of three, Li Si’s group of three, there were also two Taiwanese and two Thais present.
When there are foreign nationals involved, the security police had no choice but to let the embassy intervene and take their people away.
The six people who remained provided the same confession.
Zhao Da brought the latest product samples from the factory for the meeting.
Li Si was the broker and introduced the Taiwanese customer to them.
Unexpectedly, Zhao Da’s sample was a bag of dog food and this angered the customer.
They felt disrespected and a fight broke out.


    Without question, the actual food samples that Zhao Da brough over is the bag that Captain Chen is currently holding.
The driver was questioned and held in the back seat.
Pang Deyou, who had just finished vomiting, sat next to him and was staring at him coldly.
The driver could feel the hatred from Pang and had the feeling that this man would attack him at any moment.
The driver was puzzled.
After squinting at him several times, he couldn’t help but ask: “Bro…..Do we know each other?…” In return, Pang rolled his eyes.
“Why do you hate me so much…?”


    Guo Ming turned around in the front row: “Who asked you to drive so fast earlier on? He’s having motion sickness now because of you!”


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