In order to facilitate the ease of communications between them, Wu Yuanyuan used her own ID card to help Guo Ming purchase a mobile phone and taught her how to use it.
The next morning, the Zeng family sent a driver to pick up Guo Ming and Pang Deyou at Wu Yuanyuan’s unit.
Yes, Wu Yuanyuan now has got another bodyguard.


    With regards to this, although Wu Yuanyuan declined several times, Guo Ming insisted.
On one hand, before the police complete the investigations regarding those people they caught (Guo Ming now know that they are called police), Guo Ming didn’t want any thing to happen to the kind girl who took them in; on the other hand, Guo Ming planned to annihilate the whole group of them, so she followed Ms.
Wu everywhere to see if anyone had slipped through the net and might be back to seek revenge.


    Arriving at the Zeng family’s mansion, the Zeng family was already waiting at the gate.
Unexpectedly, Liang Jili was also present with the Zeng family.
Seeing the two of them, the couple hurried forward, Liang Jili also smiled and said: “Hahaha, you are here! I am here to learn from you today!” Inside the mansion, they had arranged a sumptuous spread of refreshments for them.
Guo Ming declined and proceeded upstairs with Pang Deyou.


    Zeng Miaomiao had already been lying on the bed waiting.
She was on her stomach, constantly looking at the direction of the door.
Seeing Guo Ming and the others, there was a hint of joy in her eyes.
Knowing that her legs might recover, she was really happy.  She was unable to sleep at first and had been tossing for a long time before finally falling asleep.
The sad and lifeless look on her face had also disappeared.
Although she still looked pale and weak, it seemed to be much better now.


    Both Guo Ming and Pang Deyou cleaned their hands, one stood beside the bed and the other stood at the foot of the bed.
Guo Ming looked at Zeng Miaomiao, and said softly to her: “Two places within your body had been seriously injured.
One is the spine, it’s broken into 2 pieces.
Secondly, the broken bone had injured your meridians.
In a short while I will help you straighten your bones and reconnect them together.
Once this part is done, we will then help you sort out the meridians, which will take about a month to heal altogether.
After that, we will help recondition your damaged meridians.
This will take about 6 months or more.”


    Hearing this, Zeng Miaomiao’s eyes lit up again, full of anticipation and gratitude.


    “However, the whole process is going to be very painful.
The bones are of no concern, but reconnecting the meridians is like scratching the heart, painful and itchy, very unbearable.
And reconditioning the broken meridians is even more painful.”


    “Will you be able to take it?”


    Zeng Miaomiao looked at Guo Ming, nodded solemnly, and said, “Doctor Guo, I’m not afraid!”


    “Then let’s start!”


    Lifting off the bed sheet, Guo Ming started from Zeng Miaomiao’s neck, pressing her way down inch by inch, along the way, she depressed four of the acupuncture points, namely Dazhui, Body Pillar, Lingtai, and Zhiyang.
When he reached the acupoint in the spine, Zeng Miaomiao was already sweating profusely and shaking all over.
Guo Ming continued to press the points with her left hand, and took out three bright gold needles with her right hand.
They were shining in her fingertips.
When she found the broken bone area, Guo Ming stretched out her hand, and in a flash, the three golden needles were inserted into the waist.
In an instant, another three needles appeared in her hand.
They too were inserted into  Zeng Miaomiao’s waist.


    All in all, within a short span of time, a total of twelve golden needles were inserted into Zeng Miaomiao’s waist to reconnect the broken bones.
When the first three needles were inserted, the mother couldn’t help screaming, and the father’s mouth was pressing tightly together.


    On the other hand, Zeng Miaomiao had exerted so much force when holding the bed sheet that her knuckles turned white.


    Guo Ming asked: “Can you take it?”


    Zeng Miaomiao nodded: “I can take it.”




    Guo Ming nodded at Pang Deyou, who was pressing his hands against the soles of Zeng Miaomiao’s feet, curled his index and middle finger slightly, pressed his knuckles against the corresponding acupuncture points and exerted force.


    Zeng Miaomiao couldn’t stand it any more, she hummed softly, and began to tremble.
It turns out that when people are in extreme pain, they can’t even scream.
The Zeng family watched their daughter tremble on the bed, sweat oozing from the pores at a speed visible to the naked eye, and soon the whole bed sheet was wet.


    Liang Jili couldn’t stand it anymore, and hurriedly asked: “Dr Guo, can you give the child anesthesia?”


She must stay awake for the best result.”


    “I… It’s okay… It’s okay!” Zeng Miaomiao said with gritted teeth, her voice was already hoarse, not as sweet as when they first entered the door.


    “Okay!” said Guo Ming, she climbed directly onto the bed, spread her feet, and squatted on the bed near Zeng Miaomiao’s head.
She grabbed Zeng Miaomiao’s hands, pressed the palms against each other, and a stream of qi slowly entered Zeng Miaomiao’s body.
It’s a pity that this qi didn’t make Zeng Miaomiao feel any better, but aggravated the itch and pain.
Zeng Miaomiao now feels like she is being bitten by thousands of ants, and everything from the scalp to the toes is painful and unbearable.
She wanted to scream and forget all of this, but when she thought about her legs and her dreams, she pressed on!


    Guo Ming didn’t stop until Zeng Miaomiao passed out.
The process took about 40 minutes, by then, Guo Ming and Pang Deyou were also drenched in sweat.
After reminding the Zeng family not to remove the golden needle from the waist, they returned to the living room.


    “Your daughter has a very strong will, I am impressed!” Guo Ming clasped his fists.


    “Doctor Guo, Miao Miao, she… Is she going to be okay?” The mother couldn’t help but ask.


    “It’s okay, to reconnect the meridians, we will need to condition her meridians with Qi.
Only when the meridians are strong enough, then we can reconnect it.
Otherwise, the force may damage the meridians and there will be no chance of recovery.


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