After getting off the subway, Teddy headed straight to the store.
He opened the door and cleaned the shop all by himself.
When everything was almost done, the other two employees arrived.
Together, they arranged the decorations outside the shop and opened for business.

Pang Deyou had been watching from the opposite building for a long time, then he switched with Zhang Qiang to continue to monitor the store.
He went to rest.
When it was time to close in the evening, he returned to the store and saw that all the employees had left.
Teddy had finished packing and was holding a cloth bag while locking the door, so Pang quickly followed him.

Teddy didn’t go straight to the subway station after leaving the store.
Instead, he turned a corner and walked to a nearby park.
Pang Deyou was suspicious.
What was this person doing in the park late at night if he wasn’t going to dance in the square?

The large open space in the square was crowded with people dancing.
On the left were people doing square dancing, on the right were those doing ballroom dancing.
The sound system was turned up to the maximum, as if it was a competition.

However, Teddy did not approach the crowd.
Instead, he walked around the bustling crowd and went into the woods.
Pang Deyou followed him from afar, using light steps all the way, not even making any sound.

Teddy walked into the woods and found a long bench to sit down on.
He looked around, as if waiting for something.
Pang Deyou didn’t dare to get too close because this place was rarely visited.
If he appeared out of nowhere, he would surely be discovered.

From a distance, Pang Deyou saw Teddy speaking, but the distance was too far to hear what he was saying.
He saw Teddy bow his head and open the cloth bag, while speaking to the empty space in front of him.

At this moment, Pang Deyou couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat; there was clearly no one in front of Teddy! Who was he talking to? Pang Deyou was angry and asked the author: “Didn’t we agree on a time-traveling story? Why is there supernatural elements? I’m not afraid of killing people, but I’m afraid of ghosts!”

After being glared at by the author, Pang Deyou continued to look closely and realized that there were actually a few dark figures in front of Teddy.
Teddy opened the cloth bag and took out some food to feed them.
The food clearly attracted those dark figures, and Pang Deyou could hear the “meows” of pleasure.

“I can’t believe I came all the way here to watch someone feed cats on a late night!” Pang Deyou really wanted to beat up the author, but after thinking about it, he was afraid that the author would write about him having problems at his wedding ceremony, so he forcefully suppressed his anger.

On the first day of surveillance, it ended after watching Teddy return home.
The next day, Pang Deyou continued to follow Teddy, while Guo Ming slipped into Teddy’s home, placed all the surveillance equipment as instructed by Zhang Qiang, and began to wander around the house.

It was hard to tell, but Teddy was a fitness enthusiast.
He lived in a loft apartment with a high ceiling, divided into two levels.
The first level was quite spacious, with a large floor-to-ceiling window that had a great view and sunlight.
The second level only had half the area of the first and had a single bed, a wardrobe, a combination bookshelf, a desk, and a chair.
On the first level, aside from the bathroom near the entrance and the semi-open kitchen next to it, there was only a sofa and a wall covered by projection equipment.
The remaining space had a treadmill, a combination fitness machine, a yoga mat in the corner, and a dumbbell rack with dumbbells of varying weights.
It was like a small gym.

Guo Ming tried out all the fitness equipment in Teddy’s home and left satisfied, thinking to herself, “This guy really knows how to enjoy himself.
Exercising while looking at the view or watching a movie feels great!”

For the next two days, Pang Deyou didn’t get any results from tracking.
Teddy just led a simple life.
He woke up at 5am every day, ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes, then did strength and stretching training.
He showered around 7am, left to take the subway at around 7:30am, cleaned the bookstore, made breakfast for himself, opened the bookstore at 9am, and stayed there all day.
The store closed at 8:30pm and he went to feed the cats in the park before going home.
By the time he got home it was after 9:30pm, and he didn’t seem to have any other hobbies.
He read a bit before going to bed early and then woke up at 5am again the next day.

After a few days of surveillance, the three of them found nothing that could prove Teddy’s identity.
All they saw was a young person with a simple and regular life who had strong self-discipline.
If it wasn’t for Golden Retriever’s message, they would never have connected this young man to the killer group’s assassins.

“Do you think we might have the wrong person?” Zhang Qiang hesitated as she looked at the handsome face in the photo she had taken secretly.

“We can’t just wait like this.
If he hasn’t received any missions recently, we can’t determine if he’s a killer or not,” one of them said.

“Yeah, what should we do then?”

“Let’s test him directly.
Just because he loves fitness doesn’t mean he’s a martial arts expert.
If we can find out that he has exceptional skills, it will prove that he’s not an ordinary person.
Then we won’t have the wrong guy,” Guo Ming suggested.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

The next afternoon, Guo Ming went into the bookstore according to plan and pretended to be infatuated with Teddy.
Besides intentionally holding Teddy’s hand when paying for drinks, she also asked for his WeChat account when he brought her the drinks.

Perhaps she acted too eagerly, her evil-looking face frightened Teddy.
After he pulled his hand back, not only did he not exchange WeChat with her, but he also switched to another waiter to serve Guo Ming.

Satisfied that she had left a deep impression on him, Guo Ming walked out of the bookstore.

At 8:30 pm when the bookstore closed, Teddy left with a cloth bag and walked to a small grove in the park.
This time, he wasn’t alone in the grove.
After he sat down, another person walked up behind him.

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