After Zhang Qiang got the materials translated by her friend, she immediately returned to the hotel.

“It seems that we can only dig up this much information from Xiao Quan.” Zhang Qiang handed over a piece of paper with the content of the translation written on it.

“There is a companion Teddy in H city, and his task issuer is in J city.” Pang Deyou looked at Guo Ming and continued: “The one in H city can be found directly.
Regarding the task issuer, we only know that the person is now in H city, except for the code name ‘Golden Retriever’, the rest of the background information is unknown.”

“No other background information? How do we find him?” Guo Ming asked.

“WeChat communication.” Pang Deyou glanced at the translation again and said to Guo Ming.

“Okay, then let’s get to this Teddy first, and see if we can get more information from him.
As for the one named golden retriever, Zhang Qiang, can you think of a way to find him?”

“I think this matter should be reported to our higher authority.
With official technical support, even if our actions are still personal actions, many other problems can be resolved.”

“Okay, then report it.” Guo Ming and Pang Deyou agreed.

N City Hospital.

Xiao Quan who was in the special care unit suddenly suffered from multiple failures of major organs, so he was transferred to the ICU.
After all the checks by doctors, they could not find any visible cause, it was as if the internal organs of Xiao Quan suddenly went directly from young adults to old age, or were dying.

Although no obvious cause could be found, doctors still tried their best to treat him.
But the strange thing was that his internal organs did not improve nor deteriorate, no matter whether he took the medicine or not.

It was strange.

In City A, the comrades from the provincial department received Zhang Qiang’s call and the original audio recording, and the translated content.
They immediately reported the materials to the security department and waits for the next instruction.

The security department got the information, held a meeting overnight, and finally decided that officially they cannot intervene as there was no viable evidence to clearly identify these people.
So this matter can only be temporarily regarded as “personal action”.
But while conveying this decision, it also hinted that if you need technical support, you can ask for them.

This was consistent with Zhang Qiang’s guess.
As a result, the mobile phones of Xiao Quan and Akita, which were originally kept by the N city bureau as evidence, were all sent to the corresponding technical department in a hurry to analyze for useful information.

Teddy from City H is a young and handsome neon youth.
About 1.8 meters tall, gentle and quiet, he has been the manager of a bookstore for almost four years.
Because of his handsome appearance and likable personality, he has almost become a living sign of that bookstore.

When Zhang Qiang went to the bookstore, she saw that he was serving water to customers, and the sun had just shone in from the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, coating his body with a layer of gold.
Perhaps feeling that he was being watched, Teddy raised his eyes to see Zhang Qiang, and then smiled shyly.
That smile was not big, but it was warm.
So much so that Zhang Qiang was a little suspicious herself, how could such a warm and clean boy be a killer?

“On the surface, this Teddy doesn’t look like a bad guy.
So let’s follow up first to find out if he has an unknown side like Xiao Quan?” Zhang Qiang sat in the bookstore for three consecutive afternoons, and successfully obtained Teddy’s WeChat information.

“His circle of friends also looks very clean.
It seems that this person is hidden very deeply.
Let’s follow him first.” Guo Ming said while flipping through Teddy’s circle of friends on Zhang Qiang’s phone.

Pang Deyou looked at this big boy with a shy and sunny smile, and couldn’t help sneering: “With a deceiving face, who knows what he looks like in private!” After speaking, he glanced at Zhang Qiang: “This is the kind of person most talented in deception, I’ll follow him, lest you girls are deceived by him!”

Zhang Qiang gave Pang Deyou a look, and Guo Ming hesitated for a while before she reacted: “You girls? Oh yes, I am also a girl.”

Zhang Qiang and Pang Deyou were sweaty.
Doctor Guo has even forgotten her own gender.

Monday morning roads are the most congested.
People who had taken a weekend off were all going to work today, and many still had hangover marks on their faces.
Outside Teddy’s community, Pang Deyou saw Teddy walk out of his apartment.
He finished the remaining half of the fried bun in his hand and followed in a roundabout way.

Teddy came out of the house and headed straight to the subway station.
On the way, whenever he met the neighbors from the same community, he would greet everyone warmly.
After walking a few steps, a car stopped on the side of the road.
After the window slid down, a man called out: “Teddy, going to work? Come on, I’ll give you a ride.”

Teddy looked over and waved his hand with a smile: “Brother Zhang, no thank you.
I’ll take the subway, it’s very quick, you should hurry and take Niuniu to school!”

Seeing that Teddy had no intention of taking the ride, he drove away.

On the subway, Pang Deyou deliberately got into the car from another door not far from him, and then slowly moved towards him.
The subway on Monday morning is like huge sardines can.
It was full of people.
Not only was the environment bad, but the air was also turbid.
The smell of shampoo and breakfast were mixed together.
No matter how strong the air conditioner was, there was no way to remove it.

Teddy was standing at the door, the small corner between the carriage and the seat behind the door, which was considered a relatively comfortable position.
He leaned slackly against the deck of the car, watching the advertisements and small programs on the monitor from the opposite side of the car.

As they arrived at another station, the train door opened and more people poured in.
Pang Deyou was squeezed in the carriage and his feet were almost swept off the ground.
Looking over towards Teddy’s direction, there was a female student among the newcomers.
She looked like a high school student.
She was in the middle of a group of men, and she had an uncomfortable expression on her face.

Teddy saw that too, the girl was frowning, biting her lip, and wanted to resist.
But she couldn’t do anything in such a crowded carriage.
Among the men beside her, there was a small man, he too was also looking impatient, but his eyes was always glancing at the lower body of the female student.
As he glance, he squeezed closer to the girl.

Teddy stretched out his long arms, pushed two men away, dragged the girl over, and then let the suspicious girl stay at the comfortable corner behind him.
He then stood in front of her, successfully shielding her from the crowd.

Hearing a small “thank you” coming from behind, Teddy smiled, continued to back faced the girl, and stood there firmly.

Pang Deyou saw the whole event clearly, was he helping that girl? It seems that his character is not bad.
Could it be that he is not a member of the killer group?

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