Even if the three of them tried to rush over, it still took them 10 minutes to reach Xiao Quan’s downstairs.
This time, the three of them didn’t plan to enter the house in a roundabout way from the bathroom, they rushed into the elevator and rushed up.

The three rushed to the door of the Xiao Quan’s unit in one breath.
Pang Deyou stood in front of the door and charged in with a kick.
Hearing a “bang”, the door lock was kicked off the door frame and hit the floor hard!

The three of them rushed into the bedroom without hesitation!

The two people who were doing evil in the bedroom also reacted quickly when they heard the sound, but after all, what they were doing would affect their ability to respond to some extent.
So when the three people outside rushed into the bedroom, Akita Kankan had just managed to wrap a piece of clothing around his waist, And Xiao Quan just left Yaqi’s head.

Ya Qi was tied to the bed, her hands were twisted together, her legs were spread apart and tied to the foot of the bed, with red blood spots all over her body, half of her face and the corners of her eyes were swollen, her eyes were slack, and her face was expressionless.

The sight in front of them made the three of them mad, they attacked without saying a word!

Pang Deyou, who was closest to the door, went for Akita.
Akita did not show any weakness.
Although he had no weapons in his hand, he was a master of karate and kendo after all.
He was not at all afraid and meet Peng Deyou head-on.

They fought from the bedroom to the living room.
Inside the bedroom, Guo Ming was also fighting with the naked Xiao Quan.

Xiao Quan sparred with Guo Ming initially with his bare hands.
During the fight, he managed to take out the cowhide bag holding the knife from the open wardrobe.

During the fight at the engagement banquet, although he had his knives with him and Guo Ming was fighting bare-handed, he still did not have the upper hand against Guo Ming.
If not for the reason that Guo Ming had listened to Wu Yuanyuan’s words at that time and not released any killing blow, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be any match against her either.

And now, Guo Ming is fully prepared and came with her golden needles.
What Xiao Quan is holding in his hand now are items from the Two Dollar store.
The difference in combat power is evident!

Seeing that the two of them were more than enough to deal with the two scumbags, Zhang Qiang turned around to look for the clothes for Ya Qi.
She helped her untie the bound on her hands and feet and brought her to a corner to put on her clothes.
That done, she joined in the fight by standing at the side, ambushing the two when the opportunity arises.
She would kick Xiao Quan in the back, or give Akita a punch when they were not looking in her direction.
Employing guerrilla battle tactics.
This caused them a lot of problems during the fight.

Ya Qi got dressed and shivered in the corner.
She saw Zhang Qiang go over to help, she didn’t make a sound, just took an alarm clock by the bedside and held it tightly in her hands, curled up in a ball and huddled in the corner.

Over here, both Pang Deyou and Akita were using similar fighting techniques.
Peng Deyou uses wide punches and hard kicks, and Akita’s karate and kendo are also similar.
It’s just that compared with the martial arts passed down by the Pang family, karate fared slightly inferior in both speed and explosiveness.
Therefore, Akita felt that the speed of Pang Deyou’s fists and feet did not drop, but increased.
Every time he was attacked, the parts of his body that were hit seemed to be smashed by a ton of hammers.
The pain on the surface was a trivial matter, the energy from that focal point has a destructive power on his body.
If the limbs were hit, the bones would feel like they were broken, and if the abdomen was hit, Akita felt as if his internal organs were about to shatter!

On Xiao Quan’s side, no matter how fast the knife was waving in his hand is, it can’t be faster than the golden needle in Guo Ming’s hand.
In just a dozen or so spar, several large acupoints on his body were filled with gold needles.
Under the light, he looked like a human-shaped hedgehog.
Because of the acupoints being controlled, his body’s ability to respond was getting worse and worse, and he can’t seem to lift his hands.
Looking at the opportunity, Guo Ming inserted two gold needles into his left armpit.
This time, she directly blocked half of his blood flow.
Instantly, he could not use the entire left hand and left leg.
Rely on the right half of your body to escape.

Where do you think you are going?!

The two who were almost subdued still had a hint of resistance, but at this time, Pang Deyou and Guo Ming both changed their moves.
It was no longer a dexterous way to control the enemy, but a simple and rude way of venting their anger.

The two move into close-quarter combat mode.
They kept punching and kicking the two scumbags.
They do not control their strength but avoided all fatal parts, not hurting their lives, just making them suffer.

Here, Pang Deyou keep punching Akita in the face.
Akita was becoming dizzy, and his teeth were knocked out.
He spat it out with blood and foam in his mouth.
Over there, Guo Ming directly broke the hands and feet of Xiao Quan.
In addition, she inserted a domineering qi that flows backward along his hands and feet, directly breaking all his muscles and veins.

Both scums were smashed onto the ground.
Guo Ming looked at Xiao Quan lying naked.
No matter how she looked at it, she still felt that the thing under him was disgusting and unsightly, so she simply stepped on it.
You could hear Xiao Quan”s scream a mile away!

Well, smashed.

Pang Deyou followed suit, as did Akita.

By this time, the sound from the house had already attracted the people around, but the strange thing was that everyone was just whispering around the door, their facial expressions were quite excited, and some people also say: “Look, look, they are hitting the neon devil!” Pang Deyou walked over, lifted the door, clasped it on the door frame, turned back, sat on the sofa and looked at the two people who were lying on the ground in pain and couldn’t speak, and asked Guo Ming: “What are your plans next?”

Before Guo Ming made a sound, Zhang Qiang entered the bedroom with Yaqi, comforting her repeatedly.
Ya Qi’s face was pale, her left eye was so swollen that she couldn’t open it.
She walked out of the bedroom with her legs trembling and saw the two lying on the ground.
Suddenly, with strength from nowhere, she broke away Zhang Qiang, smashed them with the alarm clock in her hand, and cried while smashing!

Zhang Qiang was beside her, tears flowed along with her.

When Yaqi calmed down, Zhang Qiang hugged her, helped her to the sofa, and asked softly, “Do you want me to help you call the police?”

Yaqi didn’t answer, but said, “They took my video.
Can you delete it for me?”

When Zhang Qiang heard this, she rummaged through boxes in the room and found a few hard drives in the cabinet beside the dining table.
After connecting to Xiao Quan’s computer, They found that it was full of videos taken when they violated female students! According to the folder classification, they counted thirty-seven people!

“Bastard!” Zhang Qiang rushed over, punching and kicking the two of them again.
At this point, the two of them were powerless to resist, and they couldn’t even hum.
They were lying on the ground like two piles of meat.
Only heavy breathing could prove that the two were still alive.

Zhang Qiang came over and walked over to Ya Qi: “If you delete your video, you won’t have any proof that they have violated you.
All the crimes you suffered will be for nothing.
Do you really want to delete it?”

Ya Qi didn’t say anything.
After a while, she asked in a low voice, “Can we sue them?”


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