According to Zhang Qiang’s instructions, Pang Deyou placed the monitoring equipment in corresponding positions.
To be precise, two of them were placed in each room, so that there was no blind spot for the monitoring of the one room and one hall.

Before leaving, of course, Pang Deyou did not forget to put the knives he brought into Xiao Quan’s wardrobe knife bag and took the good knives along with him.
Carrying the weapon from the enemy, Pang Deyou returned to the hotel triumphantly.

“The monitoring equipment has been connected to our device, since there is no one at home now, we can temporarily turn it off.
When Xiao Quan gets off work at night, we will start monitoring to see his daily routine.
Then we shall find an opportunity based on his schedule and ambush him!”

Zhang Qiang said while opening and connecting the portable monitoring device.

“Okay! As long as we can grasp his movements, we shall plan it carefully, and we will be able to do this without anyone noticing!” Guo Ming replied.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————

In the evening, Xiao Quan and Akita got off from work and had their dinner separately.
After that, they went to the agreed bar to meet.

This bar was a frequent place for the two of them, it was popular with many expatriates.
Although the price is higher than ordinary bars, the quality of the guests inside was relatively better.
In other words, the quality of the women who come here to fish for men was relatively better.

Xiao Quan and Akita never date the women here.
The reason was very simple, it was too expensive.
The reason is the girls who can come here all have the idea of ​​getting a green card from the expatriates, most of them have good family backgrounds, and most of the girls here prefer white people.
Very few will find them.

Even though you can’t date them, at least you can have a good look at them.
So they often come here to look at beautiful women here.
Sometimes when they meet some real beauties and ignite their urges, they would go to some cheaper places to dose the fire within them.

When the two came here, in addition to looking at the beauties and occasionally touching them while dancing, the more important thing was to cover their next actions.

Although those schoolgirls wouldn’t dare to report them, to be on the safe side, if any of them reported them to the police, this would be a good alibi.
Both the bartender and the guests saw them drinking and chatting here.
Even if they were to leave in the middle of it, in this noisy place, coupled with the dim lights and the drunken crowd, who can tell whether they have left or not? ? Just come back when you’re done.
In this way, there was no way for anyone to tell whether they were drinking at the bar or raping female students.

After all, their identities cannot be exposed.

The two walked around the bar for a while, after chatting with the bartender, they found a corner and looked around at the girls on the dance floor.
Seeing that it was almost time, they show their faces at the bar counter, then walked out through the back door next to the bathroom.

Guo Ming and the three turned on the surveillance system since Xiao Quan got off work, but no one came back after waiting.
When the three were bored, they had to adjust the monitoring system to the external mode and waited while fighting card games.

It was almost nine o’clock when they heard a sound from the room.
As they looked up, they saw Xao Quan and another man come into the room and sat on the sofa chatting warmly.

“…Can you understand what they said?” Guo Ming looked at Zhang Qiang in confusion as he listened to the sound played on the computer.

“…I don’t understand neon language either…” Zhang Qiang shrugged helplessly.
“But I have started the recording, I will find someone to translate it tomorrow.”

“That’s the only way.” Guo Ming nodded and picked up the poker in his hand: “Come on, three with one!”

————————————————– ————————————————– ———

Xiao Quan and Akita waited in the room for a while, and when the clock pointed to nine, the doorbell rang.

“Here she is!” Xiao Quan winked at Akita, then got up to open the door.

A girl in her twenties stood outside the door.
She was slightly fat, of medium build, with fair skin, and she looked sweet.

“Teacher Xiao Quan.
I am here to get some materials.”

“Come in.”

“It’s too late, I won’t bother you, I’ll go straight back if you give it to me.” The girl bit her lip, trying to hold on.

“I don’t want to say it a second time.
Come in.” Xiao Quan’s voice came coldly, then turned around and walked in.
Seeing this, the girl walked in with a pale face.

“Yaki, long time no see.” Akita said to her with a wide-eyed smile when he saw the girl come in.

Ya Qi was obviously taken aback by him, took a step back, but also said hello in a whisper: “Hello.”

Xiao Quan took out a stack of materials from the bag in the hallway, threw it on the dining table: “Review materials for the second-level exam, remember to bring them back to read when you leave.”

After speaking, he paused and looked at Ya Qi again: “Look, we still care about you very much.
What are you always hiding away from me!”

“Thank you, teacher…then I’ll go back now…” Yaqi saw the documents and hurriedly stood up, ready to leave.

“Hey, where do you want to go? Why did you come here, don’t you know?” Akita’s voice suddenly became louder, and he looked at Yaqi fiercely.

“But… teacher…”

“Into the bedroom.”

“Teacher…Teacher don’t…” Yaqi said with a crying voice, but it was obvious that there was no effect.
Akita grab her wrist and pulled her into the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Xiao Quan has already set up the machine and placed it on the bed, and the camera was on the tripod.
At a push of a button, it started recording.

“Take it off!” Xiao Quan said to Ya Qi, who was pushed to the side of the bed.

“Teacher, I beg you, please don’t…” Ya Qi still wanted to struggle, but Akita couldn’t wait any longer.
He walked over and slapped her.
Ya Qi’s ears were buzzing, and her eyes couldn’t see clearly for a long moment.

Akita picked up Yaqi and threw her on the bed.
Then he picked up the rope and tied Ya Qi’s hands to the headboard of the bed.

“Hey, let’s play something different today!” Akita said, grabbed Yaqi’s left leg, tied her ankle with a rope, and secured it to the foot of the bed.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————

“Bastard!” The three who were originally playing cards were attracted by the sound in the room, and when they saw a girl coming, they didn’t know what they were going to do.
As they continued to watch, they saw the horrible scene.
Their blood began to boil!

“What chances are we waiting for, let’s finish these two bastards today!” Pang Deyou threw away the cards in his hand, turned around to put on his shoes.

Guo Ming and Zhang Qiang looked at each other and nodded, finished dressing together, they were ready to go!

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