“The knives are good, I shall bring it with me tomorrow.” Guo Ming thought to herself, then according to Zhang Qiang’s request, she took pictures of the entire room.
After it was completed, she went out the same way through the bathroom window.

You have to thank the developers for their sensibleness.
The restrooms were facing places where no one is watching, which allows Guo Ming’s freedom to come and go!

Back at the hotel, the three of them looked at the furnishings of the Xiao Quan’s house.
After that, Zhang Qiang called a friend to send the monitoring equipment over.

After the equipment was ready, it was too late to continue.
Everyone decided to install it the next day.
Hearing Guo Ming says that there is a good set of knives in Xiao Quan’s wardrobe, Pang Deyou suggested eagerly: “Tomorrow let me go into this bastard’s home to install the equipment, and on the way out, I’ll bring the knives back.”

Remember to go to the two-yuan store around the corner to buy a few chef’s knives to replace them.” Guo Ming reminded.


————————————————– ————————————————– ————

When Xiao Quan came home from work, he received a call from a friend.

The person who called was Akita, an old friend.
In Huaguo, they belonged to different branches of the same organization, but because they were dispatched to China for infiltration work together, the two became familiar with each other.

On the surface, Akita’s identity was a middle-level manager of a neon company in N city, but in fact, like Xiao Quan, he was also a killer.
When Xiao Quan is good at using a knife, he is a master of karate and kendo.

The more important reason why the two can get along with each other was that they both like to play with female students.

Especially, the female students of Huaguo.

There were many videos of two people playing with female students in the hard drive of Xiao Quan.
As martial arts practitioners, these two do not like women who are too active, and the female students of Huaguo are not necessarily.
First, they tricked them into Xiao Quan’s residence, then coerce and lure them, often frightening them with a few words about their future so that they would take off their clothes obediently.

Don’t want to record? Not willing to serve two people at once? After a few slaps and punches, this problem no longer exists!

Female students who have had sex like this are basically obedient people.
If anyone is disobedient, they would show her a screenshot of the video, those little girls who are afraid of being exposed will quiet down.

Xiao Quan and Akita used this method to rape a lot of girls in the past three years.
As long as they like you, there is no escape.
And there is one thing that girls in HuaGuo are particularly good at, that is, they love faces.
As long as they have the video in their own hands, the girls will not dare to call the police.

Besides, even if you do call the police, the police may not be able to catch them.
It’s just that it is more troublesome to have to organize themselves to change their identity.
Therefore, although the two have no fear of the authorities, they did not dare to go too far.

“Xiao Quan san, what have you been doing these days!” Akita’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“It’s Akita-san.
What, are you thinking of looking for me in the past two days?”

“That’s not it.
I have had a strong urge lately, I want to put out the urge together with you.
What you are doing?”

“Hahaha, you guy.
except for this kind of thing, you’ll never look for me.
I’ve been busy with my grade exams recently.
I’ve taken a few classes, so I’m quite busy.”

“Don’t use your job as an excuse.
Come on, when are we having a party?”

“At your convenience.
The final exam is almost here, those students can’t stay still anymore, for fear that I will play a role in their grades.”

“Haha, sometimes, I really envy you.
I don’t dare to be as arrogant as you against my staff.
Those bitches who’s trying to get on my bed wanted to move to Neon Country with me.”

“They are not very good at using their brains, but their bed skill is still quite good.”

“Yeah, especially that Yaqi, that pair of tits, I will have a hard-on whenever I think of her!”

“Hahaha, you bastard! Then come to my house tomorrow night!”

“Okay! I’ll bring the rope here, let’s play the bondage game tomorrow!”

“Okay, I’ll contact you tomorrow!”

After hanging up, Xiao Quan found Yaqi’s WeChat and sent a message: “Come to my house tomorrow night to get the secondary exam materials.”

Soon, he received a reply: “Teacher, I have something to do tomorrow night.
Can you send it to me? I will pay for the postage.”

“Okay, I’ll send it to you with your video.”

“Teacher… Didn’t you say you will delete it!! Why didn’t you keep your words?”

“If you come over tomorrow night, I will delete it.”

“…Well, what time is it?”

“See you at nine.”


Turning off the phone, Xiao Quan couldn’t help but think of Yaqi’s body, he took out the hard drive, found the file named “Yaki”, and played it.

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